Pets Virginia escape


If you're like most parents pets, you probably spoil your pet, showering him with love and affection. Thus, if you go on vacation, you want to stay in a hotel room, which offers a special convenience for you and your pet.

No matter what type of vacation you're planning, Virginia – an amazing place. Many of the accommodation welcomes your pet, but they also refer to him as a guest, and provide special amenities for pets. Plus, the staff will happily recommend places to which you and your dog will be able to go together, which will make your holiday even more special. While in Virginia there are many choices of accommodation with pets, only a few dwellings are given below, where the staff loves animals as much as you do, and treat them as a part of something & # 39; and.

Holiday rental property at Sandbridge – Offering the perfect vacation for families, Sandbridge Realty manages 43 rental homes for pets that welcome dogs in Sandbridge Beach, located in the southern part of Virginia Beach. (Sorry, but cats are not allowed.) When you go to a rest home for pets, your dog will get a free bowl. Staff can also recommend local dog parks where you and your dog can run and play.

Plain Bed and Breakfast Hopkins – The hotel is located in the city Sperryvil located in Sperryville hotel, hotel with hotels meets pets in the Garden Cottage. After registering your furry companion will receive a complimentary bowls for pets. Do not hesitate to ask the staff about hiking trails for pets. Not only can they provide maps of the area, but can also offer the most colorful areas and adjust the route to your dog.

Pension, breakfast – Holladay House – This hotel, which stands with homemade breakfast, located in the town of Orange, meets the pets in the garden room. After registering your dog or cat will receive a welcome basket consisting of bowls, treats and toys. If you like to take your dog everywhere, you're in luck. Visit the winery, which allows to bring the dog. (Staff provides free passes for the wineries.) Or stop at one of the outdoor cafes that allow the dog.

Washington Suite Alexandria – This hotel is located just minutes from Old Town Alexandria, welcomes pets in designated apartments. You will feel at home in these rooms, which offer plenty of space for even the largest dog. Prepare your favorite meals of your pet in the fully equipped kitchen. They walk their dogs on designated areas of the hotel or ask the staff to recommend local dog parks. Visit Old Town Alexandria and relax in a restaurant that allows dogs in the outdoor dining area.

Iris Inn – Holiday for pets, located in Veynsbora and with views of the valley from the top of the mountain Shenandoa Blue Ridge at 12 acres, welcomes dogs in Deep Woods cottage and garden Garden Garden. (Sorry, cats are not allowed.) You and your dog can relax in these spacious living areas and enjoy a beautiful, wooded environment. Meet Ueynsbaro city center, where with areas for dog walking, or visit some wineries and breweries that allow dogs.

Stey-over – Situated in Hopewell, this hotel offers your pet plenty of love and makes it feel like home. After registering your dog or cat will receive a free toy. The staff loves to feast on treats. (Your pet is probably not mind.) You can walk the dog on the designated pet areas. But do not forget to ask the staff to recommend local dog parks so that your dog can run and play.

To learn more about these and other Pets in Virginia, visit You want to be pampered when you're on vacation, so choose the accommodation that also offers special amenities for your pet. In the end, the rest – a holiday for the whole family & # 39; and, including the four-legged member of the family & # 39; and.



The reasons for a trip to Zipolite, Mexico


Thinking about a trip to a Mexican beach town, people usually think of the Riviera Maya, Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta or any other place in the state of California. Many travelers ever forget how beautiful can be a trip to the beach in Oahatsy. There are beaches such as Huatulco, Puerto Eskondyda, Puerto Angel and Mazunta which every month attracts a few visitors, but should be considered more a hippie atmosphere, which you can find in Zipalitse. Zipalita get to be a bit more complicated than other beaches in the area, but if you really want to relax, it's worth it.

Forget swimsuit

If you feel comfortable in their own skin, you will like Zipolite. One of the biggest drawing area – this is the beach Oahatsy, where clothing is optional. There are many people who are hesitant to bare, but it is optional; Most people visiting the southern part of the beach will have bathing suits. People on the north side of the beach often take the sun without sunburn after returning home.

a chance to relax

While Zipolite not give you the type of accommodation that will give you the other Mexican beaches, you will have more chances to relax here. In this area there are no big resorts, no mesh hotels and supermarkets do not even have an ATM (so make withdrawals before to get there). Usually tourists are sent to other beaches in Oahatsy, partly because access to Zipalita little harder than go to Huatulco or Puerto Eskandyda. There is no bus terminal, and while many people see that as a disadvantage, Area Visitors love the fact that the beach is not filled.

accommodation options

Although larger resorts NO, you do not have to think about how Zipalit on the beach, where there is no way to live. There are low cost options and there are better hotels near the beach. If you want to save money, then you can hold camp here, but if you want a room with an ocean view, you can get it here. If you want to spend somewhere around $ 35 per night, you can get a very nice room just steps from the sand.


