ancient Rome


According to legend, Romulus and Remus, the Roman twins had been separated from his mother and left on the Tiber River to starve. But the mother-wolf found them and took care of them. Over the years the boys were instructed to Mars, the Roman god of war, to build a city where they were found. They built the city, but declared war on each other. Romulus won and thus the city was called Rome.

Life in Ancient Rome, is said to have started in the 8 or 9th century BC. This happened when northern soldiers moved to the Italian Peninsula and rehabilitated over the Tiber River. For centuries, Rome was considered the most important city of the Roman Empire. Rome was the capital and occupied all the seats of power.

In historical times, Rome was ruled by kings. The reputation of these kings was extremely tough. As a result, the last king, Proud Tarquini, was overthrown and Rome for four centuries has received the status of the republic. Rome then ruled the Senate. Romans elected senators who perform administrative tasks. A distinctive feature of the Roman Empire was that during election time to vote were allowed only to citizens of Rome. However, women, poor people and slaves were not considered citizens.

Rome also passed the stage when they led the military generals. However, since these generals were many, decision-making has become a problem. Romans needed an emperor to centralize power. It came in the form of Augustus Caesar, who came to power in 27 BC

When Christianity gained popularity, Rome became an important seat of the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope's birthplace. With the advent of the Middle Ages humanity has seen the decline of the Roman Empire. Despite the decline of the empire, the city has revived its fame as the political capital of Europe for several hundred years before the Renaissance. Rome today is a powerful and well-known as the capital of Italy, with its beautiful architecture and culture.



Holidays in Devon dogs


Dogs love Devon as well as their two-legged companions, because there are many things to see and do. Among other things, the possibilities for walking are endless!

Whether it is a friendly dog, or one that prefers to study shattered the track area of ​​the marshes, country footpaths and beaches definitely amuse all ages and types.

Dartmoor – a great choice of destination at rest with a dog, because there are so many places where they are genuinely welcome. In fact, dogs are part of the mavryta, whether it is a working dog, which takes place in the autumn hunt, or surrounds the curious marsh sheep, or local pets are part of the furniture in a pub, post office and village shop.


Large open spaces of Dartmoor, as well as forests and secluded villages – a real playground for dogs. By following a few common sense rules, such as the preservation of the leading positions when near the road and the animals have a lot of hours of walking.


If your feet start to hurt, or when the weather & # 39; e is closed, go to one of the pubs in Dartmoor, which welcomes dogs and let them doze before the fire or play in the river, while you relax over a meal or a pint of local ale.

Some great examples of pubs, working dogs in the region include Warren House Inn, the highest in Dartmoor and, presumably, the third largest in England! Rugglestone Inn Hotel in Widecombe-in-Moor – an ideal stop after a trip to Haytor, always being on Dartmoor. Further north, Fingle Bridge Inn near Drevshtayntonam is located right on the river and has some excellent places for walking and sports.


In the autumn and winter months most of the beaches in Devon allow dogs, and even during seasonal peak, there are many restrictions that are still available or only partially limited. There are also many rivers and streams, as in a swamp, and the coast, which can be equally interesting alternative to child and fishing in the sea.

Some of the beaches in the south of Devon, such as bay Næss in Shaldane, friendly dogs all year round and waiting for additional senses, this can be accessed via a tunnel for smuggling, where the waves echo of crying will meet with you.


Hotel for dogs in Devon Var & # 39; iruyutstsa of exclusive country houses to friendly local hotel. For example, White Hart Hotel in Mortonhempstede – a hotel for dogs in Devon and is an excellent base for exploring the local area.



Cheap flights to San Jose – learn SJC airport, airline and potential savings


You are looking for on the internet cheap flights to San Jose, California? It is a popular city that has a large international airport (SJC). With a rich cultural history and a convenient location in Silicon Valley, San Jose, with the & # 39 is a hot spot for business travelers and tourists.

Several airlines around the world are flying to / from SJC, including Alaska Airlines, Air China, Air Fidži, Aeromexico, Al Nippon, American Airlines, United, Delta, JetBlue, Southwest and much more. With all of these domestic and international airlines that fly in and out every day, it is not difficult to get a reasonable price tickets. Most popular flights in San Jose – on airlines Alaska, American Airlines and Aeromexico.

Usually you can find some of the cheapest flights from nearby cities such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Long Beach. However, cheap flights to San Jose can still be found in other cities – namely Chicago and Denver. Do not just look for deals that offer major airlines as Spirit, JetBlue and Frontier offer tickets at very low prices. Although almost always better to book early if you have almost no time left, and you need as quickly as possible to be in the area of ​​Silicon Valley, the Southwest – a good choice of airlines for the last minutes of direct flights to San Jose.

