Six fun day trips from Monterrey


In Monterei in California has a lot to do, whether it's in the tank, ride 17 km, there are at Fisherman & # 39 marina; s Wharf, view the art galleries in Carmel or walking along the coastline of the Pacific Grove. But if you're itching to get some razgalinavatstsa and explore some fabulous offers central coast near, here is a short list of day trip ideas to get you started.

1. National Monument Pinnacles – east Saledada, which is south of Salinas at 101, is a magical place of incredible geographical beauty. Trails wind around bizarre rock formations that make you think, yet you are still on Earth. Do not forget to bring plenty of water and pack a lunch. Near Winery Chalone is if you want to visit them on a wine tasting.

2. Point Lobos – south of Carmel is a State Reserve Point Lobas. It costs $ 8 per car ($ 4 if inside there is a senior citizen), and once in the park there are several small parties. From these sites you can access the various trails, domestic and other leading to pristine beach coves.

3. Santa Cruz – venture north of the coast of Monterey, and in the end you will find yourself in Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz Beach Beachwalk boasts a popular roller coasters and entertaining area, and the beach has warmer water than most in Northern California and is popular with surfers. In the area of ​​mining industry of Santa Cruz there are several wineries that you can visit, as well as the narrow-gauge steam train that goes from Felton.

4. Big Sur – just south of Monterey on Highway 1 – is the territory of the Great Qur'an, the famous land of artists, writers, nature lovers, photographers, and other lonely souls. In fact, there is no destination "Big Sur", but to pass through it – to experience the stunning scenery on the winding road between dramatic mountain cliffs and broken sea bottom. There are a few special places for lunch, for example, Nepente that hangs out there on the ocean side of the road. In Big Sur has several hiking trails, and you can go on one of the beaches.

5. Wine tasting in Carmel Valley – If you have enough fog, you often feel relief, driving along the road-Carmel Valley for 15 minutes (sometimes significant) heat and sunlight. Several rooms for wine tasting is situated in the small village or around it. Chateau Julien – a winery tasting room, found on the road before you get to the valley of Carmel. In the village you can visit the tasting rooms vineyards Julian Eler Heller, Robert Talbot Vineyards and Distillery Vineyard and Bernard. If you really want to get away from it all, Galante Vineyards located in the remote hinterland.

6. Museum Shtaynbeka – Finally, why not get to the Old Town Salinas and visit the National Center Shteynbeka? Inspired Salinayskay valley and its people Shteynbek John was the author of Nobel Prize winners such as "Cannery Row," "Tequila apartment" and "Grapes of Wrath". exhibits of art and culture exhibits, museum shop and café in the museum store. In addition, they will soon be presented Valley World Agricultural History and Education Center.

Then, when you finish with a guided tour of the city, go back to Monterrey and figure out what you are lucky to visit one of the best places in the world: the central coast of California.