My Inflatable Friend – Rollo Hemphill Confessions By Gerald Everett Jones

As an author combining humor with social criticism, I was interested in Jones's first work of fiction (he wrote about 25 nonfiction works).

The newly dismissed valet, Rollo Hemphill, is a 20-year-old from Los Angeles who is at the same time angry and intrigued by the celebrities whose cars he parks in a five-star hotel. In an attempt to inspire jealousy in the girl of his dreams, he creates – and makes headlines with – an inflatable doll that impersonates an aged but sexy actress who stays at the hotel.

Rather than backfire, Rollo's ploy gives her her dream job, endless money and drink, and a contract to be a sweet to the actress, Monica Monica LaMonica, whose breasts are almost as sassy as her ego. What follows is a hilarious joke involving silicone and superhero underwear; The cast of characters ranges from a Hungarian messenger to a couple of celebrity stalkers in a Winnebago.

Even though he's a bit pathetic at first, I found myself cheering for Rollo, who embarks on this adventure with the interest of getting into a beautician's pants. (Have we all had this desire? Regular pedicures will do wonders for any relationship.)

A hilarious read, My Inflatable Friend is also a clever trick in the eyes of celebrity culture, as well as America's intrigue with the famous and infamous.

Let me warn you in advance, however, that the only guy who sees any action in this book is the inflatable doll partner – but it's not who you think.

Drunk Driving and Car Accidents – Protect Yourself and Others from Drunk Driving Accidents

Drinking alcohol and driving a car is a deadly combination.

The danger is clear:

  • In the United States, someone is killed in an alcohol-related car accident every 30 minutes.
  • Four out of ten fatal car accidents involve alcohol, according to the National Road Traffic Administration.
  • Nearly 17,000 Americans died in alcohol-related car accidents in 2004.

The Dangerous Effects of Alcohol on Car Drivers

The fact is that anyone who is drinking should not get behind the wheel of a car. Driving a car requires concentration, coordination, ability to gauge distance and speed, common sense, and a concern for the safety of everyone on the road. Alcohol can impair these basic skills needed to operate a car safely.

All types of alcohol affect people's ability to drive a car. The same amount of alcohol – and the same potential for impairment or intoxication – results from either of these drinks:

  • 12 oz beer can
  • 5 ounces of wine glass
  • 1.5 ounce shot of whiskey.

Some people mistakenly believe that coffee, cold bath, exercise or fresh air can sober them up. This is not true. The only thing that makes you sober is the weather.

The Risks of Driving a Car While Using Drugs

Drugs and medicines can be as dangerous as alcohol when mixed with driving. Illegal drugs are particularly risky because users cannot be sure of the content, purity or possible effects of these substances. Prescriptions and over-the-counter medications can also impair your ability to drive safely. Some cold remedies, allergy medications, tranquilizers and pain killers can cause drowsiness. Diet pills and "stay up" medications can cause excitability or drowsiness.

Individuals have different reactions to the same drug, depending on their physical condition. Combinations of drugs or drugs with alcohol may have unexpected effects.

Protect yourself and others from traffic accidents

Never drink and drive a car.

If you plan to drink, select a designated non-drinking driver in advance. If not, hitch a ride, hail a cab, take a bus, or seek other assistance. In short, do whatever is necessary to avoid getting behind the wheel of a car if your driving could be impaired by alcohol or drugs.

Be a good friend if someone you know drinks or uses drugs. Do not let him try to operate a car. If necessary, remove the car keys from the person. Help your friend find a safe ride home or a place to sleep.

Never walk with anyone who is drinking or using drugs. Make sure the driver is completely sober before getting in the car.

Recognizing Drunk Drivers on the Road

Sometimes it is possible to recognize drivers who may be drinking or using drugs. Watch out for signs of a drunk driver. They can:

  • Weave within the traffic range.
  • Stroll from one track to another.
  • Escape the sidewalk.
  • Stop too fast or slow.
  • Drive too fast or slow.
  • Go through stop signs or other signs.
  • Drive on the wrong side of the road.

