Stay in holiday rental


Did you know that the rest room in the cabin – a much better deal than staying in a hotel room?


Well, it's quite simple: basically you get home, instead of which there is one room with four walls.

In addition, you enjoy privacy, you can cook the food, you get a full size refrigerator, you can also get a lot of benefits that simply does not happen with the hotel room, jacuzzi and games room.

If it's just you and your wife, you can get a vacation rental for odnushki for about the same price as a hotel room.

If you want to bring something & # 39; w, you can get two or up to five bedrooms. Such large cabins are much more economical than renting several hotel rooms.

You can also save money by buying and preparing most of the food, and do not walk nearly every meal.

In addition, you can eat with the family & # 39; and or to visit the booth to watch a movie on TV, or play a variety of games such as pool, football, video games or other games that can go along with your booth.

With many rental cottages, you can just walk out the door and you are in a private shelter in the forest. What could be better than that?

All that room!

One of the cabins, which my wife and I recently stopped – a good example of the amenities that come into the salon. Living room and kitchen were only much larger than a hotel room. This one-room cabin rented for a little over $ 100 per night. Try to find a hotel room at this price!

room with a view …

Rental cabins to relax and offers views. You may be deep in the woods or with views of the mountain slope, no matter what you choose. Many times in the hotel you will have a view of the back of the hotel restaurant, it's nice. No thanks, I'll take off to the mountains any day.

Many of the best places to rent holiday cottages are located near the smoky mountains of Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, Colorado and around Lake Tahoe in California.

This is some of the most beautiful places in the country with a large number of recreational activities that await you pleasure, such as hiking, tubing, rafting on white leads, climbing, swimming or just sitting on the porch of your cottage rental and take at the fresh air.

So, why not spend your next vacation in the cabin rental business instead of close rooms at the hotel? I know you like it!