It is important to know that this Mexican beach town located in the state of Oaxaca, which is known for its fine food. You can eat in your hotel or in one of the small restaurants patted on the shoulder on the beach. These restaurants offer excellent traditional Mexican food, but it is recommended to have in you tuyudas. Tlayudas – Oaxaca, and they are difficult to find elsewhere. Most of the food you'll have in Zipolite, with & # 39 is the traditional Mexican, since there are no great restaurants. You can also purchase the products in small shops in the area, or stay at the Oxxo (like 7-11), before turning on the road to Zipolite.



5 Dog in Lake Havasu


For dog owners, a trip to a vacation is often hard, so many places do not have enough to entertain their pets. However, to find a comfortable accommodation for dogs or attractions for your furry friend will be a light breeze, if you are heading to Lake Havasu. In addition to the games, which are held in several dog hotels and rental homes, the city boasts a number of dog parks, attractions, restaurants for pets, as well as RV parks and campsites, all of which will ensure a nice holiday for your cherished pet. Thus, if you are looking for comfortable dog attractions in Lake Havasu, which would have kept you and your pet entertained, here are five top choices:

  • Lions Dog Park on the beach London Bridge: On the & # 39; being one of the main attractions of the city, this park is completely fenced grassy expanse where your canine friend can run around and play. Between these occupations it may even quench your thirst in the troughs, which are loaded with fresh water. At this point, there are covered benches, footpaths for people and a fountain in the shape of a hydrant, which sprays the water cools. If your dog is on a leash, you can even take it out of the dog's area.
  • Cattail Cove State Park: With more than 2,000 hectares of the earth's natural wonders, this place is waiting for you and your dog with plenty to explore and enjoy. You have to put your pet on a leash at all times when you will enjoy bird watching, hiking or a picnic in this beautiful park.
  • National haven for wildlife Bill Williams: Located on 6105 acres, this place has a rich natural and cultural history. You can bring dogs of all sizes, if they are constantly on the leash and cleaned. Your pet can either walk along the trails of the park, or just next to them. However, you can not leave the dog unattended at any time.
  • Resort Islander RV: Although dogs of all sizes are allowed, there are some rocks. At the campsite there is an area for dog walks where your canine friend can enjoy a leisurely stroll. However, you must ensure that your pet is not left unattended, all the time he was taken out and trim.
  • Lake State Park Havas: While holding a dog on a leash, you can bring your pet to enjoy the beautiful nature trails in the park. Dogs are prohibited on the beach.

Some of these attractions are free to enter, and some charge a fee. Before you go there, it would be wise to check the fees and additional conditions, if any.

These and several other convenient places in the city for dogs is ideal for dogs output. Thus, the next time when you will rack their brains to choose a place for pets, come to the city of Lake Havasu at once.



The best beaches of Santa Cruz – Enjoy your stay in California


If you're in California, you should not miss the beautiful beaches in Santa Cruz. Los Angeles boasts Baywatch, but the beaches in Santa Cruz have their own beauty. Here you can enjoy a variety of things, such as spots for surfing and prima beach for dogs with an open coat and open sandy areas and rocky coves for birdwatching. Visitors should start with Main Beach, where the colorful sidewalk separates most of the coast some & # 39; and from the old American amusement park, as well as prehistoric big bucket.

To the west of Main Beach lies West Cliff Dr which overflows with rocks and slopes. There are benches to sit and watch the huge pelicans diving for fish. In the parking lot of the lighthouse there is FYI, the best bathrooms with showers. The beaches of the Eastern cliff Dr. quieter. These beaches are less trampled and more protected from the wind. Parking in the summer can be challenging, but you can get a daily permit at East Cliff and 9th Avenue.

Each beach has its own beauty, but some of the best beaches: the main beach, known for its scenic beauty, shops, volleyball and crowd. Lost Boys was filmed on this beach. Cowell Beach is best for novice surfers. Another beach, known as the "Beach", located to the west of the lighthouse and a & # 39 is the only official beach for dogs. Natural bridges – a family favorite & # 39; I, in which a lot of sand, pools and Monarch butterflies. Twin Lakes – a very wide beach with a pond and is very popular among children.