These signs do not always mean that the driver of the car is intoxicated, but requires your full attention. When you are on the road near a potential drunk driver, place as much distance as possible between their car and their vehicle. If you are behind the vehicle, think twice before trying to pass. If you are in front of this car, allow room for the drunk driver to pass you. Watch out, as you may find the same car later on.

If possible, report the dangerous situation to the police. Call 911 and provide the emergency operator with a description and the drunk driver's license plate number and vehicle location.

Going to college? Watch out for bed bugs!

Morning classes, tough teachers, endless lectures, endless reading lists, dorm food – college students can moan and moan, but somehow they can handle most of the harms of college life. But bed bugs? Sharing a dorm with these little night vampires can push even the most laid-back college student to its limits.

Bed bugs are coming back in the United States, and college campuses are not immune to attack. Last year, outbreaks occurred at universities and colleges in Ohio, Vermont, New Jersey, New York, California, Michigan, and Tennessee. And these are just the schools that made the national news. Many schools try to keep up with the news of a bed bug infestation. Not exactly a good selling point for new students.

Bed bug infestations have increased dramatically over the past five years, so it is not uncommon for college campuses with their highly mobile populations to be affected. Pest control company bed bug reports increased by 71% between 2000 and 2005, according to the National Pest Management Association (NPMA). In a national survey of pest control companies, University of Kentucky entomologist Michael Potter, a noted bed bug expert, found: "91% of respondents reported that their organizations have found bed bug infestations in the last two years. Only 37% said they found bed bugs over five years ago. "

Bed bugs have been reported in all 50 states, mostly in homes, apartments, hotels and motels. However, 2% of reported infestations last year were in college dormitories. "The last 12 months have been particularly active," noted Cindy Mannes, NPMA's director of public affairs, last spring. "They are appearing like never before in hotels, hospitals, college dormitories and multifamily housing units, as well as in single-family homes."

An ancient scourge, bed bugs such as lice and fleas, were common companions before World War II. The development of DDT-based pesticides after the war allowed America to eliminate these troublesome pests; However, bed bugs are still common in many parts of the world. The ban on DDT in the early 1970s, coupled with increased world travel and the rise of pesticide-resistant insects, caused a resurgence of bed bugs worldwide.

While they do not transmit disease, bed bugs can traumatize their victims. The size of an apple seed, the bedbugs flatten oval, wingless bodies from light to reddish brown. Feeding on human blood for three to 10 minutes at a time, nocturnal pests carry a psychological punch disproportionate to their size. "They come in the dark; they feed on you; they run away when you turn on the lights," said Lynn Kimsey, director of the Bohart Museum of Entomology at the University of California Davis. Not all victims respond to bed bugs, but their bites can leave red welts and itching. Victims can get nervous and nervous, constantly feeling ghost bites and goose bumps. "I have people who call me tears," said Harvard University entomologist Richard Pollack. "They are hysterical."

Bed bugs are especially difficult to control in multi-unit buildings such as dormitories. Small insects multiply rapidly; Females usually lay 500 eggs during the life of six to 12 months. Some bed bugs can lead to a large infestation in a short time. Unattracted by dirt or food, bedbugs hitchhike into a building with used or rented luggage, clothing, bedding, boxes, or furniture. They spread easily on students' clothes and belongings, on refurbished mattresses purchased by some colleges, and by building air ducts, electrical and hydraulic ducts, elevator shafts, and voids in the walls. If a bed bug infestation is found in a room, it is likely that adjacent rooms and rooms on the upper and lower floors will also be infected.

Atlanta filmmaker Kyle Tekiela was shocked by the response when he posted a noir movie on YouTube. "Students from all over the country sent me videos of their dormitories," said Tekiela. "This guy made a 360 where the ceiling meets the walls and there was a three inch strip of bed bugs all around."

Hard to kill, bed bugs have a hard cuticle for protection and can live for over a year without feeding. They hide in small cracks and crevices near the victims' beds. Household insecticides do not kill bed bugs and can actually cause their spread. Increasing numbers of bed bugs have been found to be resistant to commonly used professional insecticides. Experts are turning to new extermination methods, including kryptonite, which kills bed bugs and their eggs by quick freezing. Bed bug-proof enclosures that prevent bed bugs from infesting mattresses are also sought.

