My Inflatable Friend – Rollo Hemphill Confessions By Gerald Everett Jones

As an author combining humor with social criticism, I was interested in Jones's first work of fiction (he wrote about 25 nonfiction works).

The newly dismissed valet, Rollo Hemphill, is a 20-year-old from Los Angeles who is at the same time angry and intrigued by the celebrities whose cars he parks in a five-star hotel. In an attempt to inspire jealousy in the girl of his dreams, he creates – and makes headlines with – an inflatable doll that impersonates an aged but sexy actress who stays at the hotel.

Rather than backfire, Rollo's ploy gives her her dream job, endless money and drink, and a contract to be a sweet to the actress, Monica Monica LaMonica, whose breasts are almost as sassy as her ego. What follows is a hilarious joke involving silicone and superhero underwear; The cast of characters ranges from a Hungarian messenger to a couple of celebrity stalkers in a Winnebago.

Even though he's a bit pathetic at first, I found myself cheering for Rollo, who embarks on this adventure with the interest of getting into a beautician's pants. (Have we all had this desire? Regular pedicures will do wonders for any relationship.)

A hilarious read, My Inflatable Friend is also a clever trick in the eyes of celebrity culture, as well as America's intrigue with the famous and infamous.

Let me warn you in advance, however, that the only guy who sees any action in this book is the inflatable doll partner – but it's not who you think.