Other famous beaches include Park 26 minutes Avery / County Moran Lake, Capitola – warm beach with gentle waves, and New Brighton, best for running and outdoor recreation. For transportation, check the Santa Cruz Metro buses down the coast. While in California, you can never miss these beautiful beaches in Santa Cruz.



The intersection of the mountains of California cycling San Diego, CA to Yuma AZ


From San Diego to Yuma from California Asian region has only a few cycling routes, and they are really complicated, especially consider the mountain pass. You go from sea level to just over 4,000 feet. This godless riding with a lot of hills and heat. Often there are rigid side wind, and you get quite an explosion on a bicycle. The track is a little bit difficult for the first 22 miles, but I suggest you start with the Hotel Del Coronado, which helps you to enter in the route. Wind along the Pacific Ocean and rugged always blowing.

Now, since Del hotel, you go down to the south 75 km pavmil and nice to ride with the wind at his back. This will be the last for some time the beauty of the warm-up would be nice, considering the future, which is to come. Once you click on Palma Avenue. you're ready for your campaign to the east across the state bottom. Take the Palma Avenue north to Beer Boulevard East Orange Avenue, which turns into the Olympic Park. Turn left onto Hunter Parkway Park 1 mile East Otay Lake and then 7 miles to Hwy 94 94, you will suffer.

Then you take Hwy 94 to I-8 about 50 miles hard drive, dry, hot and long, and just before you get there, you take the Old Hwy 80 about 10 miles, which is then connected to the I-8 for a bit about 10 miles per pass 4,000 feet, it's really a recovery features. Next you exit on Hwy 98 and go to Calexico about 38 miles, but it's all down hill and refreshingly well considering the dusty desert and wind. But you are now in the apartments and can do a good clip through the desert.

Calexico After you pass another light, but rather boring for another 20 miles to Hwy Evan Hughes, who briefly with & # 39 is a front road, and then you come to Hwy 186 and head north to the junction and go to the Araz Araz Rd. in a state park Yuma Crossing, where you will travel to Yuma, AZ on Business 8 or Fifth Street. You did it for 177 miles, not bad for a 12-hour drive. I can offer a cruise through the town of Barnes & Noble, as an excellent reception center with a café, air-conditioned. In the meantime, I will prepare myself to my second day of riding in Phoenix on my trip to America.



Search for pets in North Carolina


Summer is just around the corner, and maybe you're already planning your vacation. If you're like most parents pets, perhaps, difficult to imagine a trip on vacation without your pet. So, do not think for a minute to think. In such quantities Pets easy to plan a trip that includes your pet. In the end, your pet & # 39 with a part of the family & # 39; and and deserves a vacation too.

If you plan to relax on the beach or in the adventure trip in the mountains of North Carolina offers a wide range of experiences for you and your furry friend. Many of the animals provides all the amenities that you would expect when you are away from home, but they also offer special amenities for your pet. Despite the fact that in North Carolina there are many options accommodation with pets, below are just a small selection selection animals of this beautiful state.

  1. Barkwells Rest on holiday – Located in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountain in the river Mills in Barkwells have seven cottages rental cottage for pets for more than eight acres of fenced meadows. You and your dog can play in the meadows or simply relax on the porch overlooking the pond. Do not worry: your dog can splash around in the pool, swim and play on your heart's content. Each cabin has a porch, a door for dogs and fenced yard so your dog can play or slumber, standing in a safe environment, if you are absent the day.
  2. Brinda Beach Vacations – Conveniently located in Carroll on the upper banks of North Carolina, Brinda Beach offers more than 130 holiday homes for pets that welcome dogs. Play on the beach with his dog and watch as he frolics in the sand and surf, swim in the ocean or chasing crabs. After a day on the beach, unwind with a relaxing stroll on one of the nearby cycling / jogging, which are ideal for dog walking.
  3. Fire mountain – This is a secluded retreat on the top of the mountain, located a few miles outside Sugor & # 39; I, my luxurious cabin for pets with a beautiful view. You and your dog can run and play on more than 50 acres of open pastures and meadows. If you're feeling more adventurous, explore the hiking trails, located at the top of Fire Mountain at an altitude of over 4,000 feet.
  4. Cabins hidden Creek – These rental cottages for pets, located in the Great Smoky Mountains in the town of Bryson, offer a fantastic experience for you and your pet. It's no secret that dogs love to walk, so wear your walking shoes and explore the hiking and walking trails, designated as the friendly animals. Or visit the Island Park, located in the heart of the city, and enjoy a picnic. Hidden Creek Cabins also welcome cats.
  5. William and Garland Motel – This small, family-run hotel for pets, on a natural area of ​​sand dunes, dunes Salter in Salter-Pete, located in the middle of Baga Baga on Crystal Coast of North Carolina. Enjoy a leisurely day at the beach, playing with his four-legged friend or take a walk in one of the areas intended for pet motel. The motel also welcomes cats.
  6. Hotel and candidates Duke Tower – Located in Durham hotel, which is located in pets, is located a few minutes from Duke University. Enjoy the sights of this beautiful area, and after a day of fun activities Take the dog for a walk across the street from the hotel on the American Tobacco Trail. You can also explore footpath on the east campus of Duke University that allows dogs. Cats are also welcome at the hotel.