Signs of bed bugs to look for when you move into the dorm:

Check the mattress, particularly the seams and welts, for live insects and dark stains in the stool or blood.

Look for fecal smears or pea-sized pearly egg deposits on the walls behind furniture, along baseboards, around electrical openings and openings, and in plaster cracks.

Look for whitish nymph seedlings and ancient exoskeletons along the baseboards.

If you get bed bugs, what to do when you return home:

Do not unpack in the room. Take clothes and sheets straight from the suitcase to the washer.

Jump in the shower and put the clothes in the washer.

Wash clothes in hot water and dry in the warmest place.

Seal non-washable items in plastic bags and heat at 120 degrees for 2 hours or freeze at 20 to 30 degrees for 2 weeks.

Vacuum your bags and backpacks and store away from the room. Place the plastic vacuum bag twice and immediately dispose of it in an external waste container.

Check the sheets daily for signs of bed bugs and call a pest control specialist if any.

Thanksgiving Football

Fun and games They are always an inevitable part of entertainment for young and old. People in America celebrate this charitable giving festival through their eager participation in the soccer This generates waves of pure joy and pleasure in the heart of crowds of fanatical soccer fans who are driven mad by the soccer craze during this festive season. Over the years, soccer became synonymous with this joyful festival of Thanksgiving.

Many interesting traditions deeply permeate the Thanksgiving festival, such as the football game, complementing this revelry festival. Professional football was the latest contemporary trend to celebrate the spirit of Thanksgiving. In 1874, eleven years after Lincoln's proclamation, the first intercollegiate football game has been played. Two years later, the Inter-Collegiate Football Association was formed in the northeast, which instituted a championship game primarily to entertain people. Day of Thanksgiving. Every year, strong competitors like Princeton and Yale vied with each other for the most coveted winner's trophy. Players, students, and fans would use the school's colors as a representation mark with banners flying high from New York City carriages, hotels, and shops. In Day of Thanksgiving church services would soon end to accommodate fans, with the game beginning the season of festivity to the social elite in New York. It gained such popularity that by the mid-1890s, 1,20,000 athletes from colleges, clubs, and high schools participated in 5,000 Football Thanksgiving Day games across the country.

The custom of watching a football game on Thanksgiving evolved during the early decades of the twentieth century. As football opened its way to the hearts of people who have won millions of hearts, giving it huge popularity in the 1920s and 1930s, and gaining the prestigious position it enjoys today, many people began visiting the stadium to watch the game. same. Renowned teams playing for the world famous Football league America eventually established the tradition of playing nationally televised games on Thanksgiving afternoon. In addition to the conventional competition organized by nationally recognized Football league in America, many schools and colleges also organize "Day of ThanksgivingThanksgiving weekend football games, usually between regional or historical rivals. However, Thanksgiving football played in schools and colleges in America is now more or less forgotten in many countries. parts of the country, being kept alive only in two franchised cities of this world-renowned america football leaguenamely Detroit and Dallas where Thanksgiving Football It is very much a way of life.

Thanksgiving Football more often than not associated with the Lions team and a popular tradition since 1934 in the city of Detroit. The game was G.A's idea. Richards, the first owner of the team with fierce lion as quality players that make up the team. In fact, four generations of Detroiters have been a proud part of the American Thanksgiving celebration. About 71 years later, Michigan-based fans turned a local event into an annual vacation event, shaping it into the largest single tradition in the history of Michigan. American Professional team sports. In fact, no other professional team sports can claim to be part of a American holiday like that team with fierce lion like the team of players with Thanksgiving. This team has hosted a game of Thanksgiving every day since 1934, except 1939-1944, due to World War II. Dallas also hosted Thanksgiving football games every day. since 1966.

