Canadian snow birds are in Santa Barbara


When Canadian Anne Murray sang his song "Snow birds", it was not singing about Canadian Geese. She sang snowy thousands of Canadians, called "snow birds" who hold annual pilgrimage of the winter in Canada and the Pacific Northwest to warmer climes in places like Southern California. There's snow birds nest in the winter months, basking in the warm southern California sunshine, in the wonderful resort towns-gems like Santa Barbara. Nestled between the beautiful mountains of Santa Yin and the Pacific Ocean, Santa Barbara – the main holiday destination.

Snow birds who come here on what some call the "American Riviera", are a mystery to rent the cottage in Santa Barbara has it all. Those who have found rest in Santa Barbara avoids barren Arizona deserts and even rytsarnaga oasis of Palm Springs for this coastal beauty. Why? They know all too well that a vacation rental in Santa Barbara has to offer them a way of convenience, comfort and entertainment. Snow birds that flock to the coastal city of Santa Barbara, are not satisfied to roll up on a good book in the winter under some Saguaro cacti, or not satisfied with designer shopping smalyaddyami requiring SPF 70 and a big check books. They are very active and full of life for this. They want more, and that is to offer vacation in Santa Barbara.

Holiday rental in Santa Barbara occupies a vast area of ​​the city of Santa Barbara. There are private homes and condo apartments on the coast, right on the beach, in the vicinity of tourist attractions, and everything that happens in between. For snow birds that migrate here, camping – is not an option. They are not interested in rough work throughout the winter and sharing public space with their neighbors. They do not have RV, because they do not want to hard to save a difficult RV for most of the year. They are accustomed to comfort, and they yearn for the long winter, when they are at home.

David and Leslie Benskot, lawyers, retired from British Columbia, used to the camps with their children. Now they are empty sockets, and when they go away for the winter, they are not interested in the previous benefits. They rent vacation rentals in Santa Barbara for the past seven years. "Furthermore," says Leslie, "we both love to cook, and we are quite spoiled, to recognize that we want to make a good kitchen. Our apartment has a beautiful kitchen in the style of the chef with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. At least once a week we prepare the food for gourmets in our vacation rental in Santa Barbara and meet friends at the beach for a picnic. you just can not do it in January in British Columbia. "

Rent Benscott vacation in Santa Barbara is fully furnished with all amenities. Often the owners of rental premises are fitted with a flat or a house such things as beach equipment, games, movies and a kitchen. Rent holiday no taxes and tips, as it would be in the hotel, so, eventually, Vacation Rental in Santa Barbara is cheaper than at long stay in a hotel, especially if you do not have to eat lunch. with each meal. "Benskoty" also carried out a search of all the attractions of Santa Barbara each season adding several new discoveries in his piggy bank. This year, their grandchildren visited and they all took in the Railroad Museum and the Santa Barbara Zoo. It was a memory that they will keep for life. Fortunately, there was plenty of space for all those who remained in their vacation rental with three bedrooms sleeping and yards on the shore. Grandchildren can every morning to go to the beach with Benskot. They have a collection of shells, to confirm it.

With more than a hundred wineries in Santa Barbara and the surrounding area, cultural events such as theater, front exhibition of arts and crafts, even International Film Festival Santa Barbara, there is something for everyone. Snow birds know that if you enjoy outdoor activities with a sense of smell, the Santa Barbara – this is the place for you.

Ken and Marie Linter, a retired surgeon, and his wife, come here from Alberta, Canada, every winter, attracted by warm temperatures and excellent properties, they are in a vacation rental in Santa Barbara. They rent the same apartment for four seasons. Ken and Marie are avid bikers and kayakers and love the possibility of Santa Barbara, which give them the opportunity to stay in shape during the winter months. "The only exercise I get in Alberta is shoveling snow," – says Ken, who gave up skiing several years ago. "And frankly, I'm done. Now we can velasipedyzavats Marie of city bikes. Our vacation rentals in Santa Barbara provides for us at no additional cost. We're going home in better shape than when we arrived."

It's just two of them, and they love the one-bedroom apartment, which they found to rent Santa Barbara. In their domestic cleaning services at home, there are concierge, who joins the vacation rental. When it came time to decide what to choose a fabulous restaurant, a concierge will help you. "Last week, – she says Marie – concierge sent us to a five-star restaurant, tucked into a private beach cove This is perhaps the most romantic dinner, which I have ever had well worth the trip from Alberta…"