ecological travel


According to research by Green Hotel Association, the organization in Texas that promotes ecological consciousness in the hospitality industry, 43 million US travelers say they are concerned about the environment. As a result, the tourism industry has made efforts to promote green initiatives. In modern conditions of travel for consumers is not more environmentally friendly.

Companies Hertz car rental, Budget and Avis are added to its fleet with more fuel-efficient vehicles, and many Limousin companies use hybrid vehicles. Hertz is promoting in its fleet "Green Collection" nearly 35 000 people. Despite the fact that 100% of the budget car rentals in economy, compact and intermediate categories, as well as 98% of standard and high-grade automotive classes meet strict guidelines US EPA and certified SmartWay. Each vehicle receives air pollution index and assessment of greenhouse gas emissions on a scale of 1-10. To indicate SmartWay vehicle should receive 6 or higher in both scores and have an overall assessment of at least 13. In Avis fleet has approximately half the fuel efficiency rating 28 miles per gallon or higher (highway). One quarter of the fleet is estimated at 30 miles per gallon (highway) or higher.

Network Fairmont hotels offer information in the rooms, waste bins, optional sheet and towel replacement at selected locations, energy-efficient lighting, and water showers, toilets and aerators. In his eco-cuisine menus wherever possible, including local, seasonal and organically grown foods. Special Eco-Meet menu may also include a 50 percent reduction in animal proteins, vegetable proteins supplemented in the meal time. Select the Fairmont Hotels & Resorts and their own herb gardens or the opportunity to make your kitchen in order to use local spices years showing dishes using those ingredients. The emphasis is on healthy, environmentally friendly, and delicious food.

Company Aloft Hotels, a member of the Starwood collection of hotels, opened its first location in Canada in 2008 and now has 38 locations around the world, offering a unique hotel. Aloft – it really is self-sufficient traveler who has a lot of energy, good vibrations and, of course, focused on technology design savvy.

Experience their placement in Lexington, Massachusetts begins upon arrival of landscape design, similar to the park, which makes it possible to take a sip of fresh air. Premium parking spaces are available for hybrid cars to reward the most eco-minded guests. Guest rooms contain natural materials like cork and sustainable wood veneers from entering into the hotel design. These basins used even purer green and saline.

The resort, which was awarded in Australia, located 45 minutes north of Cairns and just south of Port Douglas, Thala Beach Lodge is located on a single private beach in the area. It provides an ideal location to explore the Great Bar & # 39; ernaga Reef, private coastal beaches and tropical rainforest, with a separate private bungalows, which are set overlooking the marine park "Great bar & # 39; erny Reef", World Heritage listed rainforest and lush tropical beaches.

At a time when there is great concern about the weak environment, Thala Beach Lodge proudly boasts that achieved the highest accreditation of environmental certification through its sustainable practice and environmental sensitivity.

Located in one of the most fascinating Mexican biological reserves, located on the beach 3 miles in pristine hotel is Hotel Eco Paraiso, has bungalows, from which comes the emerald green Gulf of Mexico.

Celestun, Yucatan, Mexico – main supply area of ​​pink flamingos and countless species of waterfowl and shore. In 1989 he was listed special biosphere reserve. By definition, it is a zone of one or more ecosystems that people have not changed.

The national monument reef Buck Island, the surrounding reef was named the first-ever underwater national monument of America in 1961, which naturally lead to the fact that the ecosystem has been so prosperous and well-preserved that 30,000 visitors flock each year to see it. The most popular attraction on St. Croix, the US Virgin Islands.

Ecological holidays, many, and if you are ready to adjust the date of travel on vacation, you are among the 61 percent of Americans, who in order to save money ready to travel during periods "at the peak", when prices can be more profitable. It seems that this trend is superior to all ages. Although the conditions of the outside & # 39; I can not be perfect, saving travelers may realize traveling in the off-season, may present a valuable amount.