Regardless of where you need to go and from what city you are planning to go, it is best to use a travel website that will allow you to search a large number of airlines and make deals on cheap flights to San Jose.

Adding hotels to cheap flights to San Jose

Do you need a hotel? Some of these travel sites offer you the opportunity to book a hotel in addition to the flight. At about the & # 39; union of the two costs, there is usually heavily discounted. Whether you're just going to stay for a few days or a week, a combination ticket with accommodation, is likely to be cheaper than paying for the two separately.

If you need to go? The best time to travel to Northern California – from June to September, when daytime temperatures warm, but not hot fuzz, and colder at night. It is also a time of year when held Jazz Festival, which is filled with entertainment and delicious cuisine.

In Silicon Valley attractions are not enough, from the Rock Park Alum to the Repertory Theater. You will be able to enjoy the more active of the money, which will save on cheap flights to San Jose.

Did you know that, coming to the Internet, you can search more than 400 airlines and 320 000+ hotels to find the best deals on travel? Use the search tool is the easiest way to find the cheapest flights to San Jose, as well as a hotel room, car rental, discounts for lunch and so on.



Carlsbad – Country attractions


Carlsbad – the town with amazing and exciting places, and it is widely known for its refreshing and rejuvenating atmosphere. This part of the world known for its biodiversity, and so it is often called the California source of biodiversity.

It is a coastal resort town located in northern San Diego County Southern California. This amazing city was incorporated in 1952 to earn money for water supply connection with the county of San Diego. According to a survey conducted by the Ministry of Finance of California, the city's population was 104,652.

Since the city is ideally located in the middle of two major cities known as San Diego and Los Angeles, it has become a hot attraction among tourists visiting the city. The guests of these cities along with the locals, who want a peaceful and pleasant weekend, crossing the path of Carlsbad, which is just a few hours.

This city has become a major tourist attraction due to its convenient and fascinating coastal locations, exotic scenic beauty and many elegant housing. The city adopted a rule on the habitat of wildlife conservation in the region, as well as to protect a certain part of town from development.

Carlsbad completely made to a variety of unique attractions which will certainly make your tour a memorable one. The most interesting and must-see sights of the city: Laguna Agua Gedyonda theme park Legoland, Laguna Batykitos and many others that can be added to the list.

Laguna Agua Gedyonda known for its significant position as one can find some of the most endangered species of plants. This place is known for offering its guests exciting and excellent hiking and walking trails, as well as an interesting watershed and a number of wildlife species.

You can also enjoy fishing and boating, but only around some designated areas. It also has a discovery center lagunskih geandanda in Agua, which gives vital information about the lagoon and location.

Another essential place to visit the city with the & # 39 is Legalend, California, known for its unique design and admiration. This place is very popular among children and their parents. This theme park is known demonstration of fun and educational games for children from two to twelve years. It also has some thrilling rides, exciting shows and play areas.

National Park Carlsbad Caverns – is another attraction of the city, which is known in that it offers a lot of great and exotic native species. Carlsbad Caverns and Lechuguilla Desert caves do not miss the places, as they offer a great natural beauty with exceptional geological features along with unique reef and rock formations.

This national park – one of the few places on the planet where appear obvious and interesting geological processes. Speleatematyki region are very concerned about, striking and inviting scientists around the world to study.

Carlsbad offers a range of hotels, which are designed to meet all the needs and requirements of your stay. Even if you are a traveler on business or pleasure, you are sure to find the accommodation that you are looking for.

The town offers numerous hotels. No matter what type of accommodation you are looking for, you will definitely get one of your choice and preference. If you are looking for a budget hotel or a luxury hotel with excellent facilities, you would definitely find it in the city that fits your taste.

Some of the best cheap hotels of the city include the La Quinta Inn San Diego Carlsbad, Comfort Inn, Inns of America Suites, Beach Terrace Inn and many others that can be added to the list.



Family Fun in VenturaCountyWest


Carrying out the winter in California sure has its advantages. There are a lot of things to do outdoors to enjoy. No better place – VenturaCountyWest (Kamari, Oxnard and Ventura, about an hour's drive north of Los Angeles). Even if you have been to California before, VenturaCountyWest offers a place you've never seen beaches for which you have never attended, and breathtaking landscapes that you have never felt – all are enjoying near-perfect climate. Here are some family activities.