So we found that everything saw its genesis in 1934 when a local radio executive, G.A. Richards had bought the Spartans from Portsmouth, Ohio, and moved the team to Detroit, Motor City. The Lions the fact that the new one came to town took a back seat to the Tigers Baseball on the sports pages. Richards had practical reasons for scheduling the game on Thanksgiving, as he was also wise enough to find that the best way to publicize the team would be to opt for the Thanksgiving contest to attract Motor City fans during the first season of the teams. . The fierce confrontation between the Lions and the invincible World Champion, that is, the robust Bears from Chicago proved to be an all time classic. The Lions were exceptionally good, with eight wins supporting them, leading them to their Bears with a 10-1 record. But Chicago had an even better record, maintaining a commanding position with 11 straight wins. The match reached an interesting stage where a win in the only fateful game would ensure that the Lions will have the tie first with the Bears. Two weeks before this fateful departure, 26,000 tickets were sold for the "Turkey Day" match at the University of Detroit Stadium. Richards has not been discouraged in his last two defeats, quite pleased with his team's performance in the first year. Your faith and trust in the team was well rewarded when Lions won the popular 1935 from america Football League. The final match was scheduled for Thanksgiving, when the Lions defeated Bears 14-2 and won the West Championship trophy. Radio with its enormous advertising potential was used as bait to capture the public. Richards, together with the nationally recognized broadcaster, has set up a network of 94 stations to broadcast the Bears Lions Confrontation. Since then, the championship has conventionally programmed two nationally televised Thanksgiving games, usually featuring the famous soccer players Dallas, one of the sport's most successful and popular franchises, and Detroit's players, one of the least successful.

2006 will be the 87th season of worldwide acclaim American football and is presumed to occur from September 7 to New Year's Eve on December 31. Day of Thanksgiving. In addition to the traditional annual game among the world renowned American football players of the home games of Detroit and Dallas during that day, the Kansas City Chiefs, which hosted games during their days in the football league of America, will relive this tradition in 2006 hosting Denver players on Thanksgiving. All of these games are scheduled to air during prime time.

Friends and family across America often prefer to gather around their radio or TV sets to watch the live broadcast of the match while eating special dishes prepared to celebrate. Thanksgiving. So every Thanksgiving would revive the old classic tradition of enjoying a football match as part of the celebration. For decades, soccer and Thanksgiving has established a strong bond, leading to a high adrenaline rush.

My Top 5 Stephen King Books

I'm a big fan of Stephen King since the mid-seventies, when he conquered the literary world with his first novel, Carrie, about a young girl with impressive telekinetic powers. King, of course, went on to write many other fantastic novels. Some were great, some not so great. Here are my top 5 Stephen King books from the previous category:

1. Salem's Lot – Undoubtedly my favorite book by Stephen King of all time. This chilling classic – King's second book after Carrie – about a Dracula-like vampire named Kurt Barlow, who spreads his plague of vampirism through a small Peyton Place-style town exudes pure horror and menace from every page. And being a big fan of Bram Stoker's Dracula, well, what can I say? Salem's batch marks all the right boxes for me. A true horror classic and my second favorite vampire novel of all time, after Dracula.

2. The Shining – The best story of haunted hotel. King does a brilliant job here telling the story of Jack Torrance, who carries a lot of emotional baggage with him (triggered by his torturous relationship with his father) and takes a job as Overlook Hotel's winter caretaker, accompanied by his wife Wendy and son Danny The Overlook is truly the hotel of its worst nightmares, and as all its resident ghosts and malevolent atmosphere begin to manifest in Torrance's life, you can really feel the claustrophobic feeling of horror that the snowy family begins to experience. The Shining is a true masterpiece of scary fiction.

3. Misery – Stephen King really created a terrifying and unforgettable character in Annie Wilkes, the psychotic nurse who keeps writer Paul Sheldon trapped in his secluded cottage after getting him out of a car accident in which he broke both legs. You can simply cut the tension with a knife while Annie, enraged to find that Paul killed her favorite character, Misery Chastain, forces him to bring her back for a new romance. And nowhere is his insane anger more evident than in the notorious lame scene. Annie Wilkes really is the crazy fan of hell.

