Resort Activities: Stay and play golf, hunting, yoga or water sports

Choosing to visit a resort offers several options for fun activities. You can stay and play golf in various areas of the resort. Alternatively, you can spend time at the pool or take part in exciting water sports activities. Resorts are popping up everywhere, even in places you wouldn't consider vacation destinations. It seems every city has at least some kind of resort. Hotels are billing as resorts now if they have a pool. Family hotels are adding water slides to attract people with children. With all these vacation spots, the hardest part is choosing an activity.

Probably one of the most popular activities to join a resort is golf. Everyone is playing golf now, and the courses are doing everything they can to attract business to keep up with the new competing venues that are flooding the market. Finding a place to stay and play golf is easy. Many of these destinations are designed so you can play, eat and shop without leaving the property.

Other all-inclusive destinations feature water sports. Besides having places to eat and relax, they have pools and slides for daytime recreation. Water sports are popular with young tourists. Beachfront resorts offer everything from jet ski rentals to canoes. If you like to have fun on the water, surely find a right destination for you.

Quieter locations can also be found quite easily. The popularity of relaxation as a form of recreation has spurred the development of many yoga and meditation retreats. Nestled in peaceful nature surroundings, these retreats include gourmet food, world-renowned yogi yoga classes, and great amounts of tranquility. If you need a relaxation training, a yoga retreat is a good place to go.

If you are the type of person who likes to be always on the go, adventure vacations are probably the right choice for you. Hiking, cycling, canoeing or mountain climbing can all become part of active vacations at the right destination. Adventure companies set up trekking packages in many different locations. Instead of a traditional resort, think of it as an active vacation.

For a different type of adventure, you can choose a hunting lodge. Game stores range from rustic to fairly comfortable, and some include activities for a non-hunting spouse. You can choose your location based on the target game. Guides are available to help you navigate the terrain and guide you towards the big game. While accompanying your prey by nature, your spouse can enjoy a pampered massage or luxury shopping experience.

When it comes to vacations, there are many options available. You do not have to stay and play golf. You can play water sports, relax and meditate, or hunt for a great game. Holiday destinations are popping up everywhere with different specialties, aimed at the specific tastes of travelers with all kinds of hobbies. Whether traveling with a family or a friend, you can find the exact type of vacation resort with the right kind of activities offered you are looking for.