The area is full of cycle paths. Bicycle rentals on Main Street in Ventura in Ventura Bike Depot. Routes generally flat. Here's a suggestion: taking bikes nakiraytsesya toward the Ventura River. You will pass on landfill County Ventura, a sanctuary for birds, and then find yourself with a beautiful view of the ocean. Get to stop 1,700-foot pier Ventura to eat lunch at the Beach House Tacos, or travel a little further and a picnic in a peaceful, grassy area on the beach of San Buenaventura. Never crowded, the beach offers a two-mile bike blessed.

VenturaCountyWest has two harbors. Fun and electric boats for rent are also available in the harbor village of Venturi. While there, be sure to visit the 32-animal carousel in the indoor arcade village. There are plenty of games for video and pinball to make the kids occupied and home pathos, and other goodies to eat. Since the village is located right in the harbor Ventura, you can watch the fishing boats come with the fresh daily catch.

For the rest of the room (and if you have children too much energy), visit Sky High Sports in Camaret. It is filled with super soft trampoline floors and walls. Children can play on the trampoline, dodging swords and other organized games … or just jump. In Sky High also has arcade games and laser tag.

In this season of whale watching. Now through mid-April whales migrate between the waters of Alaska and Mexico, passing near the Channel Islands off the coast of Ventura County. Book tours of whales with packers island with a venturi or Oxnard. While you can see whales, you can also see the sea lions and dolphins. Another oceanic excursion that is worth considering, – the proximity of the national park on the islands of the English Channel. Just 11 miles from the shore, the five islands – it is a natural playground for those who love hiking, camp, scuba diving, kayaking, nature walks or just breathing the fresh ocean air. First timers can take a tour to one or all of the five islands, also via Island Packers.

For more muted family walk, gather for a picnic lunch and take you to some & # 39; s on a quiet tour of the harbor, Channel Islands in Oxnard on an electric boat from Hopper Boat Rent. Bunker also offers fishing, kayaking and jet boats. All these are great ways to see the life of the harbor close.

Where to stay:

Embassy Suites Mandalay Beach Hotel & Resort in Oxnard – the only resort on the beach in southern California.

Four Points by Sheraton Ventura Harbour Resort – it's an easy walk to the harbor village Venturi overlooking the sea life and fishing boats.

Residence Inn Camarillo with free breakfast, free internet access and kitchenettes in every room.

Crowne Plaza – Ventura Beach – the only hotel in VenturaCountyWest directly on the beach and is just two blocks from historic downtown Ventura.



United States Hotels: guaranteed rest


United States of America (USA), often called the "land of opportunity". And when it comes to traveling, this country offers numerous fabulous destinations where you can spend quality time. Thanks to the 50 individual US state blessed amazing combination of large cities, smaller towns, forests, deserts and farmland. Mountains and plains in abundance. Climate, Var & # 39; iruetstsa from subtropical to Arctic, further adds to the beauty of the region, although most of the country has four different seasons. Because you need to stay in the country for a long time to visit all the sights, a good living must be for you. US Hotels fulfills your requirements in full. New York, a unique rastavalny pot of cultures and world famous skyline – one of the US cities of precious stones.

Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, a list of places to remember too long. Washington – the capital and the home of the president. Boston is also known as Bean Town. A lot of museums in the country contains the things that you've probably never seen. Visiting museums theses – life experience. Atlanta and Miami are also equally popular tourist destinations. Latin culture, non-stop night life and stunning beaches – the best character traits in these cities. California – another resting place, where you can get the appropriate rest of the soul, body and soul. In Los Angeles, known as the "microcosm", has everything from rags to riches. Once you are in Los Angeles, never forget to visit Huntington Beach in Orange County, to enjoy maximum surfing experience. Or you can head to the California Riviera city of Laguna Beach to see the famous art scene. The term "Hollywood" reflects the city of Los Angeles. Hotels in the United States carry out your requirements in full.



California vacation pet everything is easier to find


As a lover of dogs, and the owner of the house for rent houses, I often encounter with the subject of travel with a loved pet. Despite the fact that a few years ago it was quite rare to find accommodation in a hotel, which would be welcomed, or at least put up with my well-behaved and loved Boxer, Ouzo. Sometimes, when we were traveling on Interstate 5 in California, we would stop at a beautiful ranch Harris. One, because it is a great stop with beautiful accommodation and excellent food, but also for us on our way. But they also belong to Fido as we treat Fido, with love and care! They even give a little sign to put on the door to let people know that the room has a dog.

Personally, I know that one of the reasons I love to travel with Ouzo (currently transmitted) – because it was so much fun! There are no worries, and always very well behaved in any new location. Thus, when I became the owner of a large house to rent beach holiday, I did not have to take dogs. I know that for the most part, if people want to be with their pets, it's because pets pleasure to be around and behave.

