Holidays in Devon dogs


Dogs love Devon as well as their two-legged companions, because there are many things to see and do. Among other things, the possibilities for walking are endless!

Whether it is a friendly dog, or one that prefers to study shattered the track area of ​​the marshes, country footpaths and beaches definitely amuse all ages and types.

Dartmoor – a great choice of destination at rest with a dog, because there are so many places where they are genuinely welcome. In fact, dogs are part of the mavryta, whether it is a working dog, which takes place in the autumn hunt, or surrounds the curious marsh sheep, or local pets are part of the furniture in a pub, post office and village shop.


Large open spaces of Dartmoor, as well as forests and secluded villages – a real playground for dogs. By following a few common sense rules, such as the preservation of the leading positions when near the road and the animals have a lot of hours of walking.


If your feet start to hurt, or when the weather & # 39; e is closed, go to one of the pubs in Dartmoor, which welcomes dogs and let them doze before the fire or play in the river, while you relax over a meal or a pint of local ale.

Some great examples of pubs, working dogs in the region include Warren House Inn, the highest in Dartmoor and, presumably, the third largest in England! Rugglestone Inn Hotel in Widecombe-in-Moor – an ideal stop after a trip to Haytor, always being on Dartmoor. Further north, Fingle Bridge Inn near Drevshtayntonam is located right on the river and has some excellent places for walking and sports.


In the autumn and winter months most of the beaches in Devon allow dogs, and even during seasonal peak, there are many restrictions that are still available or only partially limited. There are also many rivers and streams, as in a swamp, and the coast, which can be equally interesting alternative to child and fishing in the sea.

Some of the beaches in the south of Devon, such as bay Næss in Shaldane, friendly dogs all year round and waiting for additional senses, this can be accessed via a tunnel for smuggling, where the waves echo of crying will meet with you.


Hotel for dogs in Devon Var & # 39; iruyutstsa of exclusive country houses to friendly local hotel. For example, White Hart Hotel in Mortonhempstede – a hotel for dogs in Devon and is an excellent base for exploring the local area.