The Swiss Luxury Hotel has received the Bitcoin growth rate

Today guests of one of the best five star hotels in Switzerland can pay for Bitcoin service.

The Dodder Grand announced April 2, the day when Bitcoin rose 23 percent, beginning to receive cryptocurrencies for room reservations, spa treatments and another cup of coffee. The hotel’s managing director, Marc Jacobs, told CNN Money that they produce bitcoins because of the broad potential in the tax industry, adding that they did not really understand the possibility of their success.

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As for bitcoin or not bitcoin
The comments came when retailers allowed bitcoin as a means of payment after the service failed to gain traction. According to blockchain firm Shinealysis, in 2018, the use of bitcoin in commercial payments has dropped to 80 percent. Some big companies that have adopted bitcoins have left this option early, given the problems of price volatility and regulation. For example, game company Steam withdrew its cryptocurrency option a year after its adoption, due to the high quotes. Expedia Travel Management Portal and Stripe Payment Processor have also been expanded.

But Swiss companies are still interested in getting into Bitcoin. Jacobs believes the positive sentiment comes from the cryptography-based environment, which allows retailers to properly regulate and help with bitcoin making.


Romantic Hotels in 19th Century

Few Victorian hotels have retained their romance and beauty while admiring California’s Del Coronado Hotel, Michigan’s Mackinac Island Grand and Georgia’s Jekyll Island Club Hotel, each relatively similar, each unique.
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Located on the west end of San Diego Bay, Del Coronado is a landmark of Coronado Island, whose charming gardens cover more than 15 hectares of beautiful beachfront property. And starting this month, look for a giant gold ribbon tied to the hotel’s red tower in celebration of its 125th anniversary!
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Built in 1888, the hotel is a Victorian-era castle. When built, the Del Coronado was the largest building in America outside New York City to be electrically lit. Thomas Edison himself arrived to take charge of the introduction of his creation of incandescent lamp.
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Named “The Del” by locals, the hotel has a rich history, welcoming presidents, princes and Hollywood legends. Author L. Frank Baum called “The Del” at home while writing “The Wizard of Oz,” basing his projects on Emerald City at the hotel.
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Del Coronado Hotel is often used as a backdrop for film and television productions. Although the film was shot on Mackinac Island, Michigan, many who read the book say “The Del” was the inspiration for the classic romantic movie. “Somewhere in time “ starring Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour,.
Mackinac Island is marked as “America’s Summer Spot”, but it is the Grand Hotel of Mackinac Island, built in 1887, that really lives up to “Grand”. If Del Coronado is a Victorian-era castle, the Grand Hotel is a Victorian-era palace. Taking only four months to build, it has weathered the seasons for over 125 years.
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The 385-room Grand holds the largest balcony in the world. At 660 feet long, the veranda extends the entire length of the building, and during summer pre-dinner cocktails are served on the veranda. In fact, this hotel is big in every way. Even its location, high above the rest of Mackinac Island, offers a great view.
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By ferry to Mackinac Island, visitors are involved at a different time and place. As motor vehicles are prohibited, carriages await passengers upon arrival. The horse clip prevails. Like Del Coronado, the Grand Hotel was also visited by world-renowned presidents and artists.
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The hotel gained cinematic fame when the 1980 film “Somewhere in Time” was filmed here. Although in the movie, Christopher Reeve got behind the wheel of a sports car due to Hollywood scripts. “Somewhere in Time “is considered by many to be a cult romantic classic.
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Unlike Mackinac Island, motor vehicles are allowed on Jekyll Island, but the island is abundant with untouched natural wonders that include beautiful oaks shrouded in Spanish moss.
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While the Victorian-style club hotel, built in 1888, offers plenty of charm, outdoor exploring offers the pleasure of the beach and maritime forest. The island’s beaches and forests are protected from the sprawling state of Georgia.
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Jekyll Island was first developed in the late 1800s by America’s foremost millionaires, who wanted a place of their own for winter seclusion. During World War II, the island was closed by the Federal Government for security reasons. After the war, descendants of the first millionaire families were no longer interested in returning.
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In recent times, the club has been restored to its former elegance, featuring leaded glass windows and wooden ornaments. Neither a palace nor a castle is the lovely tower that is famous here. Victorian appeal dominates the public areas of the Jekyll Island Hotel Club, a place previously reserved for the richest in America.
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Don’t let any of these nineteenth-century hotels look old-fashioned. The laid back pace of the past blends in and blends with all the amenities of the present to make a visit to any of these hotels memorable, whether at night or simply dining, visitors have exceptional accommodation. For romantics, staying in one of these hotels is like living a fairy tale.


Lexington Hotel Reveals Al Capone Secrets

The Lexington Hotel, located on the corner of 22nd St. and Michigan Avenue on the south side of Chicago, was the headquarters and nerve center of Al Capone’s smuggling and extortion empire.
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Behind the innocent-looking closets of hotel sheets and uniforms were secret stairway doors that led to dozens of rooms, like the shooting gallery where Capone and his gangster companions were aiming.
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Other secret passages led to Capone’s own medicine cabinet and to taverns and brothels connected by hidden tunnels. Other tunnels led to hatches on the Dyke, which provided escape routes for mobsters fleeing police attacks and rival gangs.
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The Lexington Hotel was originally built in 1892, designed by architect Clinton Warren, who had also designed the Congress Hotel. The Lexington was hastily built of brick and terracotta to accommodate the masses expected to visit Chicago for the 1893 World’s Fair.
President Benjamin Harrison once gave a balcony address to a huge audience down the street. Al Capone moved to Lexington in July 1928 and, officially registered as “George Phillips”, occupied the luxurious fifth-floor suite of rooms. Capone’s office overlooked Michigan Avenue.
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In the lobby, armed men in hotel uniforms watched the front doors closely, and other guards armed with machine guns patrolled the floors above. From here he directed his illicit and highly profitable operations until October 1931, when he was escorted from the hotel to prison.
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The pinnacle of Al Capone’s success – and also heralding his downfall, was the 1929 St. Valentine’s Day massacre that effectively annihilated Capone’s last gangster rivals but also provoked the wrath of the public and federal government (which sent Eliot Ness to the rescue) upside down.
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Al Capone allegedly had some safes in the lower levels of the Lexington Hotel, where he had hidden his money. These safes were so well hidden that even Capone’s closest associates didn’t know where they were.
In the 1980s, after the glory days of Lexington had passed, the one-woman construction company considered restoring the Lexington Hotel. Researchers exploring the hotel’s ruined ruins locate sealed rooms where Capone’s hidden fortune rests.
In 1986 Geraldo Rivera, the well-known talk show host of TV, brought a live national TV audience to the venue in his immaculate shirt uniform for a modern day treasure hunt.
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IRS agents were also present, anticipating their part in the withdrawal. Rivera’s crew crossed the 7,000-pound concrete wall, thought to be the secret hideout of Capone’s fortune … but when the smoke cleared, only an old sign and a few empty bottles were found. If there was once a fortune there, it had already been withdrawn long ago.


How to Find the Best Hotels in Chicago

There are several factors to consider when trying to find the best hotels in Chicago. Cost, location, amenities, and quality of service can all be included in the equation.

  • Use the Internet to find the best hotels in Chicago. Budget-conscious travelers should look for less expensive hotels, usually found on South Michigan Avenue.
  • Hotels near Chicago’s Loop and Near North Side tend to be more expensive.There are some good reasonably priced hotels found in the outlying areas of the city.
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    Hotels like the Long Hotel in Bronzville or the Best Western in Des Plains offer comfortable rooms at an affordable price. It’s just a short drive on the “L” to downtown Chicago.
  • North Michigan Avenue is where you will find some of the most expensive hotels, such as the Tremont and the Marriott Chicago Downtown. While these luxury hotels may cost more, many of them offer the biggest discounts.
  • If you want a hotel in downtown Chicago, consider a hotel located at the Loop. One of the largest hotels there is the Palmer House Hilton.
  • People looking for hotels in a quieter semi-residential area may want to consider the Lincoln Park neighborhood. You can easily reach Michigan Avenue North and the Loop by taking the Chicago transit trains.
  • Travelers can find some of the best hotel values ​​in Chicago at the airport hotels. Consider staying at Chicago O’Hare Hilton or Hyatt Regency O’Hare Hare

There are many good hotel deals out there if you know where to find them. You don’t have to stay in a cheap hotel to save money – not when you can get discounted travel rates from some of Chicago’s best luxury hotels.


