Snow House Cleaning

About five years ago, I was driving from New York to Michigan with a friend when we suddenly found ourselves fighting Mother Nature at its worst. The way we survived was a direct testimony to the power of prayer to lead us into a harrowing experience. It happened in the middle of winter. See if […]

Second Homes – Condo Hotels Make Sense

The convincing facts … What if … Only 5% of the Baby Boom Generation learned about an economical way to own more than one retirement home? 75 million boomers will retire in the next 15 years, 5% equals a demand for 250,000 condo hotel units per year from 2020. What if … you could buy […]

Michigan Injury Proceedings

When a party is injured or injured as a result of another party's carelessness or negligence, an action for personal injury arises. In special circumstances, such as medical malpractice or death by negligence, the personal injury law grants the right to an individual related to the victim to file a claim on their behalf. The […]

Where the hell is Latrobe – California?

Few places are more beautiful than the western slopes of central Sierra Nevada. Adjacent to Shingle Springs, the town of Latrobe is situated in the heart of these hills in the southwest section of El Dorado County. The gentle slopes, outcrops and springs add a certain flavor that continues to attract people from nearby cities. […]

Great places to visit in Michigan

Henry Ford Museum Dearborn is open year round with vintage car collections that include a 15 million T model, a 1948 Tucker, a 999 Racer, a Bugatti Royale, a Ford Mark VI Racer, a # 1 Ford Mustang and many more. There are presidential limousines, such as Ronald Reagan's limo, John F. Kennedy's limo, Dwight […]

Michigan Criminal Claims – Recovering Vehicle Damage Costs in a Car Accident

What is Mini-Tort? Michigan's fault-free laws do not require collision coverage. This is where limited liability for property damage or the provision of mini-crime comes into play. Limited liability for property damage, known as a mini-crime exception, allows Michigan accident victims to recover up to $ 500 from vehicle repair costs under certain circumstances. The […]

More snow makes Michigan surfer more popular and more dangerous

Each winter, thousands of motorcyclists ride 10,000 miles of well-groomed state trails to enjoy stunning views of Michigan from the seat of a snowmobile. The snowmobile has a huge economic impact on the state, annually generating over one billion dollars generated directly and indirectly from Michigan's more than 400,000 registered snowmobiles. Beneficiaries include hotels, restaurants, […]