vacation planning with your pet requires some training, so do your homework to make sure that the property is for pets, where you want to stay, well suited to you and your pet. To learn more about these and other hotels and accommodations for hotels in North Carolina, visit After a little research, you warrant that you and your pet will spend a happy and safe holiday, and you will create memories that you'll cherish for a lifetime.



Canadian snow birds are in Santa Barbara


When Canadian Anne Murray sang his song "Snow birds", it was not singing about Canadian Geese. She sang snowy thousands of Canadians, called "snow birds" who hold annual pilgrimage of the winter in Canada and the Pacific Northwest to warmer climes in places like Southern California. There's snow birds nest in the winter months, basking in the warm southern California sunshine, in the wonderful resort towns-gems like Santa Barbara. Nestled between the beautiful mountains of Santa Yin and the Pacific Ocean, Santa Barbara – the main holiday destination.

Snow birds who come here on what some call the "American Riviera", are a mystery to rent the cottage in Santa Barbara has it all. Those who have found rest in Santa Barbara avoids barren Arizona deserts and even rytsarnaga oasis of Palm Springs for this coastal beauty. Why? They know all too well that a vacation rental in Santa Barbara has to offer them a way of convenience, comfort and entertainment. Snow birds that flock to the coastal city of Santa Barbara, are not satisfied to roll up on a good book in the winter under some Saguaro cacti, or not satisfied with designer shopping smalyaddyami requiring SPF 70 and a big check books. They are very active and full of life for this. They want more, and that is to offer vacation in Santa Barbara.

Holiday rental in Santa Barbara occupies a vast area of ​​the city of Santa Barbara. There are private homes and condo apartments on the coast, right on the beach, in the vicinity of tourist attractions, and everything that happens in between. For snow birds that migrate here, camping – is not an option. They are not interested in rough work throughout the winter and sharing public space with their neighbors. They do not have RV, because they do not want to hard to save a difficult RV for most of the year. They are accustomed to comfort, and they yearn for the long winter, when they are at home.

David and Leslie Benskot, lawyers, retired from British Columbia, used to the camps with their children. Now they are empty sockets, and when they go away for the winter, they are not interested in the previous benefits. They rent vacation rentals in Santa Barbara for the past seven years. "Furthermore," says Leslie, "we both love to cook, and we are quite spoiled, to recognize that we want to make a good kitchen. Our apartment has a beautiful kitchen in the style of the chef with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. At least once a week we prepare the food for gourmets in our vacation rental in Santa Barbara and meet friends at the beach for a picnic. you just can not do it in January in British Columbia. "

Rent Benscott vacation in Santa Barbara is fully furnished with all amenities. Often the owners of rental premises are fitted with a flat or a house such things as beach equipment, games, movies and a kitchen. Rent holiday no taxes and tips, as it would be in the hotel, so, eventually, Vacation Rental in Santa Barbara is cheaper than at long stay in a hotel, especially if you do not have to eat lunch. with each meal. "Benskoty" also carried out a search of all the attractions of Santa Barbara each season adding several new discoveries in his piggy bank. This year, their grandchildren visited and they all took in the Railroad Museum and the Santa Barbara Zoo. It was a memory that they will keep for life. Fortunately, there was plenty of space for all those who remained in their vacation rental with three bedrooms sleeping and yards on the shore. Grandchildren can every morning to go to the beach with Benskot. They have a collection of shells, to confirm it.