Ann Arbor Suites – Amenities & Reservations

City is the 7th largest city in Michigan. It is named after the wife of the city’s founder and the arbor of the city’s trees. It is home to the University of Michigan and Hospital, technology companies, automakers, research facilities and engineering centers. The city is also flanked by Ann Arbor’s historic museums, parks and recreation areas, shopping centers, performing arts venues and hospitable accommodations.
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It is connected to other US states through the City Municipal Airport. Detroit Metro Airport, 40 kilometers east of the city, connects Ann Arbor internationally. Public transport options are served by the Transportation Authority, Greyhound Lines, Megabus, Amtrak Trains and taxis. The Ann Arbor Convention and the Visitor’s Bureau at 120 West Huron Street provide visitor assistance on attractions to visit and city tours.
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Candlewood Suites – It is located at 701 Waymarket Way Ann Arbor, Michigan, just 8 miles from Municipal Airport. Detroit Metro is 36 km from this hotel. Nearby are the University of Michigan, the Briarwood Mall, the Ann Arbor Practical Museum, the Symphony Orchestra, and the General Motors Power Train. This hotel features 122 suites, facilities for the disabled, free parking, a fitness center, gift shops, business services, free high-speed Internet access, and housekeeping and laundry. Pets are allowed at a rate of $ 75 for 1-6 nights and $ 150 for more than 7 nights. Room features are cable TV, DVD player, video rental, refrigerator, microwave, stove, coffee maker, toaster, dishwasher, glasses and cutlery. A variety of 6 restaurants are in the vicinity of this downtown hotel. A breakfast and snack bar are also available. Fees range from $ 72.99 to $ 97.99. Your contact number is 734-663-2818.

Holiday Inn and Suites- This hotel is located at 3155 Boardwalk Drive Ann Arbor, Michigan. It has 107 non-smoking rooms with 18 whirlpool suites. It is ideally situated near the University of Michigan main campus, Big House, Briarwood Mall and the city center. The hotel has an affordable restaurant – Mallett’s Creek Bar & Grille, indoor pool, hot tub, fitness center, business center, meeting space, and free internet access. It also offers cleaning and laundry services. The rooms are equipped with cable TV, pay per view movies, microwave, refrigerator, coffee maker, iron and board, hair dryer, sofa bed and work area. Suites have a separate living room, hanging closet and spa bath. This hotel suite has rates ranging from $ 124.49 to $ 181.09. The contact number is 734-213-1900.

Quality Inn & Suites- This 126-room hotel is located at 2455 Carpenter Rd. Ann Arbor, Michigan. It is accessible to 3 major universities and colleges in the city, Detroit team parks, Ann Arbor Hands-on Museum, shopping malls and restaurants. The hotel offers free shuttle service to health centers in the region. Key features include indoor heated pool, sauna, fitness room, meeting room, business center, accessible rooms, Braille elevators, valet cleaning service, offsite parking and 100% non-smoking area. Rooms feature free internet access, cable TV, pay movies, multi phone lines, free local calls, voicemail, wake up calls, refrigerators, microwaves, coffeemakers, iron and board and hair dryers. Complimentary continental breakfasts and weekday newspapers are complimentary at this Ann Arbor inn and suite. Rates range from $ 96.99 to $ 104.99, while suites range from $ 119.99 to $ 134.99. Your contact number is 734-973-6100.


The Practical Museum at 220 E. Ann St. has 9 galleries and over 250 interactive exhibits on learning physics, math, nature and health. The Chelsea Teddy Bear Factory at 400 N. Main St. Chelsea features a tour of how to make teddy bears, their history, and a local store. Farm animal interaction, pony rides and birthday party packages are offered at Domino’s Petting Farm on 24 Frank Lloyd Wright Drive. The University of Michigan features a variety of museums such as the Sindecuse Museum of Dentistry, the Detroit Observatory, the Museum of Natural and Planetary History Exhibitions, the Kelsey Archeology Museum and the Stearns Musical Collection. Local Heroes Driving Tour and Underground Railroad Tours should also do activities in the city.

Fire Claims – Tips for Filing an Insurance Claim

After suffering a fire, the homeowner will need to file a claim for damage to the property so that they can clean and start rebuilding. Fires are devastating and sometimes homeowners make a costly mistake during and after settling their fire claims. Most will allow a fire claim adjuster to do research on their property and make the claim, but there may be things that are lost during the initial claim. One thing to note is that once the insurance company sends a check and closes the fire claims, the homeowner has three years to add to the existing closed claim. This can be done if it is found that the damage has not been assessed correctly. To ensure you get the right solution to your fire claims, here are some tips to help you.

Document damage to your home and other buildings

Take time to inspect and document all damage. If the house is not a total loss, take pictures of the damaged rooms. Try taking overviews and some close-ups. Before entering the room, hall or closet, make an overview. Doing so will help you organize your photos and which ones belong to which room. For example, in the living room, get an overview and then go up and down the walls, ceiling, doors and floor.

Document damage to your content

The next step is to go back to each room and closet to inventory its contents. For everything that is damaged, including clothing, shoes, furniture, paintings, etc. that were damaged by fire, making sure to show damage to the image. Yes, this will take a lot of pictures, but everything needs to be documented to get the right solution. Make a list of all contents that have been damaged. After listing the damaged items and having the photos take another look around the room to make sure you didn't miss a thing. Make an inventory list for each room with the attached photos.

Review your insurance policy

Yes, insurance policies are difficult to understand, but before filing a fire claim, you should take time to review police fundamentals, how much coverage you have in your home, how much coverage you have in your personal belongings, and how much. It will cost the policy to pay you to stay in a hotel.

Once you meet the claims, the fire claims adjuster will cover the fire location and initiate your own claim. Do not give them the original photos and inventory complaint sheet, but a copy. This will help them expedite the claim.

Top 5 Beaches You Should Choose For Your Kids This Summer

Planning a fun-filled beach party for kids is the best option you have in summers. Apart from having fun playing various games and activities at home, what most appeals to children is exploring and revealing the most impressive nature features they see on the beach.

Early morning makes the day more beautiful for your children and revitalizes and reinvigorates the beach. Tidying up the essentials doesn't take long, it's all about getting some essentials, good food and various beach games for your children. Let's now know some of the best beaches you could plan for this summer.

Hanalei Bay Beach, Hawaii

Hanalei Bay Beach in Hawaii has beautiful scenery. The colorful surroundings and climate make it the perfect day when you get there, presenting you with a calmer surf compared to other beaches in Hawaii, ultimately one of the best places to visit for teens.

Not only is the beach full of sand, but the dock offers some of the best parts of water younger surfers are looking for, providing a great feeling of protected seashore surrounded by beautiful vegetation. In addition, surrounded by the beauty of nature, the beach offers numerous incredibly great places to take pictures and gather a lot of childhood memories for your children. According to locals, every Tuesday the beach is also a hot spot for the farmers market, so don't miss a cool drink of the famous lemonade out there.

Coronado Central Beach, California

While providing visitors with incredible weather all year round, Coronado Central Beach is one of the best places to bring your preschoolers, especially in the sloping landscape, allowing children to enjoy the most. of fun and excitement while playing your favorite beach volleyball, Frisbee, Boogie Boarding and Sand Hole games.

Along with its striking appearance and the beauty of blessed natures within, you have Hotel Del Coronado close by for people looking for a nice shelter when the sun warms the coast. Also, you may not find lemonade, but MooTime Creamery offers the coolest ice cream your kids won't resist.

Kiawah Beachwalker Park, South Carolina

The most suitable place for babies, preschoolers and school children, Kiawah Beachwalker Park offers a calm beach with calm waters, offering another better view of the beauty of nature. The bright sun and the colorful night really make it more exciting for children to notice the transition in the weather, bringing together the most feverish memories of childhood.

The sand is really soft and clean where your younger kids would like to build their creative sandcastles and could easily play games like bucket filling because you really don't have to worry about strong waves as a barrier to reefs while keeping the safest beach for them.

Luquillo Beach, Puerto Rico

Luquillo Beach is one of the best tropical paradise you could ever visit. With breathtaking beauty blessed by nature, the waterfront offers a place that keeps children exploring various things out there.

Running and screaming in the soft sand and shallow water, school age and teenagers are more excited to visit Luquillo Beach in the summer. Along with the crystal clear water of the beach, be sure to grab a few spoons of Helado Man's coconut and pineapple ice cream.

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, Michigan

Presenting you with a handful of sand dune landscape and sparkling water, the beach is calm and tranquil, but what most attracts kids to this beach is that they love to climb the beautiful sand dunes, rolling down and playing others. beach party games which is really a fun activity that most kids enjoy doing out there.

Don't forget to have fun with your kids by letting them climb and swim in the cool lakeshore water, ending the day, making sure you don't miss the beautiful night.

10 Ways to Make Your Home Look Bigger and Spacious

You can get a small area around the house or the whole house to look larger by following a few simple steps.

1. Repaint the ceiling or use wallpaper to make the room look taller

Whether it's your living room or your bedroom, repainting the ceiling or using wallpaper can make the room look bigger. The trick is that a brightly painted ceiling tends to make you raise your eyebrows up, making the room look large and spacious.

