California vacation pet everything is easier to find


As a lover of dogs, and the owner of the house for rent houses, I often encounter with the subject of travel with a loved pet. Despite the fact that a few years ago it was quite rare to find accommodation in a hotel, which would be welcomed, or at least put up with my well-behaved and loved Boxer, Ouzo. Sometimes, when we were traveling on Interstate 5 in California, we would stop at a beautiful ranch Harris. One, because it is a great stop with beautiful accommodation and excellent food, but also for us on our way. But they also belong to Fido as we treat Fido, with love and care! They even give a little sign to put on the door to let people know that the room has a dog.

Personally, I know that one of the reasons I love to travel with Ouzo (currently transmitted) – because it was so much fun! There are no worries, and always very well behaved in any new location. Thus, when I became the owner of a large house to rent beach holiday, I did not have to take dogs. I know that for the most part, if people want to be with their pets, it's because pets pleasure to be around and behave.

What should you expect from a pet owner who travels to California wants to hire a fun rental housing? Firstly, the majority of hotels, resorts and vacation rentals in California will require a small deposit for pets, which is refundable after your from & # 39; Congress until harm is inflicted. (We know that your precious Marathon nothing ever hurt, it's like insurance – all) For more than ten years of renting dog lovers, I never had to keep a deposit of 50.00 USD per pet, which I I collect.

Dogs can mean different things to different people. Do not forget to find out what to expect before you book a hotel room or holiday home. Ask questions about things such as floor coverings, as this may be important for your dog's comfort. Plan to bring some familiar things of your pet, so that they feel at home – such as toys or bedding. Many places for pets offer your pet dishes and bowls of water, but think about how to bring here something familiar, to add comfort and reduce the strangeness of the new environment.

Check in advance is a good place for walking the dog, the owner or agent of the booking must be able to provide that information. Our holiday home offers accommodation on the beach. If you visit a vacation home on the beach, make sure you know in advance that the beach is also friendly to dogs. Many California beaches do not allow dogs. Our beach, Dyllon Beach, in northern California, allowing dogs to run free on the edge of the water, they just love! Nothing like the day chasing birds on the banks to make up for a tired and happy dog ​​at the end of the day! Have fun and relax in the evening – this is what I want for our guests and their "children", even pets!