4. Pet Sematary – My favorite story of the undead. Certainly, there is a valuable lesson to learn here for anyone who can harbor crazy ideas about trying to resurrect a deceased pet or a loved one: Never bury your corpse in an ancient Indian cemetery. You may regret that the protagonist of this novel, Louis Creed, was certainly in this truly terrifying novel. Loved the movie version too.

5. IT – What could be more horrible and disturbing than finding a shape-shifting entity that can take the form of our worst fear? Well, meet Pennywise, the demonic clown who does just that in King's epic novel about a small town intermittently terrorized by a monster as old as time itself. IT is a truly fantastic read and a huge doorframe for a novel too. From the moment evil Pennywise makes his first appearance in the midst of the storm and provokes – and eventually kills – poor Georgie, I was completely addicted from start to finish. And when I finally finished the book, I liked it so much that I still felt I could keep reading more. It really was so good. I especially loved all the little homage to classic horror monsters, like the vampire and werewolf that King peppered in his story. So if you want to be stuck with IT, my advice is to read the novel and avoid the three-hour TV movie, which wasn't nearly as good.

Resort Activities: Stay and play golf, hunting, yoga or water sports

Choosing to visit a resort offers several options for fun activities. You can stay and play golf in various areas of the resort. Alternatively, you can spend time at the pool or take part in exciting water sports activities. Resorts are popping up everywhere, even in places you wouldn't consider vacation destinations. It seems every city has at least some kind of resort. Hotels are billing as resorts now if they have a pool. Family hotels are adding water slides to attract people with children. With all these vacation spots, the hardest part is choosing an activity.

Probably one of the most popular activities to join a resort is golf. Everyone is playing golf now, and the courses are doing everything they can to attract business to keep up with the new competing venues that are flooding the market. Finding a place to stay and play golf is easy. Many of these destinations are designed so you can play, eat and shop without leaving the property.

Other all-inclusive destinations feature water sports. Besides having places to eat and relax, they have pools and slides for daytime recreation. Water sports are popular with young tourists. Beachfront resorts offer everything from jet ski rentals to canoes. If you like to have fun on the water, surely find a right destination for you.

Quieter locations can also be found quite easily. The popularity of relaxation as a form of recreation has spurred the development of many yoga and meditation retreats. Nestled in peaceful nature surroundings, these retreats include gourmet food, world-renowned yogi yoga classes, and great amounts of tranquility. If you need a relaxation training, a yoga retreat is a good place to go.

If you are the type of person who likes to be always on the go, adventure vacations are probably the right choice for you. Hiking, cycling, canoeing or mountain climbing can all become part of active vacations at the right destination. Adventure companies set up trekking packages in many different locations. Instead of a traditional resort, think of it as an active vacation.

For a different type of adventure, you can choose a hunting lodge. Game stores range from rustic to fairly comfortable, and some include activities for a non-hunting spouse. You can choose your location based on the target game. Guides are available to help you navigate the terrain and guide you towards the big game. While accompanying your prey by nature, your spouse can enjoy a pampered massage or luxury shopping experience.

When it comes to vacations, there are many options available. You do not have to stay and play golf. You can play water sports, relax and meditate, or hunt for a great game. Holiday destinations are popping up everywhere with different specialties, aimed at the specific tastes of travelers with all kinds of hobbies. Whether traveling with a family or a friend, you can find the exact type of vacation resort with the right kind of activities offered you are looking for.

Three Things You Can Do Today to Anticipate Your Competition

The goal of any company is to attract and retain customers to increase their market share. While marketing will make the new customer arrive for the first time, great service will bring them back time and time again. It will not be the only important thing that will make you "impress" your customers. It will be the 1001 little things that will make the big difference. Here are just three that can put you above the competition:

1. Define and dissect each of the customer touch points Moments of Truth in your company's customer experience. Jan Carlzon, as CEO of SAS Airlines, coined the phrase "Moment of Truth" to define whenever a customer comes into contact with any aspect of a business and, as a result, makes an impression of it. Take a potentially negative moment of truth and make it neutral. Take a neutral moment of truth and make a little wow. For example, instruct your front-line staff not to ask questions like "Check in?" (No, I carry these bags wherever I go? ") Or" Have you finished working on it? "(Yes, eating this steak was definitely a chore.") Educate your staff not to say, "May I help you?" Your client obviously needs help if they are approaching the associate. The correct answer should be to greet the customer and ask, "How many do I help you?"