2. Use light colored paint on the walls

When the walls of a room are painted in dark colors, the room becomes a little warmer as it absorbs light. Whereas, when the walls are painted in bright colors, it helps to make the room more spacious as light is easily reflected by the room.

3. Make sure furniture is not enclosed in wall

Creating space between the wall and furniture creates the illusion of a large room; This makes the room look more open, as opposed to when you place them near the wall, which makes the area feel tight.

4. Use light colors on the floor too

As with a brightly painted wall, a brightly colored floor also gives the room a spacious view. You can opt for a floor makeover if you wish, or simply purchase a brightly colored rug or carpet.

5. Place the shelves near the ceiling for people to look up to.

You can make a smaller space appear larger by placing structures in place to draw attention to the ceiling. And an effective way to accomplish this is to hang a shelf near the ceiling. It can be a bookcase or one with a variety of eye-pleasing decorations.

6. Make use of large decorative accents

Accentuating a room with large decorations, such as tall vases or handcrafted items, can make it look large. This is because few large decorations in a room offer a detailed view, as opposed to when you decorate them with smaller decorations scattered here and there.

7. Go to furniture that makes a statement

So, you want the room to be too spacious to leave room for air and light, a simple way to accomplish this is to use a large sofa instead of several small pieces, which makes it look very confusing.

8. Place a striped rug on the floor.

This works perfectly in a small room. Putting in a striped rug like a zebra makes your room look bigger.

9. Use color coding on shelves

Arranging items on the shelves according to color makes the space look structured and organized, which ultimately gives the room a spacious appeal.

10. Enhance a tiny bathroom with a clear shower curtain.

You can give a small bathroom a spacious look by purchasing a brightly colored shower curtain.

Choosing the Perfect National Park for Your Family Vacation

There are many decisions to decide a vacation destination. When it involves more than you and your friend or significant relative, it seems to get even more complicated. Small and even family vacations should not lead you to drink or tear your hair out. These are just a few tips to help you make your choice a little less stressful.

The first and easiest question to ask yourself is what you and the people you will do with? Are you totally outdoor people, strictly indoor types or a combination? Are you all athletic or in good shape? Do you like warm weather, mild or cold seasons? Is tourism something you'd like on your agenda or is it strictly a type of activity oriented? Do you like thinning or want more comfort? Do you enjoy camping, fishing, backpacking, hiking, rock climbing, horseback riding, bird watching, wildlife viewing, history, learning how some of the unique park formations have gotten there, snorkeling, swimming, diving, sailing, canoeing, kayaking , rafting, photography, hunting or just sightseeing?

The next thing to consider is how much you need to spend and how much time you will have. There are so many national parks and monuments relatively close to the people that it's not expensive to get there. Some of Alaska's thrilling wilderness areas can be expensive, but if you have the money and enjoy the outdoors, it is certainly worth experiencing an amazing experience you won't soon forget.

That said, all that remains is to choose your destination. Remember that almost any area has cheap travel options and moves from there to more expensive ones. Also, just because you are going to a national park does not mean that you need to "thin out". There are many options for hiking, climbing, fishing, water sports, etc., which do not involve sitting by a fire and enjoying the outdoors if that is not your style.

It is generally believed that camping is the cheapest type of vacation after you make the initial supplies investment. This may be a tidy sum, but keep in mind that the equipment usually lasts a few years. It is generally true that camping fees in parks are cheaper than an average hotel room. And if you own a trailer, you can camp in true comfort. Most camps are set in stunning surroundings and allow easy access to park highlights. There are very few parks that do not have some kind of campsite. In addition, when camping, you often cook your own food, which also saves money. And no, you don't have to eat hot dogs all week unless that's what you love!

Now, if you live in the Midwest, there are plenty of park options within driving distances that take no more than twelve hours or less, depending on where you live. Of course, you can always choose to fly anywhere, but some parks are a bit far from the nearest airport. Driving allows you the luxury of taking everything you think is necessary for a comfortable stay.

My favorite choice for the Midwest is the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This is one of the best parks for the whole family. It fits in the states of Tennessee and North Carolina. You can choose to go on the Appalachian Trail, camp in a developed camp or wilderness, or stay anywhere from luxurious suites to fine, inexpensive hotels near Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, TN. And speaking of Pigeon Forge, you have Dollywood and all the numerous attractions they offer in the area. On the North Carolina side, there are more camps, the city of Cherokee, which boasts various Indian souvenirs and museums, rafting and fly fishing (the latter two are actually offered in both states). The mountains are absolutely beautiful and offer great photos. See our Great Smoky Mountain page for more details.

Another great option is Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore and State Park. They also have camping and wildlife watching, especially bird watching. A unique shoreline allows you to walk the beach or swim in Lake Michigan. They even have areas for you to bring your own horses and horseback riding. For those who enjoy tourism and history, they can see the five houses of the 1933 World Fair or watch Gathering At Calumic in early May, where fur traders from the eastern forest and western Great Lakes and Voyageurs reenact as it was. life along the Calumet. Rio from 1730-1830.

If you like boating, there are plenty of places in the Midwest, but the two to the north are Voyageurs National Park and Isle Royale National Park. Voyageurs is in Minnesota and Isle Royale is on the northern coast of Michigan on Lake Superior. Both offer great desert adventures as well as opportunities for canoeing, kayaking, motor boating and fishing. Voyageurs is considered a water park, which means you have to take a boat to the royal park, but it's a short trip. There are places to camp or lodgings to help equip you, allowing you to go boating on the waterways and find those great fishing spots. Isle Royale is a long boat trip or a short puddle jumper flight. It has only desert camps, but also has accommodation for those who enjoy daily walks and some comfort. There is kayaking, fishing, backpacking, wildlife, with the oldest research program studying wolves and moose, scuba diving and ship wrecks. It is truly a unique ecosystem to watch.

The western US has much more to offer in national parks. The most famous is Yellowstone, where you will see Old Faithful and many other geothermal wonders and one of the few places in the 48 lowlands to watch grizzly bears up close. You will also see bison wandering very close, so be careful. It is located on the border between Wyoming and Montana. There are numerous farms and lodges to stay in or you can camp in the park. There is also excellent fly fishing, kayaking, rock climbing and backpacking. Another big shot is the Grand Canyon National Park. This one is in Arizona, again on the border of Arizona and Nevada, but also near the southern border of Utah. It is part of Grand Staircase, an immense sequence of sedimentary rock layers stretching south from Bryce Canyon National Park, past Zion National Park (both in Utah) and ending at the Grand Canyon. There is camping, backpacking, day hikes, rafting and many photography opportunities.

Other great parks (though all are super places to visit) in the west are Yosemite, Channel Islands, Redwood, Arches, Olympic, Grand Teton, Canyonlands, Rocky Mountain, Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Mesa Verde, Crater Lake, Mt. Rainier and Sequoia. All of these have widespread activities that will meet the needs and wants of any tourist. Check out our individual park pages for more information on each of these great parks.

The eastern United States also offers great vacation options. Maine's Acadia National Park offers unrivaled north ocean views and rock climbing that you won't find in other parks. There is also fishing, island exploring, hiking and beautiful gardens to behold. Further down on the east side is Shenandoah National Park in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. The Appalachian Trail runs through the park for 101 miles, offering many hiking and backpacking options. There is also camping, fishing, bird watching and horse riding.

In Florida you will find three national parks and one with the most famous of the Everglades. Everglades is so much more than what you saw on TV. The wildlife is phenomenal and makes it easy to capture great pictures of animals and birds. There are also desert camps, (watch out for alligators!) Canoeing, fishing, airboat rides, hiking and rare, as well as beautiful flora. The Big Cypress National Reserve is adjacent to the Everglades and is very similar, but also offers cypress tents, mangrove forests, endangered wildlife such as the peregrine falcon and the Florida panther. Activities include fishing, cycling, canoeing, hiking and hunting. Biscayne National Park is on the eastern tip of South Florida. As the third largest stretch of coral reef in the world, there are opportunities for snorkeling, diving, sailing, swimming, fishing, canoeing and kayaking, making it a famous national vacation park for family vacations or crowds of outdoor holidays in Search for adventures. Dry Tortugas National Park is a unique Fort Jefferson Preserving Park, built during the Civil War and never finished, and the nesting sites of terns and sea turtles. You will enjoy Key West snorkeling, saltwater fishing, swimming, lighthouses, ships, hiking, beach camping, boating, diving, bird watching and underwater photography of some of the best coral reef and marine life areas. from south Florida.

Again, I want to emphasize that this was just an overview of some of the impressive parks that can be seen in our national park system. I urge you to search our website, http://www.Adventure-Crew.com, and read some of the park pages for the areas you are interested in visiting to find the perfect place for you to enjoy a wonderful vacation full of. Remarkable memories and photographs. A lot of research has already been done for you, so dive in! With the national parks, your choices are truly endless.

