How to extend the visa on arrival (VOA) to Indonesia


I recently extended the Indonesian visa on arrival (VOA) in Bali. It took about a week, three visits to the immigration office and Rp 251,600, but it was much easier than to leave the country to get a new one.

Fortunately, I live next to the immigration office (in Singarazha), and the whole process takes about an hour, including travel time. If your nearest office is on, you will need to decide, it is easier to make it 3 instead of a trip or just a trip abroad.

In my case, I needed a sponsor, but I've heard other people do not need it. If you do it the first time, I offer to take a suitable local person just in case. They can always help in translating and completed visa application form.

I do not need also had a picture, but I've heard about other people being asked for it, so perhaps it is best to bring it just in case. Always a good idea to make a few passport photos when you visit the immigration office, because never know when they can ask him. They need to be with a red background.

Since I used his wife as a sponsor of the visa, I had to provide a copy of our marriage certificate. Presumably, if you use someone else, you do not have to win.

I had to fill in 3 forms. One of them – a sponsorship letter, which filled my wife. I finished the rest of himself (with the help of his wife, as one entirely in Indonesian language). One form needs "materai" (stamp), which costs 6000 Rp. You will enter the specified form at the bottom of the square, and you and your sponsor sign so that your signature blocked it.

The second time I did it, they asked me to bring a return ticket is supposed to prove that I'm going to leave the country.

One small but important detail: make sure you fill in the form with black paint and the big letters, or they can be remove. Really! Well, a good idea to dress well, when you enter the immigration office, so vests, shorts and flip-flops facing the street, as well as mini-skirts and mischievous tops. You do not need to wear a suit and tie, but at least long pants / skirt (jeans excellent) and a shirt or T-shirt.

You will also need to provide a photocopy of the passport (with an indication of the identity of your data and the current visa), ID of your sponsor (the KTP) and marriage certificate (if your husband coworkers you).

5 days after the rejection of the forms I returned to the immigration office and paid 250,000 rubles (equivalent to 25 US dollars).

3 days after I returned to pick up visa. Well, I had to pay 1,000 rubles to photograph my passport with new visa sticker.

Initially I was concerned that, because the whole process was going to take a week, I would replay finished his initial visa (which ended 2 days), but it was a problem when I refused to form the validity of the visa. Ideally, you should go for a week before the expiry of the visa, but, even though I was doing this, they received a new visa date, starting from the day following the end of my initial visa. Nice!

In addition to reducing concerns about this (compared with the departure from the country on visas), there is another advantage: the visa stamp they use, takes only half the passport page than for a normal full page Stamp VOA.

I hope that this will help you to clarify the process.

Another tip: do not listen to everything they tell you in the Denpasar airport that there they give false information. For example, they may tell you that the airport is the migration office, which is not true. Nearby there is one, but not at the airport. They also know people that can expect an expansion of VOA in latency that is simply not true. I suggest you save energy and avoid questions about the airport.

Good luck and happy travels!