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Choose from five public field sites with stunning views of the ocean and mountains in the cities VenturaCountyWest – Camara, Oxnard and Ventura. All are within an hour’s drive north of Los Angeles, but they feel a million miles away, especially when paired with the local pubs and restaurants.


Sooner come to town for a hearty breakfast at Pete & # 39 restaurant; s House House, which is known for its pancakes made from wormwood and homemade jam from strawberries.
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Embark on a morning round of golf at Olivas Links. 18 lunachnae golf course, designed by Forrest Richardson. The last three years have voted for “best municipal golf course in the country” week CourseThis course is 1818 yards parts has a style rolling links, identified coastal herbs and natural living environment. You can choose, however, to play on the adjacent course, Buenaventura. Slightly more than 6,000 yards at 70, he emphasizes the directional control and admired creator shots. With the classic shape and design era of the 1930s, this is a step back in time. A difficult choice to make.
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For lunch, relax in the bar Aqua Beachfront. Located at the Crowne Plaza, and as the name implies, it is located right on the beach. In the afternoon, you need to get the sun on the sand, or perhaps rent a bike for a ride along the beach bike path. In the evening go to the Greek harbor of the best Mediterranean food. Then catch a standup mode in the club Ventura Harbor Comedy.


Another early day begins with breakfast in kavyarnitsy Mrs. Olson, about a block from the beach in Oxnard, then to one of the two excellent courses in River red-haired. The vineyard offers a wonderful panoramic view of the ocean and Lake Victoria has excellent water features bent grass greens and green, as well as hybrid Bermuda tees and fairway of Greg Norman.

The ideal trip after golf – at the Museum of floss cars. He observes the movement of art deco in automotive design and open two Saturdays per month when you can see the rewards Bugattis, Voisins, Dealges and other French cars from the 1920s to the 40s. In the evening, Mexican seafood, homemade cakes and delicious margaritas – menu in Cabo Seafood & Grill.


Camara. Choose from two exciting courses to complete golf vacation. Hills Sterling Camara is surrounded by magnificent avocado and citrus groves. This golf course 18 holes includes natural features, which are the natural terrain. Camara Springs is located at the base of the mountain Konezho just off Highway 101. As conceived by Ted Robinson, its types include uplifting soft rock formations and natural sources.

Before you go home, recharge your output “hamburger Blarney” and one of the 14 varieties of beer in the Irish pub Brendan Camara. A relatively new restaurant, they are owned and run by two Irishmen, who created a situation which is comparable with the best pubs in Ireland.