The greatness of the National Park Sequoia and Kings Canyon


Canyon, Sequoia and Kings Canyon – two of the most famous parks when visiting California. Both show the diversity and splendor of the native wildlife. Officially, these two parks is managed and owned by the state of California.

These parks must visit for those who just loves adventures in the fresh air. Evidence of the main attractions, including deep canyons, massive mountains, gigantic caves, magnificent waterfalls, stunning valleys, native wildlife and the largest trees in the world

Kings Canyon from the & # 39 is the United States & # 39; deep canyon. Tree General Sherman – the largest tree on earth. And Mount Whitney – the highest peak in the flanking country.

These parks are located in the Sierra Nevada & # 39; southern and eastern part of the San Joaquin Valley. People are easily drawn to its exceptionally large trees. Next to the wet slopes of the Sierra Nevada scattered many cents incredible reddish giant sequoia. Sequoias are convenient for camping, hiking and picnics. The parks are collected dozens of rocky, but the light of the hills that make their way through the wood of the forest, which are sent to the peaceful niches.

In Sequoia National Park has Kern Canyon, which is deeply admired glacial valley, which runs from north to south, not far from the eastern perimeter of the park. He also maintains an underground magnificence and this crystal cave. The cave has a huge room, magnificent stalactites and magnificent marble, overwhelmed with a deep stream.

Cave richly decorated with magnificent speleatemy, convoys of rafts cones, which are rarely formed. The cave and its creeks lives a few rare Genoa with animals. A maze of more than three miles in length runs along the Generals Highway in Sequoia National Park, which lies on the side of the Giant Forest and Mountain Ash.
To go there, you need to go down the fixed picturesque path to the parking lot. Then you can go half a mile track to the wonderful beautiful Cascade Creek and waterfalls and finally to Crystal Cave.

Park comprises fourteen camping. You can also stay in nearby lodges outside the park, next to CA 180 commonly in Visalia. Hotel and Conference Center Holiday Inn Visalia – the largest hotel in the area.

Most of the hotels and lodges up restaurants. One that is in the village Vuksachy, offers a barbecue in Vulvertane, tender ribs and chicken, which are considered the best tasting dish in this park.

There are more interesting facts that you should know about the national parks of Sequoia and King Canyon. Proud of their bizarre diverse environments and temperatures. This makes them one of the international biosphere reserves on the planet.

The park has over 723 000 hectares of desert and over 850 miles of desert surviving paths. It really is a great property, and the management is very suras & # 39; ozna treat it. they comply with the laws, rules and regulations for visitors to help preserve the beauty of the park.

These parks protect and preserve the excellent cave. They also live unusual minerals, extraordinary animals such as sheep-byggary, rabbit with a white tail, spotted and striped skunks and branches.