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Book Review – East of the Mountains, by David Guterson

When you first look at the cover of David Guterson's East of the Mountains, you see a dark gray sky with barren mountains and a field full of dying grass. Along the image runs a gravel road that goes through an apple orchard on the way to the mountains in the background. The cover provides a good look at the story that Guterson tells. This is the story of a doctor named Ben Givens who was recently diagnosed with terminal colon cancer. He is three months old and intends to travel east of the mountains to end his life on his own terms.

Ben Givens is in a tough spot in his life. He was recently diagnosed with colon cancer after finding a painful lump on his side, his wife died, he no longer sees enough children and is nearing the end of his life at seventy-two. Knowing he is three months old, he devises an elaborate plot to tie his loose ends and make one last trip to end his life. This includes planting certain objects in his home to look like he has been out for a few hours, arranging some pairs of hunting clothes with his shotgun and preparing food and supplies for his two hunting dogs that will be traveling with him. Ben's plan is to take one last hunting trip in a wilderness area that he is familiar with and then shoot himself so that he no longer has to suffer.

After loading his Scout with all his materials and his two dogs, he set off for the mountains. His plans change quickly when one of his dogs climbs into the front seat area and makes Givens crash into the vehicle. He wraps the boy scout around a tree, giving him a nasty cut on his forehead and a huge black eye. His dogs escaped unhurt from the accident, but now Givens was trapped in the middle of nowhere on a rainy night. A young, hippie couple arrived soon while driving to nowhere and helped Givens protect himself. They gave him snacks and started a conversation about how incredibly lucky Ben was that he didn't die before arriving in a local town. Givens paid a towing company to scrape his vehicle off the road and decided that he should continue with his plans. Not having a vehicle would make the remaining days much more difficult, but he said goodbye to the hippie couple and began walking their dogs.

Ben and his dogs slept in the wild and hunted birds with their rifles to eat. He kept a few birds in his coat when he needed them and made sure that his dogs also enjoyed some birds to feed on. He begins to have flashbacks of his past, where the author tells about his father and his future wife, Rachel. His father instilled great values ​​in Ben, such as honesty and staying away from alcohol. His mother pressured him to do his best and finally convinced him to enter the medical field. Then there was Rachel, the most influential person in Ben's life. Readers realize in this book that Ben misses Rachel very much and is looking forward to meeting her in another life. They met near Ben's house, where Rachel was picking apples for the summer. They constantly escaped together, where they kissed and fell in love. Their relationship was forced to end one day when Rachel left for nursing school and Ben joined the army.

Much of the book is devoted to Ben's time in the Army. He enlisted against his father's wishes and was an infantryman on the Army ski patrol. He traveled the world and nearly froze to death, but made some great memories along the way. Ben went into tense battles where his friends were shot and killed beside him. His best friend, Stackhouse, was shot three times, including one in the chest, but thanks to Ben, he was saved after open heart surgery. Ben not only witnessed his friend's chest open, but also helped pump liquid to Stackhouse and stop bleeding from other bullet holes. It also greatly influenced his decision to become a doctor. He realized that he could do more with his natural talents and could help save people's lives. The most important memory of his wartime days was the time he met Rachel in a foreign country. When they met, Rachel and Ben looked older, but were still hugely attracted to each other. They decided to get married on the second day together and vowed to stay together until death. Rachel mentioned that she wanted her ashes to be buried side by side one day so that they could blend into a beautiful flower.

After Ben's flashbacks, we are brought back to his current situation. He is still in the desert with his two dogs, walking slowly toward his final destination. Suddenly he hears wolves and wolf dogs in the distance running at full speed. There were a total of ten or twelve hounds chasing a single wolf that ran past him, making his two weaker dogs join the hunt. Ben knew that hounds were bred and trained to kill anything that moved, and he knew that his two hounds were in serious trouble. He slowly chased the pack of dogs and when he finally found them the wolf was dead and being eaten by the dogs. One of his dogs, Tristan, was nowhere to be found. His other dog, Rex, was seriously injured with huge open cuts all over his body. One of the wolfhound dogs still had Rex by the neck, forcing Givens to shoot and kill the dog in order to save his own dog. The dog's owner soon arrived on a dirty bike and accused Ben of killing his innocent dog. The crazy man eventually stole Ben's family's shotgun and took off. Being the doctor he is, Givens used the local tools available to best suture his dog's wounds until he found a vet. The gun didn't matter at this moment; he just wanted to make sure his dog lived another day.

The problem was, Ben and Rex were in the middle of nowhere. Ben was determined to save Rex, so he carried him on his arm for several miles to a small town. There was a small restaurant in town where Ben ate a small bite to eat. He then bribed a sixty-dollar local truck driver to take him and Rex to the vet's office. The man thanked him and started a friendly conversation along the way. Rex eventually had his makeshift stitches removed and replaced in the vet's operating room, where Ben again helped with an operation. Rex was tired and would no doubt be sore for a few months, but the vet and Ben managed to save his life. Givens was glad to have Rex by his side and felt that he had done something good towards the end of his life.

At this point, Givens had an accomplishment. He was lying in an old hotel room, feeling unhappy, realizing that he needed to live his last days. Givens met so many nice people who struggled to accommodate him and his dog. Also, Givens realized that he was making many people happy just by being alive, including his family, who would now be very worried. Ben decided he would call his kids and come home with Rex as soon as possible. Your children would know about your plans, your journey, your illness, and help you live the last three months of your life.

Ben went to the local bus station and bought a ticket to his hometown. While traveling, he talked to a young woman about philosophy and religion, and what could happen in the afterlife. Givens reported that he was a doctor and she directed her attention to a group of three young Mexicans behind the bus. One of the men was clearly ill but refused treatment. Using Ben's medical knowledge and the girl's fluency in Spanish, they were able to tell the men that the patient needed to get to a hospital or he would probably die. Givens had a feeling the boy had tuberculosis, a condition not to be ignored. The boys denied treatment and said they needed to work and earn money, so at the next bus stop Ben called an ambulance to pick up the man. Ben and the girl knew that the man was illegally in the country and could be deported, but would be better deported than killed.

After the young man and his brother were transported to the hospital against their will, Ben noticed the other young Mexican standing still, unsure what to do next. Ben ended up buying him dinner and calling his local employment office, where he found a man picking apples at the nearby Wolfhound Orchard. Ben and the man ate steaks together, Ben paid for dinner, and they rented a car to leave town. The two left for the orchard to make sure the man had a job, and Ben spent the night in a small cabin on the orchard grounds. The Mexican entered Ben's cabin late at night and lit a fire to thank him. While in the cabin, someone else came in to tell Ben that a woman was in labor and the baby would not leave. Ben didn't think twice about getting out of bed and running as fast as a seventy-year-old man could run to her cabin. When he entered the cabin, he saw an obese woman with a blue baby who was obviously trapped. After some manipulation of the baby's arms and umbilical cord, Ben gave birth to the fifteen-year-old's baby. He was the hero of the night and returned to his cabin to get some sleep.

In the morning, Givens is awakened again by the housewife in Wolfhound Orchards. Ben realized this was the home of the man who stole his shotgun on the dirt bike, and it was probably his wife or mother. He told the woman the story of his dogs and his gun, but didn't mind revenge at this point. Ben simply wanted to be home again with his family and those he loved. The woman felt bad for him and was thankful that Ben had given birth to a baby the night before, so she decided to take him home several hours in each direction. Before leaving in his truck, Ben saw the man who stole the gun approach and walk toward the woman's house. Ben shouted at the man and walked over to him, not looking at the confrontation, but knowing something needed to be said to correct things. He told the bad man that the shotgun is cursed and the man can have it. It was a relief for Ben to give up the gun. He said guns never bring anything but bad luck and the man had his share of bad luck along the way.

As they drove back to Ben's hometown over the mountains, Ben and his wife had a great conversation about life and how valuable it is for an individual. This further reinforced Ben's thoughts that he belongs to his family. He needed to live the rest of his days with his children so they knew the truth about him and could feel the closure when Ben died. He finally returns to his little house and finds things exactly as he left them. Being at home provided comfort and a sense of relief. Ben snuggled into his warm bed and pulled Rex's bed next to his. The story ends with the two of them lying in their own beds next to each other, a man with his mate, both wanting to live to see another day.

East of the Mountains is a dramatic book that makes you think about how valuable life is. Ben Givens was a man who gave up on life because of his age and terminal illness, but realized throughout his journey that you can never give up on life. His medical knowledge and simple but witty personality led him to make friends and provide valuable services to those he met along the way. The plot is intertwined and flashbacks add another level of complexity to the story. In addition, Guterson's writing style is rich and descriptive, allowing the reader to form a mental picture of the settings Ben Givens travels through. Overall, this book has a rating of 4.5 out of 5.

Interview with author John R Afamasaga about his new work "GUIPOPERA II"

Tyler: Welcome, John. Judging from our communications in the process of scheduling this interview, you seem to be in a good mood. Is there any specific reason for this vigor?