2. Always be aware of different ideas outside your industry that you can CASE (copy and steal everything) that would enhance the customer experience. For example, mall food courts offer free samples of their menu to passing customers. Could you marry this in your lunch restaurant with your unique dinner dishes? Could you offer free samples from the hotel's pool bar menu? A local salon sends handwritten thank you cards to novice clients. You can request the primary contact team to submit a note that is not attached to a search request, just to say "Thank you for your support."

3. Walk regularly around the competition with a "Think like the customer" mindset. What are some of the little things that they do better than you? How can you improve these touch points to enhance and differentiate them? Too often, in our own daily operation, we live in a silo, mistakenly thinking that our competition simply stays there without the intention of doing anything different from before. Doubletree Hotels is famous for its chocolate chip cookies upon arrival. While GM at The Inn at Bay Harbor, Michigan, I married this idea and offered our guests Michigan apple caramel cookies on Friday afternoons. While it wasn't as much as handing out cookies every day, it certainly made a lasting impression on family guests on weekends. Could you marry this idea and adjust it for your business? So go there to really see for yourself how "the other guys" are.

National Car Rental Overview of the policies, types of vehicles, and services offered by this company

With Chryslers, Nissans, Hyundai, Ford, convertibles and hybrid cars, it's no wonder why so many people choose national car rental services. No matter what type of car or van you are looking for, National offers. The company has rental stores in major cities, not just in the US, but worldwide. Popular countries include USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Germany, etc. You can rent a vehicle from virtually any airport or city.

It started as a company run by several independent car rental operators and is today one of the largest car rental companies in the world. Part of National's success is attributed to the company that offers superior services to leisure and business travelers.

The minimum age to rent a vehicle is 21, although there are some exceptions. For example, a government employee under the age of 18 may rent a vehicle but must submit official requests to the rental office. In addition, renters aged 21-24 can only rent economy through full-size cars. In the states of Michigan and New York, anyone 18 years of age and older can rent a vehicle, although a "young renter fee" is charged.

A variety of additional equipment is available to those who need it. If you need child safety seats, mobility devices, GPS units, ski racks, etc … notify National of your needs when making your reservation.

Airport Options and Other Fees

The company always remembers that flights and buses sometimes delay. For this reason, they will keep your vehicle for twelve hours after scheduled arrival, or until the end of that business day, whichever comes first.

There is a fee for a secondary driver, which currently averages $ 12 per day from National car rentals. However, this second driver fee may be waived in certain circumstances, such as in states that allow a renter's spouse to be added as an "automatic authorized driver" and rentals by Emerald Club members whose spouses, domestic partner, and spouse of Common law has the same address on the driver's license and meets all other normal rental requirements.

Renting from National is easy. Sometimes it is better to go to a travel discount website online rather than book directly from the National website. This method also offers opportunities to save not only on car rentals but also on airline tickets. The company is flexible with its services and will accommodate your needs. You can arrange to have your vehicle delivered to a National car rental facility other than the one you purchased it from.

The whole process of getting National car rental discounts is simple: just use the travel search tools offered online, which offer a best price guarantee. It's a vast site that offers many affordable travel options, no matter where you plan to travel and what type of vehicle you want to rent.

Alamo Car Rental Guide – What You Need to Know About Booking, Payment, and Delivery Agreements

In 1995, Alamo became the first car rental company to offer customers real-time internet reservations. In 2005, it became the first in its industry to develop a digital check-in system. It has expanded its services worldwide and promotes partnerships with travel agents, the airline industry, tour operators and other travel related organizations. Whether you need to take a business trip abroad or spend a week at the beach with your family, you can't go wrong when renting a car from Alamo.