What should you expect from a pet owner who travels to California wants to hire a fun rental housing? Firstly, the majority of hotels, resorts and vacation rentals in California will require a small deposit for pets, which is refundable after your from & # 39; Congress until harm is inflicted. (We know that your precious Marathon nothing ever hurt, it's like insurance – all) For more than ten years of renting dog lovers, I never had to keep a deposit of 50.00 USD per pet, which I I collect.

Dogs can mean different things to different people. Do not forget to find out what to expect before you book a hotel room or holiday home. Ask questions about things such as floor coverings, as this may be important for your dog's comfort. Plan to bring some familiar things of your pet, so that they feel at home – such as toys or bedding. Many places for pets offer your pet dishes and bowls of water, but think about how to bring here something familiar, to add comfort and reduce the strangeness of the new environment.

Check in advance is a good place for walking the dog, the owner or agent of the booking must be able to provide that information. Our holiday home offers accommodation on the beach. If you visit a vacation home on the beach, make sure you know in advance that the beach is also friendly to dogs. Many California beaches do not allow dogs. Our beach, Dyllon Beach, in northern California, allowing dogs to run free on the edge of the water, they just love! Nothing like the day chasing birds on the banks to make up for a tired and happy dog ​​at the end of the day! Have fun and relax in the evening – this is what I want for our guests and their "children", even pets!



Visit Redondo Beach, California


Beach neighborhood Redondo Beach, California, located in Los Angeles County approximately eighteen months (18) miles southwest of downtown Los Angeles and ten (10) miles northwest of Long Beach.

Redondo Beach – This is a family-oriented society and a & # 39 is a good safe place to take something & # 39; nd on a day trip or on vacation. You can do everything for everyone. Check out the Redondo Beach pier (pier is open 24 hours a day, although most businesses close at 2 am and earlier). It's free public fishing, free concerts on Thursday and Saturday, numerous restaurants, fast food establishments, gift shops. and boutiques, as well as shop for bait and accessories for those of you who want to catch fish, and shop kite (buy a kite and fly off the pier). There is also a dance club and bar and a jazz and blues club. Visit the Redondo Beach pier. There you will find the statuses of sport fishing, boating, water sports, excursions to the seasonal whales, fishing at dusk, spectacular sunsets, and other restaurants. A trip to the "Winter Glass," 19 passenger USCG inspected underwater underwater viewing boat or gondola Amore, which offers a charming gavannyya cruises and romantic dining or rent a water cruise, kayaking and kayak and make your own harbor cruise. Tackle fishing in Redondo. Sport fishing and fish Barracuda, Bonito, Yellowtail, Halibut, Kelp Bass, White Sea Bass and many other species.

Take care of swimming, surfing, boogie boarding on, snorkeling or just sit on the beach and enjoy the sunny weather & # 39; I'm in California. According to the Chamber of Commerce of Redondo Beach, you can "walk, skate or bike north or south along the beach and King Harbor. From the harbor, south takes you on a beautiful beach Endaplanada Redondo Beach Torrance. North leads you on a string through and Manhattan Beach Hermia, or you can move through neighboring beach town more than 20 miles to Venice and Santa Monica. "

Stay at the Crowne Plaza Redondo Beach, Dr. 300 Harbor redanda Beach, ca. 90277, (310) 318-8888 or the hotel and the Portofino Yacht Club, 260 Portofino Way, Redondo Beach, ca. 90277, (310) 379-8481 "where robbery surf, graceful sails and exhilarating sea breeze set the stage for a perfect holiday", or Best Western Redondo Beach Inn, 1850 Highway South Pacific Coast, Redondo Beach, Ca. 90277, (310) 540-3700, is "a heated swimming pool, spa, sauna and gym," or inexpensive Palos Verdes Inn, 1700 S. Pacific Coast Hwy., Redondo Beach, Ca. 90277 (800) 421-9241.

No matter what your preferred dish fast food, ethnic food, seafood or steaks you can satisfy it in Redondo Beach where you will find everything from hamburger to great seafood to outstanding dining establishments, such as restaurant Breakwater Steak, Jazz and seafood Redondo Beach with his "candle" of the table, the fireplace, the sound of live jazz, which float in the air "and a menu that includes everything from crowded missiles filet mignon and 16 oz. byaskolesnae rib eye steak Angus to grilled halibut with lemon sauce apersam and fried lobster tail cold water.

For more information about the city of Redondo Beach, California, see:, directory of links to city of Redondo Beach, California guides and directories with an indication of hotels, restaurants, attorneys, real estate brokers, information, resources services, you need to do, places to visit and much more.