John: Maybe I'm ready to predict what life will be like in 2045, how entrenched GOOGLE will be, and how we as humans will take responsibility for the environment.

Tyler: Continue.

John: Hardware manufacturers need to be real about their long-term strategies. Where do we dump all the things that become redundant? As consumers, we have to take responsibility for what we want. For example, a new cell phone every year – Afanasy, Little Lazoo, Missy Evon and the cast say if you want portable communication, get a chip. Insert the thing inside you.

Tyler: What about GOOGLE?

John: They are already showing signs of maturity in their strategy. I thought they were a little too much in mapping the planet, but I feel they are ready to put their power to good use.

Tyler: What do you mean by "POWER" and why with capital P?

John: Responsibility is power, in the case of the giant, clearly has acquired influence and status – a position of responsibility for being able to provide so many people on so many levels – shareholders, Internet users and so on.

The limits of the word Power are a notation I use at work to differentiate between Lazoo a human shell, James Elton, and LAZOO the PointSlayer an InterDimension-capable entity. Same as power and POWER, as in the statue of GOOGLE, as icon and service provider.

Tyler: You don't mind me saying, because I know you a little better now, that to people who read it sounds arrogant or delusional from a lunatic …

John: How many people are we talking about – five, six, maybe twelve, counting the people who approve of this? No, but seriously, GOOGLE like Microsoft is at the core of a group of like-minded individuals who, as a collective, have huge voices. GOOGLE has the luxury; Although it is a huge company in the business world, its image or personality is totally flexible. At first glance, GOOGLE is still a near-blank screen with a text field and above that a six-letter brand name, the number of letters it does and is SEARCH.

GOOGLE has proven that you can do anything you want, but it's because it's made up of responsible entities. Hence the position he acquired for himself in history. Like I always say, imagine if Bill Gates was someone like, well, you know the type, like, ah? You know, dictator type, with megalomaniacal tendencies, you know?

Tyler: What do you think hardware manufacturers are going to do?

John: There's a lot of money to reverse what happened. Hardware recycling available for FUEL and construction products. Stop producing new materials and turn existing waste into renewable energy. Create a demand for new materials made from what we have and let the resources replenish.

Tyler: So that's why you're in a good mood?

John: Because I never thought I'd be writing the second GUIOPERA.

Tyler: How does GOOGLE, the future and the environment connect with GUIOPERA II?

John: GUIOPERA II is in 2045. The environment is a big concern, as we all know. GOOGLE has the opportunity to affect the changes. I mean who else besides Microsoft with WINDOWS, we get help instantly these days. And they are very good at doing a job quietly. I woke up one day and they had GOOGLE MAP on the planet.

Tyler: I understand you changed GUIOPERA II from GLOBAL ATTACK to something else?

John: My father died in June this year, and after a month of feeling lost, I woke up one morning and it all happened. And for me the story of a character is more important than the plot.

Tyler: Sorry to hear about your dad, but keep going.

John: My main characters, John Lazoo and Polina Rada, most of the time are not central to the story. Even if I have decided to tell the story of Lazoo or Polina, when I hear the story of Missy Evon or Arley, I will tell it.

In 2009, John Reyer and John Lazoo, with the help of Missy Evon, now 20, are writing new stories. Metofeaz Litigatti disappeared. Jon Le Mac is in South America running his hotel business. LMLA ink no longer depends on POEMBOOK or STORYBOOK for your stories. Lazoo and Genisis are considering starting a family, and Afamasaga has accepted the responsibility of telling the story and is mostly settled in his new life.

Afamasaga and Lazoo imagine the world in which Little Lazoo will grow up.

Tyler: What do you mean by "Metofeaz Litigatti has disappeared"? Isn't it essential to write the stories? What happened to him?

John: In the timeline, which I try to keep whenever possible, Metofeaz disappears around 2004. But this is another whole new story in the Feeaz Fontain eBook, which is under development and should be published in 2011.

Tyler: You mentioned Missy Evon, or Missy Lévon, as she is known in her latest eBook – Jon Le Mac – Book 1 (The Making of LMLA-ink); did she grow up to be an LMLA ink writer like Metofeaz Litigatti?

John: Missy is great, isn't she, ah?

Tyler: Yes. She looks like a child beyond the years, holding her together, even though her parents seem less competent than she – especially the father – as if she were the character, the child behind the parents, who holds things together. together.

John: It seems so, but as duty said, she has a bigger calling than that. As John Page went to Polina Rada, Genisis Jones is to John Lazoo; Missy is Little Lazoo's GuidingMaster.

What makes things interesting, when I introduce Little Lazoo to the end-to-end saga in the BrocoliFlower eBook, page 40. Little Lazoo is seven in the year 2020 and Missy is thirty-one; To shorten the story, in GUIOPERA II are co-stars.

All I can say is that she wrote for the LMLA ink for a while, and there's a possibility that her writing as a child in Jon Le Mac's book 1 could very well be where Afamasaga came up with the idea for Dimensions, And all the entity things, we'll have to wait and see.

Tyler: Just reading the LMLA-ink SESSIONS I got an idea of ​​some of the characters and a crash course in some of the previous stories. But aren't you exaggerating a little? As far as exposing the characters – maybe even giving too much?

John: Do you like the SESSIONS? I mean, do you like the concept? Either way, the SESSIONS are as the name implies, a transcript of the times when LMLA ink comes together to write. In addition, there is a possibility that the SESSIONS might happen after Afamasaga learned that the offices were being damaged. By whom? Who knows? This is another story …

But to answer your question about exposure; this is what I do. I emphasize the test of the story, the plot, the story backwards, and of course the strong characters come in, the main characters pause and expose everything, leaving no room for the weak at heart and the weak to hide.

Tyler: Yes, I like the concept of the stories – this intertextuality game you like to play – postmodern fiction writers who write fiction stories disguised as autobiography. But where does your motivation to pump work come from and in such large quantities?

John: It used to be for career purposes. But then I accepted that I am a writer and would do it for nothing. Now it's a liability case, as I've seen on some sites where the ebooks are-manybooks.net, getfreeebooks.com and scribd.com – that there have been some downloads and for me now even though there were only three or four fans from Lazoo, Polina, Missy, enough to make me want to fulfill my obligation as an artist. And also fulfill a promise to solve all the problems that the characters inherit in the plot.

Tyler: Do you know who your fans are?

John: When I started, as I said, it was all business and making a new career, which I thought would be a guy for ideas. So, in my head, I targeted women about twelve to think of sixty-five. It took me a while to get there, because at Lazoo, Genisis would definitely appeal to twenty-five or more years. Then Rozelle and Polina appeared. But at GUIOPERA I and at work ever since, I've made a conscious effort to try to get "girls" of all ages. I had to wait for Harry Potter to pass, as it were, ha ha? Now you feel for the characters.

Tyler: Did you think you would accumulate the body of work you already have?

John: A dough? Maybe a mess. No, but seriously, I always want to build a body, or something that makes sense and has a purpose. I want you to be self-sufficient, and without being indifferent, I want you to provide your only source of life and your own rules so that all aspects can be judged using your own relativity. I suppose that doesn't have an education and it has to create its own game. Much like the poor boy, without the toy or the real game, they come up with their own version of the real, pieces of wood, old clothes and broken dolls, you know?

Tyler: But that's not a blessing in disguise – having to have fun? Does that make you more imaginative? And the lack of education for a smart person just makes you think outside the box, where are the new ideas and inventions.

John: Absolutely! But as I learn new things, I feel like wanting to implement them immediately. But I have to be careful about the style that has changed dramatically over the last four years. Yesterday, I was trying to categorize the change of style and I think it formulated a progression that gives my development some kind of artistic rotation.

I can say that the trilogy: John Lazoo, Wipe, etc. It is a work influenced by Impressionism. GUIOPERA I from Surrealism and GUIOPERA II and other things I'm working on now are influenced by realism. But I clearly insert impressionism and surrealism whenever I can. Finally, I would love to use all three styles, that is, in GUIOPERA format, I can have PART 1 written as an impressionist, and Surreal Part 2 and classic 3, you know?

Tyler: Wow, this all sounds like very serious literature and you obviously have a true devotion to doing the job correctly, but on a less serious note, you keep producing stories in a serial way that reminds me of comics or comics, especially the superhero type, where the story goes on and on. Would you say that Batman, or any DC or Marvel comics, or their cartoon or film equivalents, were major influences on your work?

John: Definitely! Well, they are influences for me personally, and the way I treat my main characters that are shaped by so many influences, from De Niro's Taxi Driver to Nicholson's Cuckoo to Batman, and in the end, I think the result is Lazoo is an Anti- Hero

But to answer your question, as a concept, are comics, soap operas, sitcoms tested and proven formulas for telling a saga, whatever the advertising revenue of reason? Building a fan base? They all reminded me when I built etfiction and then the GUIOPERA format, which will have other derivative products over time.