With more than a hundred wineries in Santa Barbara and the surrounding area, cultural events such as theater, front exhibition of arts and crafts, even International Film Festival Santa Barbara, there is something for everyone. Snow birds know that if you enjoy outdoor activities with a sense of smell, the Santa Barbara – this is the place for you.

Ken and Marie Linter, a retired surgeon, and his wife, come here from Alberta, Canada, every winter, attracted by warm temperatures and excellent properties, they are in a vacation rental in Santa Barbara. They rent the same apartment for four seasons. Ken and Marie are avid bikers and kayakers and love the possibility of Santa Barbara, which give them the opportunity to stay in shape during the winter months. "The only exercise I get in Alberta is shoveling snow," – says Ken, who gave up skiing several years ago. "And frankly, I'm done. Now we can velasipedyzavats Marie of city bikes. Our vacation rentals in Santa Barbara provides for us at no additional cost. We're going home in better shape than when we arrived."

It's just two of them, and they love the one-bedroom apartment, which they found to rent Santa Barbara. In their domestic cleaning services at home, there are concierge, who joins the vacation rental. When it came time to decide what to choose a fabulous restaurant, a concierge will help you. "Last week, – she says Marie – concierge sent us to a five-star restaurant, tucked into a private beach cove This is perhaps the most romantic dinner, which I have ever had well worth the trip from Alberta…"



12 of the best entertainment for the dog in Mendocino


Perhaps your dog would like to broaden my horizons, to capture the culture and enjoy what classes are unavailable in many places. Thus, if your dog likes to travel, then you just need to visit Mendocino County, a few hours north of San Francisco. Horizon Air added flights from Las Vegas to Santa Rosa, California. You and your dog will be able to take excellent colorful hour and a half drive north and visit the friendly vitamins for dogs. Most wineries have grass and bushes, to explore and sniff. Some even offer dog treats. Navarro and other dogs allowed in the tasting room.

MacCallum House is a hotel in Mendocino offers guided tours of the winery, which are subject to the original Limousin and dogs, if you order as a private party. Ask Jim Davis and tell him what you have learned about author tours (this article).

Here are twelve top dog of things to do in Mendocino

l. Tiptoeing through the Botanical Gardens

Between the tulips and other flowers (over 150 varieties) Fido will enjoy a pleasant walk with you to the beach. Well-bred dog

on a leash are always welcome and enjoy free admission.

2. Beach romp (Noo Harbor or a private beach) … most beaches friendly dogs, and dogs must be on a leash.

Dogs love to splash around and make fun of the dog in the ocean. And the coast of Mendocino County has plenty of places for them to swim.

Beach River Beach, N. Big River Road, Mendocino

Portuguese beach Mendokina, shakes, air rides, Mendocino

State Van Damme Beach, Highway 1, Mendocino

Caspar Beach, 14441, Dr. Kabra, Caspar

MakKerrycherski State Park, Highway 1, Fort Bragg

For a longer stay you can also visit the camp with Fido.

California California State Parks Reservations: 1-800-444-PARK (7275)

With nearly 100 miles of coastline and dozens of public and private campgrounds, find a place of origin is not difficult for the coast of Mendocino. The most popular state parks – Makkerycher (Fort Bragg) and Russian Gulch (Mendocino) and Van Damme (Little River).

3. Go to a campaign.

State Reserve Jughandle has a 2-kilometer nature trail, called the ecological staircase. Starting from the ocean, this track goes deep into a series of five ancient terraces formed by the waves, glacier and tectonic activity. Each terrace has been raised from the sea about 100 000 years after it was raised last. The lowest terrace – prairie, followed by pine forest, then the forest of mahogany, and, finally, the pygmy forest with knees that stand for decades. The trail is different strange variety of trees, as the ecology of the various terraces are very different.

Three miles south of Fort Bragg. Turn west to Highway 1 in well-marked parking. 707-937-5804

4. Get a free ice cream cone ice cream ram Cowlick

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream. And on a sunny day FIDO can also enjoy the sweet vanilla vanilla-kids.

5. Stroll through the shops in Mendocino and buy some dog spirits.

After skiing, licking and pyrskannya in water, mud and sand, you might want to get some dog perfume for Fido. In Mendocino has a lot of nice places and souvenir shops where furshyonisty prefer to shop, such as Sally Mack.