US Hotels – Splendor Unlimited


United States, known as the "Country of Opportunities", justifies the rhetoric, especially when it comes to travel. This region of the world that has many tourist destinations, boasts one of the biggest attractions for traveling.

There are 50 individual states, which correspond to the size and population of various European countries. Many major cities and towns of America to form a fantastic combination of a great expansion of farmland, forests, deserts and mountains. With climates from tropical to arctic, this part of the world has four different seasons. US – the third most populous country in the world. And, obviously, with so many highly developed tourist areas of the United States noted hospitality, unsurpassed amenities, diverse population and varied lifestyle. US Hotels always leave a good impression on you about where you are in the United States. They offer excellent facilities at an affordable price to the public.

Every corner of the United States has a lot of worth visiting destinations such as New York on the East Coast. New York is known as a unique rastavalny pot of cultures and is famous skyline. Boston is known as "the town of Bin". Philadelphia – an important political and cultural center of the American Revolution. You will find numerous museums in the capital, Washington, D.C. Atlanta – it is also one of the cities, which in the past few years have seen tremendous growth, especially after the Olympics in 1996. Other international tourist destination with a & # 39 Miami and he is known for his Latin culture, exciting nightlife and amazing beaches. As for accommodation, you have a number of options that Var & # 39; iruyutstsa from the cheapest to the most expensive hotels in the United States anywhere in the country.

For a relaxed atmosphere you can head to the West Coast, which covers from the state of Washington to California. Los Angeles is considered a microcosm. In Los Angeles, you get everything from rags to riches. You can visit the Orange County in the south of the country to enjoy the city to find in Huntington Beach. You also have another good option – to go to the city of California Riviera Laguna Beach, where you can admire the art through the eyes of famous scenes. LA is also famous by Hollywood.



Look at the best hotels in Santa Monica, California, USA


Santa Monica, a well-known city of California, USA, located in the west of Los Angeles County. This favorable climate, which made him world-famous resort. Today she got a great boom in the growth of jobs and tourism.

The city is considered one of the best holiday destinations with 310 days of sunshine. In this beautiful city of California has many attractions, including a marina, a racecourse, a magnificent theater, civic auditorium, art museum, Palisades Park Film Festival, etc.

Although it is mainly a tourist place, thousands of visitors visit this city for business purposes. In the city there are many conventional and chain of hotels, ranging from cheap and luxurious.

luxury hotels

Accommodation in one of the posh hotels – the best way to enrich the excursion. Those who mainly want to spend a lot of rest, prefer luxury accommodation. If you are one of them and looking for luxury hotels in the city, just discard all the worries, because in this city there are a lot of hotels with a full level of service that you can choose from such as the Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows, Loews Beach Hotel, Khanty Santa -Monika, Georgian, Doubletree Guest Suites, vice sherat and Sheraton Delfina, etc.


This is the only super deluxe city hotel, located at 101 Wilshire Boulevard, in the beach cities. This luxury hotel is known for offering its guests a world-class service and royal service. Regardless of whether you stay here or at a business meeting, the Fairmont is an ideal option for accommodation. Top features of the Fairmont – it's a spa tub, a restaurant and a shuttle service to the beach club, etc.

cheap hotels

Always stay in one of the hotels to reduce costs for the tour, it does not matter whether you are going on vacation or a business meeting.

While traveling, you will find many cheap accommodation, but some of them are very good locks – Best Western Gateway, Travelodge Pico Blvd, Holiday Inn at the pier, Santa Monica Motel, Material Pacific Sands, Comfort Inn and Days Inn, etc.

Days Inn

Days Inn – one of the cheapest places to live in the city, which offers an excellent service with the comfort of a luxury hotel at a very affordable price that fits all budgets. This 2-star hotel is conveniently located just off 3rd Street. This is the best place for both business travelers and leisure travelers.

In addition, the city offers in every corner, whether it's in the city center or at the airport.

Hotels in the city center

City center is full of exclusive retail shops, first-class entertainment centers, daily and fine dining establishments and many major attractions. Thus, each visitor of Santa Monica wants to stay here. If you are also looking for accommodation in the city center, being here, then you do not need a lot of problems. There are plenty of accommodation options, from hotels to accommodation facilities for spa, beach and casinos.

Find a hotel by checking online information. Choose a house, depending on your budget. Search for discount hotels in Economic rooms. Many resorts and hotels available distributed throughout. Motel Santa Monica is just seven blocks from the beach in Santa Monica. Pacific Sands Motel – perfect economy motel in the heart of the entertainment Santa Monica. Located directly across the street from Santa Monica pier and beach – Travelodge Santa Monica for budget travelers.