Choose luxury cars to cross a big city, a Toyota or Dodge to drive your family, a rugged jeep for off-road adventures, etc. Unlike many other car rental companies, the minimum age with Alamo is 21 instead of 25. In some states, such as Michigan and New York, they are 18. However, please be aware that there may be an additional charge for drivers ages 18-24.

If you are booking a car rental at an airport, be sure to enter your airline and flight number at checkout so that customer service agents can have your vehicle ready even if the flight is late. It will be held for twelve hours after the scheduled collection time or until the end of the day. A second driver can be added for an extra fee per day (cost varies by location).

Don't know the area you're traveling to? Consider ordering a GPS navigation device with our Alamo car. A TravelTab device is also available if you want voice-activated 4G navigation and data service for up to 5 devices.

Alamo Car Rental – One Way and Economy

If you are driving to another area, Alamo offers one-way rental services. An "inter-city" fee may apply, which varies by location and time of year. Also known as a "drop charge" fee, it will be announced during the booking process. It is recommended that one-way rentals be booked in advance.

Traveling with your furry friends? Pets are allowed in Alamo rental cars provided they are kept in a carrier. If they are not kept on a carrier, a cleaning and detailing fee may be charged. Only service animals for persons with disabilities may be kept in the vehicle without a carrier.

There are several ways to save. For example, an Alamo car rental discount will apply if you pay with a valid credit card at least 24 hours in advance. The advance payment option will appear when selecting a car during the online booking process. Prepaid discount is not always available in all locations.

One of Alamo's best partners can be found online; Discounts are available regularly. You can compare prices, vehicles and offers. You can also combine your Alamo car reservation with your airfare and a hotel room.

All about Golf Travel and Resorts

Golf is a popular sport, but it is also one of the most interesting activities. No wonder why travel and golf resorts are becoming increasingly popular today. Golf helps to interact socially with others. It gives you the opportunity to strengthen your friendships and meet new people. In fact, golf is a well-known networking technique that many business owners use.

Golf also increases your exposure to nature. Golf trips and resorts are amazing because they expose you to trees, sunlight and the natural beauty of nature. Golf also has many health benefits. Strengthens the bladder and increases the heart rate. Helps maintain shape and improves muscle tone and endurance. It also helps you lose weight and improve the quality of your sleep.

So if you plan on taking a golf trip, here are the best golf resorts you should try:

1. The Royal and Old St. George Andrews Golf Club (Fife, Scotland)

This golf resort is located in the charming town of St. George Andrews. It was founded in 1754. This golf course has stunning views. It is also full of charming Scottish buildings, such as the Old Course Luxury Hotel. So if you have money to burn and want to feel like a royal, you should visit this resort.

2. Rosewood Tucker Point (Bermuda)

This amazing golf resort is located on the edge of Tucker's scenic and beautiful Bermuda. This secluded resort offers wonderful views of the hills and the sea. So if you want some private time, you should definitely visit this place.

3. The American Club (Wisconsin, United States)

This is probably one of the most popular golf resorts in the world. It is frequented by professional golfers and golf enthusiasts. This beautiful resort is located in Kohler, Wisconsin. The golf course is located along the shores of Lake Michigan. This resort is full of luxury gardens and cabins. It definitely offers a lifetime experience.

4. K Club Resort (Kildare, Ireland)

This resort is just thirty minutes from central Ireland. The lodge building was founded in 1830 and looks a lot like a French castle. This postcard-perfect resort features two golf courses that guests can enjoy.

5. Broadmoor (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

This golf resort is located about 200 meters above sea level and against the Rocky Mountains. It is mostly known as a tennis destination, but this mountain resort also features three golf courses that guests can enjoy.

6. Bandon Dunes Golf Resort (Bandon, Oregon)

This golf resort was created in 1999 and is a favorite destination for seasoned golfers and golf enthusiasts. Many golf magazines consider this resort to be one of the best in the world. This resort does not have the luxury accommodations offered by most resorts on this list. But its modest and cozy rooms are pleasant and comfortable.

Travel and golf resorts are now becoming a trend. So if you want to take your golf game to the next level, book your trip now.