And there are plenty of shops for the animals, such as Paws for dogs and cats, 338 N. Main St., Fort Bragg, 707-964-3322, Fort Bragg Feed & Pet, 880 Stewart St., Fort Bragg, 707-964-3333 and evergreen bread for pets, 477 evergreen St., Mendocino, 707-937-3300.

6. Stay dog ​​tavern such as Agate Cove Inn, Little River Inn, MacCallum House Inn, Cottages at Little River Cove, Stanford Inn, Sea Foam Lodge, Dehaven B & B and Blair House (where they filmed the TV series "Murder she wrote"). In these taverns can be found livestock. Standford Inn, MacCallum House, Cottages at Little River Cove and Little River Inn deliver gift baskets for dogs, including bowls, treats and beds for dogs.

More information can be found at

7. supper together

Inn Stanford – is the original hotel. You can even dine with Fido good behavior during the day.

Well behaved dogs can be found in the lobby, but not in the dining room. If you want breakfast or dinner were served in the lobby, they are happy to place you …

8. Play catch or frisbee dog in the park Fort Bragg.

Fort Bragg has MakDogi park, special park for dogs, where they play nonaggressive and friendly dog. McDoggies be on the streets of Willow and Lincoln. Take Maple Street east of Highway First (Main Street), until it ends in the dog park on Lincoln St.

9. Go kayaking with your dog

You can turn a large river in a canoe with "Catch a Canoe & Bicycles" Too, is located on Highway 1 and Comptche-Ukiah Rd, Mendocino, 707-937-0273.

10. Tiny dogs can take the train Skunk with their owners if they can fit inside your purse; chew chew chew chew … …

11. Fido can accompany you during the sport fishing and whale watching along with the All Aboard Adventures, North Harbour Dr., Fort Bragg, 707-964-1881 or from ship to ship, Box Box 103, Fort Bragg, 707-964-4550 .

12. There are many places for you and Fido to spend puppy picnic in the area.

And if you are looking for a hot meal, there are various options for restaurants where Fido can sit next to you.

Cafe The first 753 N Main Street, Fort Bragg

Cafe Home Style, 790 S. Main Street, Fort Bragg

Laural Delhi 401 N Main Street, Fort Bragg

Biscuits Company Mendocino, Main St., Fort Bragg

Nemo fish market, 2410 N Harbour Dr., Fort Bragg

Piaci Pub & Pizzeria, 120 W. Redwood Avenue, Fort Bragg

Lu & # 39; s Kitchen, 45013 Ukiah, Mendocino Street

Mend Burgers, 10483 Lansing Street, Mendocino

Cafe Mendocino, 10451, Lansing Street, Mendocino

Mendocino Hotel 45080 Main Street, Mendocino

Moody & # 39; s Organic Coffee Bar, 10450 Lansing Street, Mendocino

Cafe Moosse, 390 Kasten, Mendocino



Walking with dogs on the beach of Camber Sands – vacation for pets or output


Why not make the most of your summer vacation or a long break for the weekend and put himself and his "best friend" at Camber Sands.

This is a very friendly dog ​​and lots of great pubs and accommodation in the area – a great way to recharge the batteries.

The most popular area for walking your pet on Camber Sands – west of the beach, and the best place to park – is when you arrive at the end of courses Camber rye and rye.

If you have a "Sat-Nav", entering the postcode TN31, 7RB take you to the parking lot, which is best served by area / areas for dog walking.

Current parking rates (2012) District Council car parks: 8: 30-18: 00 –

£ 1.50 / hour

£ 4,00 / 2:00

£ 7,00 / 4:00

£ 9,00 / 6:00

£ 11:00 / 8:00

£ 13,00 / maximum

Parking remains open until 20 pm … but then locked … you do not come!

With a lot of garbage and dog toilets are indoors almost costs … and remember, please use the bunker and, please, pick up your dog!

In the summer, especially in sunny weekend, wait for the queue to get in Camber, while gain in long queues while waiting for the machine to enter the main parking lot near the beach. The busiest time of around 10:00 … if you arrive earlier, you should not have too many questions.

If you are traveling in Camber summer (end of September), presented the Rotary Rater area for dogs on the beach, where you are allowed to walk the dog. When the tide goes out, these areas stretch for miles, and even at high tide there is a lot of space, as the sand dunes penetrate through at least 500 yards of parts, and the coastline stretches to the west for at least a mile.