Oh by the way, Little Lazoo in GUIOPERA II is a fan of Christian Bale Batman.

Tyler: You sound to me like a writer whose imagination runs wild and the characters and stories pull you in all directions. At first I believe you told me you had some kind of master plan written for all the characters and books, or am I wrong? Are you still writing the books you planned or just add as you see fit? How do you decide which story to focus on?

John: When I started, I had this story about this illiterate guy (Lazoo); a representation of myself and where I was in life – unable to fulfill any of my potentials because I could not perform the basic functions of everyday life, communicate, I was dysfunctional. Upon meeting me, which led John Lazoo, WIPE, Illicit, POEMBOOK out, I suddenly realized that I had been able to create things.

In early 2007, I realized what I had created and told myself to pretend to be a big star on the Internet and start behaving like one of them and treat the job with due respect.

Harry Potter was at its height; George Lucas announced that he was taking Star Wars to TV. So I took a whole year to plan how I would present the stories as an end-to-end saga, to watch the market and also to download from the Internet – with YouTube versus paying for other things. And also Hollywood, which was a really interesting time with the late Scorsese, the good German, the good shepherd, all with that weird ass about them, that looked a lot like what I was trying to do – character-centered story, no location. , environment, like impressionism with surreal expression.

After reading the reviews of my work and admitting to myself that I still had a long way to go in compliance with the convention, I decided to divert all energies to create a format that could be accepted in the mainstream and also appear as a progression in my own. evolving style – GUIOPERA I, which was not perfected until the BrocoliFlower eBook.

So I looked at the story and told myself that I had to tie Lazoo and Polina Rada into a story and invented the New American Dream, which I write about in Jon Le Mac Book 1.

But at the end of the day, as you tell me, for which I'm grateful, it's all about John Lazoo.

Tyler: In my last interview with you earlier this year, you mentioned that your father, who was a taxi driver, wanted you to be a doctor. Did your death affect work? You mentioned you were lost for a month.

John: It's crazy how things go. Usually, I never mention real people in my life at work, and when I do, I try to disguise them so that only they know what I'm talking about. But something made me stand out from my father, who was an immigrant from West Samoa to New Zealand in the 1950s. Yes, he wanted me to be someone and get an education. But that's not how things went. My sister, who is a TV producer in New Zealand, went to university – you call it college; my brother in Sydney, Australia is a chaplain; he made Uni too. And even my brother who lives in Surfers Paradise has studied law a bit. Do not know; Well, yes, but I don't know exactly why I didn't do what my father wanted me to do. But the answer to your question is a definite yes. GUIOPERA II I think this is my chance to pay respect to him for what he has done for himself and, in that regard, for all parents who left their home countries as young people in search of something better for themselves.

Tyler: You mentioned in BrocoliFlower somewhere that John Reyer does what he does because of a promise he made to his mother on her deathbed. Is there any truth to this?

John: Mmm … yes! BrocoliFlower Chapter 3, Part 1, page 13 Metofeaz Litigatti tells Lavenda Stevonsen that John Reyer is a very serious character type and that all mischief and continuation are helping to keep his promise.

It's really weird that I talk about this in what is essentially marketing my work, which is for personal gain. But I'm comfortable with what I did and basically sold my soul to the world. And for such a private person that I am, it's really interesting to me how I could do it to myself. I suppose my self-destructive tendencies have taken on a new twist. Unconsciously, I used to find myself in some dangerous situations; Now that I am doing something positive, I find myself having ruined my life by writing John Reyer Afamasaga in the books.

Tyler: I was going to ask you about that – you said you don't usually incorporate real people into the stories, so what made you decide if fiction?

John: From 2002 until my father's death, I couldn't find a "reality" that suited me. I was going through changes, leaps and bounds, but everyone around me still saw me as I used to be. Transmutation, a process in which the old you become the new you, must be an ongoing process because you have daily responsibilities that you must fulfill; Some of these tasks are performed under circumstances created by the "old" you. I needed a place to live like myself, as I was being treated, when, in fact, I was a different person now that no one would accept. So in everyday life I was at war trying to maintain my new self and in the books I could release all the frustrations and negative energies.

Tyler: Why would you say you spoiled your life by fictionalizing?

John: I'm very private and I feel that I was forced to do what I did. But in saying that, I think I can handle anything that comes my way now.

Tyler: Are you the fictional thing you want to present to the world – a way of being extrovert while still protecting yourself from exposure?

John: All I know is that God has a plan and I feel I'm a very lucky guy to be able to turn things around in my head to deal with the reality I am in.

Tyler: While you're in that open mind, would you mind explaining why you're feeling great when your dad just passed away and with your words you ruined your life?

John: I suppose it has to do with how I now feel responsible for my family name. I am extremely task oriented and have a task now. I accept that as a son, while my parents were alive, I was a total failure. But now that this chapter is over, I feel like I have the opportunity to start a new chapter.

My sister's son, my nephew Teddi, has formed a team representing the rugby union. I received an email from his parents saying, "He played for his grandfather!" And I saw his younger brother, Sano, playing rugby on YouTube.

Tyler: Is there a woman somewhere in your life right now?

John: I have some very good friends who helped me during the time I was lost. But I'm not even looking for something like that. I believe she'll find me when she's ready.

Tyler: When does GUIOPERA II start?

John: Saturday, September 5, 2009. It goes like every GUIOPERA until Christmas Day.

Tyler: And I trust there will be more work to follow?

John: Definitely, my friend. Let's put it this way, Missy, Lazoo and I are already working on LAZOO II-GUIOPERA 5, in which Genisis Jones is pregnant.

Tyler: Do you think you'll always write about these characters – Lazoo, Genisis, Polina and everyone else, or do you foresee a day when you give them up and start a new fictional saga?

John: I planned by 2020 using Lazoo and company. At the moment, Lazoo, Genisis, Polina, Missy, Metofeaz, Le Mac and the rest of the cast were good to me, and, as I said, the poor souls inherited a lot of problems in the story that I have to solve. they. For example, in GUIOPERA II, Little Lazoo is a messy guy; he suffers panic attacks; He has self-mutilation tendencies. I have to help Lazoo's son solve problems, his father and I are responsible.

But to answer your question in full, if, for whatever reason, I am unable to continue the franchise I have carefully created, almost costing my sanity at times, I am quite confident that I could create something bigger and better, in a reality in reality. that I was who I really am.

Tyler: Hmm, and who can you really be? Are you saying that you are a limited being in the real world, just as your characters are entities that inhabit human shells? Do you think we are all capable of bigger things and life blinds us?

John: Tyler, it's between 5:00 and 6:00 in the morning here. After answering this question, I have to prepare to face the day like a normal person working a daily job to pay the rent. I write when I can. One day, I hope to write whenever I want.

Tyler: Okay, John. Thank's for your time. We look forward to the debut of GUIOPERA II.

15 Romantic Getaways from the Lighthouse for Valentine's Day and More

Lighthouse Inns – United States

Popham Beach Flights

4 Riverview Avenue, Popham Beach – Phippsburg, ME 04562

Phone: (207) 389-2409 Fax: (207) 389-2379

Although technically not a lighthouse, this former rescue station offers views of several lighthouses along the Kennebec River, Maine, including Seguin Island. And it's especially qualified as a romantic site, as you may have seen in the movie Message in a Bottle. Right on the beach, there are four rooms to choose from, which come with a two- or three-course breakfast served in the former cafeteria.

The Cove Flights

Lighthouse1 Loop Road – PO Box 1300, Ocracoke, North Carolina 27960

Phone: (252) 928-4192 Fax: (252) 928-4092

Six tastefully decorated rooms and a cottage comprise the amenities of The Cove. This is not a lighthouse, but is located on the outer shores of North Carolina, just steps from Ocracoke Lighthouse. A ferry ride takes you to the island, where you can do nothing or everything, from beach walks to fine dining. No information about breakfast, moreover, is delicious. Tip: The sunset side offers views of the lighthouse.

Heceta Head Flights

92072 Hwy. 101 South, Yachats, OR 97498

Phone: Toll Free 1- (866) -547-3696

Imagine staying in one of the six bedrooms of the original umbrella house on the Oregon coast. And wake up to a seven-course breakfast. And fall asleep in front of the first order Fresnel lenses, issuing a warning. It doesn't get much better than that. Oh wait, did I mention the fireplaces to ease the chill of the night? Or the two beacons available to cuddle? Tip: Victoria's room can come with a guest … Rue, the famous ghost of the house.

Lighthouse Inn Point Cabrillo

45300 Lighthouse Road, P.O. Box 641, Mendocino, California 95460

Phone: Toll Free: 866-937-6124

Four period furnished rooms and two houses are available for rent in the original Lightkeeper house at Point Cabrillo Lighthouse. All rooms have ocean views, and the Lightkeepers Room in the main house has blackout curtains overlooking the Third Order Fresnel. A five-course gourmet breakfast is served and all guests receive an evening tour of the working lighthouse.

