Walking with dogs on the beach of Camber Sands – vacation for pets or output


Why not make the most of your summer vacation or a long break for the weekend and put himself and his "best friend" at Camber Sands.

This is a very friendly dog ​​and lots of great pubs and accommodation in the area – a great way to recharge the batteries.

The most popular area for walking your pet on Camber Sands – west of the beach, and the best place to park – is when you arrive at the end of courses Camber rye and rye.

If you have a "Sat-Nav", entering the postcode TN31, 7RB take you to the parking lot, which is best served by area / areas for dog walking.

Current parking rates (2012) District Council car parks: 8: 30-18: 00 –

£ 1.50 / hour

£ 4,00 / 2:00

£ 7,00 / 4:00

£ 9,00 / 6:00

£ 11:00 / 8:00

£ 13,00 / maximum

Parking remains open until 20 pm … but then locked … you do not come!

With a lot of garbage and dog toilets are indoors almost costs … and remember, please use the bunker and, please, pick up your dog!

In the summer, especially in sunny weekend, wait for the queue to get in Camber, while gain in long queues while waiting for the machine to enter the main parking lot near the beach. The busiest time of around 10:00 … if you arrive earlier, you should not have too many questions.

If you are traveling in Camber summer (end of September), presented the Rotary Rater area for dogs on the beach, where you are allowed to walk the dog. When the tide goes out, these areas stretch for miles, and even at high tide there is a lot of space, as the sand dunes penetrate through at least 500 yards of parts, and the coastline stretches to the west for at least a mile.

When they were introduced on the instructions "dog area", all the dogs were ahead. It was strongly (approximately six weeks) dogs employees (or, I should say – mostly in the summer letting students from acne). Nevertheless, it seems to have been relaxed, and when walkers sensible and targeted areas, then you should not worry.

The direction that you will automatically be taken to be the West, and when the tide is, why would not reach the end of the beach (entrance to the harbor of rust), turn right on the river in Harbour Masters office side. You can then return to the parking lot on the legal path through the golf course Rye. Baskets for dogs in this area are limited, so bring a lot of bags!

The return trip is about four miles … watch out for balls golf and keep your dog on the water!

Along with beautiful walks dogs Camber, Rye and Rye Bay can offer much more than a nice sandy beach, and we really recommend that you make a break and visit the historic town of Rye or Rye Harbor, where there is a stunning nature reserve Rai Harbor with miles of asphalt and more opportunities for dog walking. The reserve also has a lot of dogs.

If you close the night, in this area there are many hotels PET FRIENDLY, which allow you to make the most of your visit … so what do you expect … grab the lead and go down to Camber Sands and Bay Area rust!