When they were introduced on the instructions "dog area", all the dogs were ahead. It was strongly (approximately six weeks) dogs employees (or, I should say – mostly in the summer letting students from acne). Nevertheless, it seems to have been relaxed, and when walkers sensible and targeted areas, then you should not worry.

The direction that you will automatically be taken to be the West, and when the tide is, why would not reach the end of the beach (entrance to the harbor of rust), turn right on the river in Harbour Masters office side. You can then return to the parking lot on the legal path through the golf course Rye. Baskets for dogs in this area are limited, so bring a lot of bags!

The return trip is about four miles … watch out for balls golf and keep your dog on the water!

Along with beautiful walks dogs Camber, Rye and Rye Bay can offer much more than a nice sandy beach, and we really recommend that you make a break and visit the historic town of Rye or Rye Harbor, where there is a stunning nature reserve Rai Harbor with miles of asphalt and more opportunities for dog walking. The reserve also has a lot of dogs.

If you close the night, in this area there are many hotels PET FRIENDLY, which allow you to make the most of your visit … so what do you expect … grab the lead and go down to Camber Sands and Bay Area rust!



Selecting hotels – unique setting for travelers in Italy


Every region and major city in Italy, there are several unique hotels that can enchant tourists.

Many hotels near the restaurants, or for the convenience of a built-in restaurant. Some well-known for its scenic design (architecture and decoration), as well as landscapes, where they sit. Here are some fabulous hotels and detailed descriptions of features that will help the traveler who is looking for something higher.

Luxury in the Alps in Italy

La Perla Corvara, Italy

South Tyrolean lodge called La Perla, is located high in the Dolomites, is located in Corvara, friendly Alpine village, not far from the Swiss border. In the box there are traditional rooms with rustic wood furnishings, decorative headboard and printed cloth. The hotel resembles a typical Swiss chalet with a dining area, which is all wood paneling and wooden ceilings. Walls exposed bottles of wine. The resort also has an unusual motorcycle museum, which exhibits antique bike! The resort is a little over 100 miles from Venice.

Guests of La Perla are daring view of the top of dolomite, lessons and snow skiing, and hiking.

in warm weather & # 39; e. There is a Turkish bath, jacuzzi and sauna, and an outdoor swimming pool open. This is a fun and relaxing place to stay during a tour of Italy.

Vigilius Mountain Resort South Tyrol, Italy

This resort is located on the top of a mountain in South Tyrol in the Alps near the Italian-Austrian border. DOES NOT WANT under the & # 39; to go to the mountain? You do not need to, because the resort is accessible only by cable car – 1500 meters up!

The hotel is modern in design with stone and concrete in a variety of normal wood. If you want to remotely is a place that needs to be done.

Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria Sorrento, Italy

This hotel is situated high on a cliff that overlooks the harbor in Sorrento. The hotel is actually three villas, each built in the 1800s. The hotel has been restored, but still retains its original design. Decorated with frescoes on the ceilings of some suites and unique furnishings give the hotel a unique beauty.

There are two restaurants. The first – a traditional dining room with elegant 19th-century style. The second – a terrace with a magnificent view of the harbor. Guests who stay in the summer months, guests can dine by candlelight on the terrace Vittoria, where a small orchestra playing music. The hotel has a private elevator that transports guests to the harbor. Boats are also available here.

Il San Pietro di Positano Positano, Italy

For those who are not afraid of heights, this unusual hotel down with each level down the cliff. Sea views are available from all rooms and a top terrace, as the hotel is built next to the rock depth is only one number. Each room has its own terrace. This makes for a very relaxing calm and composed.

Entrance to the hotel – it really is a small chapel of the 17th century dedicated to San P & # 39; etru. On top of the hotel has a restaurant serving Italian cuisine and stunning views of the Gulf of Salerno. There is also a swimming pool that was carved into the rock. Under the & # 39; you can take the lift from the hotel lobby to a private beach and a seaside cocktail bar.

Grand Hotel Quisisana Capri, Italy

Grand Hotel Quisisana – it's a lot of supermodels, actors and other members of the elite. Located in the popular town of Capri, the hotel resembles a habitat for the rich and famous for its design of the 19th century, endless mirrors and strange floors. There is a swimming pool and an outdoor cafe.

Hotel Caesar Augustus in Capri, Italy

This classic hotel, which is located above the bay of Naples, at 1000 feet above, with its unique view of the bay. The rooms welcome at the bright, modern bathrooms and balconies. On the terrace of a restaurant, which overlooks the bay. It offers stylish comfort and a beautiful view of all in one package!