East brother lightstation

117 Park Place, Richmond, CA 94801

Phone: (510) 233-2385

Four of the inn's rooms are located right on the lighthouse, and the fifth is in the original fog-light building. A stay at the lighthouse includes appetizers on arrival, a multi-course wine dinner and a full gourmet breakfast the next morning. Guests also receive a full island tour. Special discounts for January, February and March.

Sand Hills Lighthouse Inn

Five Mile Point Road P.O. What do you want to play today?

Phone: (906) 337-1744

Eight charming rooms, each with a private bathroom and two with whirlpool tubs and balconies, are decorated in Victorian style. Breakfast is served at an elegant time for lovers at 9:30. The original lens of the headlight is at home in the office of the umbrella. Enjoy the majestic view of Lake Superior or get warm playing billiards in the recreation room. And enjoy the stars at night … no light pollution to disturb you (watch the northern lights).

Big Bay Point Lighthouse Bed and Breakfast

# 3 Lighthouse Road, Big Bay, Michigan 49808

Phone: (906) 345-9957

The Special Valentine's Package February 13-17 (completed for this year, of course) includes two nights of accommodation with full breakfast each morning, two one-hour relaxation massages, romantic gift basket, flowers and dinner. at the Thunder Bay Inn. The lighthouse also functions as a spa, with full sauna and massage therapy facilities. You can try the hot stone massage and the Dead Sea package. Or maybe the (Swedish) relaxation massage and herbal body wrap. Whatever your choice, this would be a perfect winter getaway with your love.

Lighthouse Inns – Caribbean Islands

Palmetto Point Lighthouse (Bahamas)

Advertiser ID: AP013 Cod.

Phone: 561-395-0483

It is not a hostel, but a full size home in the only Bahamas lighthouse vacation home. It is available as weekly rentals with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, air conditioning and a pink sand beach on the doorstep. Yes pink. What other color is suitable for love?

Lighthouse Inn (Jamaica)

West End Road, Negril, Jamaica

Phone: (876) 957-4052

Located opposite Negril Lighthouse, these guest houses are made for a mid-winter getaway only. The cottages are set in an "almost untouched" natural garden setting, and the Inn restaurant announces it as famous for offering good romantic dinners. And of course, in Jamaica, you have all the normal things to see and do besides the lighthouse, like diving, sailing, swimming, and more.

Lighthouse Inns – Australia & New Zealand

Cape Otway Lightstation (Australia)

Great Ocean Road, Cape Otway, Victoria, Australia

Phone: 03 5237 9240 (intl: +61 3 5237 9240)

Can this get any better? The lighting station is in the heart of Great Ocean Walk, and is Australia's oldest surviving lighthouse. And you can choose from three types of accommodation, from the Guardian's House (up to 16 people) or the two Bed and Breakfast buildings, the Chief Lightkeeper's Bed and Breakfast or the new Manager's House Bed and Breakfast. The food is homemade in the light season by Greek and French chefs.

The Lighthouse and Fortress (New Zealand)

326 The Esplanade, Island Bay, Wellington, New Zealand (Lighthouse)

116 The Esplanade, Houghton Bay, Wellington, New Zealand (The Keep)

P.O. Box 11275, Wellington, New Zealand

Phone / Fax (04) 472-4177 Mobile Phone: 027-442-5555

And for a completely different experience from Cape Otway, you can stay in a rustic lighthouse or your companion, The Keep. In the lighthouse, the lower floor is the kitchen and the bathroom, the middle floor has the bedroom and the upper floor (lantern room) has a living room. The site says you can sleep on the top floor if you want as long as you are ready to be awakened by sunrise. Lots of breakfast items to choose from. The Keep is a stone building situated on the mountainside and has the living room and kitchen on one level, and the bedroom and bathroom (with a spa) on the other. A hatch opens to the roof.

Lighthouse Inns – Netherlands

Harlingen Lighthouse

NLDromen aan zee, Postbus 89, 8860 AB Harlingen

Phone: +31 (0) 517 414410

A one-bedroom hotel is what this deactivated beacon is called. The lighthouse is available for two people only and includes breakfast. Extras may include champagne, red roses and a champagne breakfast. If the lighthouse is booked (2008 is full), you can always stay at Harbor Crane or Lifeboat.

Lighthouse Inns – Sweden

Damman Lighthouse Waterhotel

Kalmar Sound, Baltic Sea

The "Queen of the Baltic", the Damman Island Lighthouse in Sweden, is a full-service hotel created from an abandoned lighthouse. Upgrades are ongoing and plans for this year include the addition of wind generators. Light is open year round, however, the weather can play a role. The hotel includes sauna facilities, including one on a barge, the Misty Sauna, complete with bar, where you can float around the Kalmar Sound and enjoy a true Swedish sauna and dive into the Baltic Sea afterwards. The menus are customized for you.

Lighthouse Inns – United Kingdom

Corsewall Lighthouse Hotel

Corsewall Point Kirkcolm, Stranraer, Scotland DG9 0QG

Phone: 01776 853220

Although this luxury hotel is for sale (is there a spare $ 2.5 million?), It's still open. And the romantic and award-winning restaurant's sample menus are delicious. But if staying at the hotel is not private enough for you, there are two new suites about three minutes from the main hotel building, with spectacular sea views. Golfing nearby (of course, after all, is Scotland) and museums can fill your free time.

Trinity House Lighthouses

Managed by rural retreats

Thirty, yes thirty, lighthouse accommodations to choose from, from Cornwall to Devon, from the Isle of Wight to Yorkshire. Trinity House, Britain's lighthouse authority, has remodeled an incredible amount of light guard houses and rents them through rural retreats. You will surely find something for your romantic moments together. On the website, click on the headlights on the left and you will see the list of accommodations. The Alderney Lighthouse on the Channel Islands is one of those available for rent.

Okay, so it was over 15, since the last one was 30. But even if you don't get to a romantic hideaway this Valentine's Day, there will always be the next. Tell your love to start saving (and book now). For photos and links, visit Lighthouse News.

The Top Three Attributes Of The Car Accident Attorney That You Must Retain

Car accidents, including motorcycle and truck accidents, are serious business. They happen every day, and even if you are the safest driver in the world, they can still happen to you. If you are seriously injured in a car, motorcycle, or truck accident, it is vital that you speak to a car accident lawyer first before reaching an agreement with the insurance company, who would only like to pay as little as possible. However, choosing the right lawyer is not as simple as the decision to consult one. Here are the top three attributes you should look for in a potential car accident attorney to retain.


One of the most critical attributes to look for in a possible auto injury attorney is whether he or she really specializes in car, motorcycle and truck accident laws. As a victim of an injured accident, you will have a lawyer hired to maximize your recovery from the insurance company. Do yourself a big favor and get a lawyer who specializes exclusively in representing victims of auto accidents.

There are many attorneys in each state practicing personal injury law. However, the personal injury law can cover a wide range of injuries. You do not want a personal injury lawyer who deals with a wide variety of lawsuits. You want a lawyer who specializes exclusively in car, motorcycle, and truck accident laws; someone who daily represents victims of car accidents.

For example, if you need sugared heart, would you like a general surgeon operating on you or a heart surgeon? Retain a lawyer specializing in representing victims of auto accidents. This can make a significant difference in how much you recover from the insurance company. You do not have to worry that car lawyers are too expensive for you because they usually do not charge hourly fees, but a contingency fee.


The second most critical attribute to look for in a potential car accident lawyer is your level of experience. It's not just about being an experienced attorney, you want a lawyer with a lot of experience representing car accident victims.

After a car accident, injuries sustained can change your life dramatically. Now is not the time to put your life and the way you can lead it into the hands of a newbie. Try to find a car accident lawyer with at least five years of experience, ideally someone with experience representing car accident victims against the same insurance company. Consult an experienced lawyer who has many years of experience facing insurance companies.

However, it is not just a matter of experience in car accident law. You want a lawyer with years of trial experience because your case may require a try.


Finally, when considering a possible car accident attorney, you want to make sure that he or she has been successful in the past and present. It makes no sense to select a specialized lawyer with years of experience if he or she was unsuccessful against auto insurance companies. It should not be difficult to find out how successful your potential car lawyer is in representing auto accident victims. Just ask! If he or she has a proven track record of success, they will tell you and give examples. Ideally, they will have been successful for previous customers with similar injuries you suffered in the car accident.

In the end, you want a car accident attorney who is an expert, experienced and successful car accident law in your state. Accept nothing less. There is absolutely no reason why you would need it.

Spa Experience Draws Thousands to New York's Grand Central

Creating what will become one of the most powerful marketing tools for the spa industry, SpaFinder launched its first spa experience in the fall of 2007 at Grand Central Terminal's Vanderbilt Hall. The inaugural four-day event featured beauty and spa treatments, luxury travel, and product demos from over 50 leading spa and beauty spas companies.

The event's enthusiastic attendance confirms that a growing number of consumers are eager to incorporate elements of the spa lifestyle, such as travel, wellness and beauty, into their daily lives. "The success of The Spa Experience represents a powerful new marketing tool in terms of how the spa industry interacts and connects with consumers," said SpaFinder Chief Operating Officer Sallie Fraenkel. "Our exhibitors saw firsthand that events like The Spa Experience can help them grow their audience and grow their business."

Grand Central Terminals Chief Marketing Officer Karen Weber confirmed the success of the event. "The Spa Experience was one of our most watched events and its unique nature made it an instant success. We look forward to making this an annual event at Grand Central Terminal." The Hall is adjacent to the world's busiest terminal, with over half a million travelers every day, using the terminal for transportation and shopping. Vanderbilt Hall hosts events with some of the most impressive lifestyle product and service exhibitions.

The Spa Experience exhibitors ranged from sponsor The Cliffs Communities and sponsors Avon Wellness and JetBlue Airways to Ireland's SAMAS Deluxe Destination Spa at five-star Park Hotel Kanmare and Rancho la Puerta Mexico to spa beauty companies like Clarins Skin Spa and Jane Iredale's Essential Mineral Skin Care Makeup. Consumers enjoyed the pampering while exploring Vanderbilt Hall, where free beauty treatments, spa product samples, and demos provided immersion in every spa item.

SpaFinder CEO Pete Ellis has confirmed that Spa Experience will return to Grand Central in 2009. SpaFinder is also considering other cities for 2009, such as San Francisco, Chicago and Dallas. Ellis also confirmed SpaFinder's consumer signature expansion, Aspen Spa Day, at a two-day event in August 2008.

Aspen Spa Day was launched in July 2007 and attracted over 2,500 spa enthusiasts to downtown Aspen. The inaugural one-day event featured treatments, cooking and product demonstrations from over 25 of the world's top spas and spas lifestyle companies.

"We always believe that people need to feel the massage, taste the cuisine and try the treatment to appreciate the spa's lifestyle," said Fraenkel. "Our exhibitors saw firsthand that events like Aspen Spa Day can help them grow their audience and grow their business."

The large attendance, which exceeded attendance expectations almost three times, caused many exhibitors to run out of product samples before the event was completed, while others sent extra massage tables for further treatments.

One of the main highlights of Aspen Spa Day was Spa Café, which featured signature dishes from five award-winning chefs aligned with the best spas in the world. More than 5,500 servings of spa cuisine were consumed in the first two hours of the event.

The time has come for the torture

If you are always on the recipient's side, you will have an unforgettable experience. You probably won't even notice the two electric probes speeding toward you at 100 miles per hour, but you will definitely notice the 50,000 volts of current that instantly replaces your central nervous system.

And you will always remember the agony and unbearable pain as electric pulses cause involuntary muscle contractions when you are paralyzed on the floor, perhaps losing control of your bladder and bowel.

Police officers experiencing a 1.5 second shock as part of their taser training said, "Anyone who has tried the program will remember it forever."

This is for a 1.5 second shock. The usual taser time lasts 5 seconds unless the trigger is pressed. Then it will last as long as the battery holds.

A Michigan County Sheriff called it "The longest five seconds of my life. It's an extreme pain, no doubt about it."

One firearms consultant described it as "The deepest pain I've ever felt. You get full adhesion because they don't want that pain again."

Classified as "non-lethal" weapons, about 250,000 taser weapons are used by law enforcement agencies in the United States, Canada, and 70 other countries. In most cases, they are used in pain-induced compliance – an accurate description of torture.

Indeed, a UN committee has declared, after several recent deaths in North America, that electronic stun guns are a form of torture that can kill. The committee of 10 experts went on to say that "the use of these weapons causes acute pain, constitutes a form of torture and in some cases may even cause death."

According to Amnesty International, more than 300 deaths worldwide can be attributed to indiscriminate taser use. They called for the suspension of taser use and a full investigation.

As our new Attorney General Michael Mukasey is unable to define the water board as torture, and as our chief torturer says we do not torture while conducting "enhanced interrogation" in secret prisons around the world, the deadly use of tasers is undoubtedly , be dismissed as inconsequential.

The taser company says its "non-lethal" weapon saves lives by being an effective alternative to real weapons. Obviously true. No argument. Tasers have provided lifeguard protection over and over again. But their use has changed. Tasers can inflict torture and can kill. They are, in fact, becoming the perfect weapon for the fascist police state we are rapidly becoming.

Consider the recent death at Vancouver Airport of Robert Dziekanski, 40, a non-English-speaking man from Poland who spent 10 hours at the airport without help. He threw a chair and tried to break things, then calmed down after security arrived. Vancouver police talked to him for exactly 24 seconds, then piled, batons flying and killed him with the knife. Full videos of the incident show him writhing on the floor and screaming for a long time before he died.

In another recent case, a 54-year-old man fell on the wheel of his car in Ozark, Alabama. Local police instructed him not to respond to vehicle exit commands – which he could not do because of his medical condition. He was having a diabetic seizure. He had no criminal record and tests showed no alcohol in his system. He was accused of driving under the influence.

Jared Massey was stopped by Utah highway patrolman John Gardner for allegedly accelerating on September 14. When Massey refused to sign the fine, Officer Gardner urged him in front of his pregnant wife, who got out of the car screaming when she saw her husband lying on his back on the floor. Massey is planning to file a lawsuit against the Utah Highway Patrol.

The 23-year-old student, Mostafa Tabatabainejad, was repeatedly urged by UCLA police while in the Powell Library Computer Lab. His crime? He refused to show his identity. Police know it takes at least a minute to stand up after a single shot, but a video and eyewitnesses describe the police as requiring their victim to stand up as they repeatedly shock him.

Tabatabainejad screams and cries, begs and urges them to stop, while the shocks continue, 50,000 volts of paralyzing pain as the police inflict their diabolical torture.

Amnesty International reports an almost out of control taser use. Taser-related deaths are increasing. Taser-related torture is being inflicted daily – and apparently no one is immune.

Uncooperative children are being cared for, as are pregnant women, disabled people, people with mental illness, suspected disabled and helpless people, anyone and everyone imaginable.

Orange County police commissioned an 18-year-old Orlando man who was tied to a hospital bed – because he refused to provide a urine sample.

Washougal police in Washington tried to quote Russian immigrant Olga Rybak because her dog had bitten another police officer the day before. Rybak, who spoke little English, asked for a translator. She was introduced to a taser and was shocked 12 times in 91 seconds in front of her two young children, who were also threatened with the taser when they tried to help their mother.

The boys are still on psychiatric treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder. The officer involved was the police department taser training officer.

I could list page after page of similar incidents, some really horrendous. The vast majority of incidents apply to unarmed or already contained people. They are used, more often than not, strictly as instruments of compliance. They are instruments of torture.

Consider the fact that US military units use tasers – including the 800th Military Police Brigade responsible for torture in the infamous Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.

With an out-of-control police force ready to torture someone for any reason or no reason, what should be done? Well, you can try to fight fire with fire. For about $ 300, you can buy your own taser in any of several designer colors.

Taser has sold over 120,000 consumer versions of its torture devices since 1994. You can also carry 50,000 volts of protection in your pocket – unless you live in DC, HI, MA, MI, RI, NY, NJ or WI, where are still illegal. CT and IL allow civil use, but with restrictions.

Think! When you are about to be charged with law enforcement, you can simply cash out your own taser and … no, not a good idea. You can be shot dead. Or taken for extended holidays at the Gitmo Hotel. Better try to protect yourself from bad guys who are not in uniform.

While torture is legal in this country, there is little you can do to protect yourself – except to keep a low profile and try to blend in with the rest of Sheeple. Until we decide to recover this country – what's left of it – no matter what the cost.

Meanwhile, our benevolent government has developed a new high-tech weapon, even more effective than the taser. It is a microwave gun known as Active Denial System (ADS), which uses high-power radio waves to make the molecules on the target's skin vibrate violently, creating an unbearable burning sensation.

When your blood begins to boil, you will experience the true meaning of pain and torture.

ADS should be used to disperse angry crowds or violent protesters – at a distance of about 2,500 feet. It is to be used, of course, in Iraq. Whether and when it will be used as crowd control on our own citizens remains open to speculation.

One of the few things this country still stands out in is the creation of instruments of pain and destruction.

Taser use is almost out of control. Write down reported incidents daily for future reference. Remember that true freedom of speech no longer exists – and control your urge to comment accordingly. Remember that torture is legal – and the new law enforcement motto is Fulfill or die. Or at least suffer a little with a momentary electrocution.

Your choices? Accept the status quo. Leave the scene and find a better place. Change the status quo – the hardest choice of all.

Good luck.