Capri Palace Anacapri, Italy

The hotel with the elegance of the Roman Empire and sweeping views of the sea, Capri Palace welcomes its guests with wonderful rooms with chandeliers, tiled and marble baths and canopy. Luxury – it is an understatement of this hotel. Even the hotel has a well-kept garden. For recreation available pool and spa. The hotel offers deluxe penthouses and suites in the style of an apartment for a long stay, which has its own garden and swimming pool.

Do not be second best in your journey. If you do not see the above unique hotel for the area, which are planning to visit, use online resources and search for other resorts in Italy dream! The choice of accommodation, unique setting for travelers in Italy

San Domenico Palace Hotel Taormina, Sicily, Italy

For a luxury holiday in Sicily, tourists are happy to stop at the Palace of San Domenico. It sits on a hill above Taormina and offers great views of the volcanic peak of Eta, and the Ionian Sea. The hotel is a 15th century monastery with beautiful terraces and gardens. Although the building is old, inter & # 39; a career there. Marble bathroom very modern, as well as fixtures and amenities. In summer, guests love to relax by the pool or dine at one of three restaurants in which each offers a wide range of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine.

Eden Hotel in Rome, Italy

While in Rome, many tourists choose to stay at the Eden, even Hemingway and Ingrid Bergman! With over a hundred rooms, Hotel Eden is far from small, but gives guests the feeling of loneliness, like staying in a private residence. It is just a few blocks from the Spanish Steps, Rome's main tourist area.

Rooms are classic and amazing views of the city. Antique furniture and karnizavanyya ceiling inscribed in a modern design to give an elegant look. Nearby there are excellent shopping areas, tourist attractions, sights and restaurants for fine dining.

Hotel Forty Seven Rome, Italy

Hotel Forty-seven – a place for fans of art from the 20th century Italian art on each floor. The rooms feature comfortable furniture, satellite TV and internet. Twenty-four hours service in the room are also available. At the top of the hotel is the restaurant, which overlooks ancient Rome, where guests can enjoy a delicious Mediterranean dinner.

Hotel Capo d & # 39; Africa in Rome, Italy

This hotel offers spacious, decorative rooms with high ceilings, painted in warm light colors. Modern furnishings, although the building was once a school in the early 20th century. In the neighborhood quiet, and it has a roof terrace, a great place to relax. A few blocks away is the Colosseum.

Hotel Gritti Palace in Venice, Italy

This elegant hotel, which was once a palace in Venice. It is just a few steps from Piazza San Marco, but it is located far enough away from the roaring traffic, to give guests a relaxing stay. Terrazza Restaurant at the hotel offers breathtaking views of the Grand Canal.

Hotel Spadari al Duomo in Milan, Italy

Hotel Spadari al Duomo has a middle name – and the name of "fashion". Designers often create in this hotel exhibit at furniture fairs, making it a favorite place to stay in the fashion industry. The rooms have comfortable furniture to order for a unique appeal. Some rooms have views of the Duomo. On the walls hang beautiful modern paintings.

Grand Hotel and Milan, Milan, Italy

An elegant hotel in Milan, where there is excellent accommodation with furniture and rich fabrics. La Scala Theater is just a short walk away.

La Sommita Relais Culti Ostuni, Puglia, Italy

La Sommita Relais Culti – hotel which from the outside does not look like much, but the rooms are very discrete. This is an unusual hotel that has only nine suites, and each suite seems to be the only one around. This is the place to stay for those who require isolation or those who want to understand what it is like to live in a place like Ostuni.

Grand Hotel Continental Siena, Italy

Someday aristocratic residence, Grand Hotel Continental – the most luxurious hotel in Siena. It is located near the pedestrian streets of Piazza del Campo in the heart of Siena. Although the building has been restored, the original details remain. The hotel has a grand ballroom, a fine dining restaurant and wine bar. The rooms designed by scenic ceilings, paintings and unique furniture, and modern conveniences of satellite television and the Internet.

Lungarno Suites in Florence, Italy

The hotel adds a modern elegance of Florence with three stylish hotel. The suites in the apartment with kitchenette and fridge, as well as very spacious. hotel's location allows guests to explore the city. Seven & # 39; and will appreciate the extra space! Rest in a dream in Italy should not be soft, and no shelter!

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