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The price of bitcoin
Bitcoin’s strong price is above $ 10,000 resistance and above $ 10,200. BTC / USD traded at a new high of 2020, near $ 10,450, and is currently consolidating revenue. Initial support on the savings side is close to $ 10,200. There is now a huge support of $ 10,000.
In turn, the $ 10,450 level is the initial resistance. Home resistance is close to $ 10,500 USD, above which the price can rise sharply to $ 10,850 and $ 11,000.

Offer price
The Ethereum price performed well and rose sharply to $ 230 after breaking resistance. ETH / USD rose 15% and even traded below $ 250. If there were more jumps, the bulls were likely aiming for $ 265.
In terms of decline, initial support is around $ 246. The main support is $ 242 below which there is a risk of reducing the support to $ 230 (last break area).

Bitcoin cash price, Lithuania and XRP
Bitcoin’s cash price finally managed to clear the resistance level at $ 455 and $ 460. BCH / USD rose 8% to $ 470. It looks like the price will continue to rise at the $ 500 checkpoint. In contrast, the price may support between $ 460 and $ 455 if a decline is observed.
Litecoin is back at $ 75.00 resistance and it even traded at a new 2020 high. The LTC / USD is trading at $ 78.50 and is likely to exceed the $ 80.00 resistance in the near term. In terms of decline, recent resistance reached $ 75.00.
The price of XRP rises above resistance level, $ 0.278 and $ 0.284. It trades at $ 0.290 resistance, which may rise above $ 0.300. If there is a new drop, the $ 0.284 and $ 0.280 levels are at a decent level of support.
Currently another market for Altcoins has been sold
Over the past three sessions, many small discounted alcoholics have gained more than 15%, including HBAR, LUNA, CKB, XTZ, XEM, BCN, GNT, LINK, BEAM, CENNZ, VET and DGD. Of these, HBAR stabilized by about 140% and Luna by almost 30%.

Overall, the price of bitcoin is constantly rising and rising above $ 10,200. If the BTC / USD exceeds the $ 10,500 resistance, you may be looking at the $ 11,000 resistance zone in the near future.


Romantic opportunities on Catalina Island


Spectacular views of the Catalina and secluded location make it a lovers paradise. In fact, many people have not only chosen escape for the weekend of pleasure on the pristine shores of Catalina, but many choose to exchange wedding promises on the island. In addition, Catalina is also a & # 39 is the perfect place to ask your partner’s hand in marriage. Regardless of the romantic way, you will find that Catalina – a perfect place for all of your romantic endeavors.
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If you are looking for the perfect engagement package, you may want to consider a package refit of “Santa Catalina”. The package includes hotel booking Pavilion Lodge and transportation back and forth to Catalina Express board. Country Club on the island of Catalina – an ideal environment to ask a question. Located next to the beach. You will receive first-class treatment in the palace “Pavilion”. Upon arrival in your room you will find chocolates and champagne. In addition, you can request a massage luxury pairs to make sure that your stay will be quiet and romantic.
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Nothing could be more romantic than to get married on a gorgeous island and Catalina offers several options for those who want to spend a romantic ceremony on the Island. From professional photographers to entire wedding packages to create the wedding of their dreams simply, if you use one of the wedding services Catalina.
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Magical music and weddings Avalon offers a number of wedding packages – from $ 175.00 up to $ 17 000. No matter what your dream wedding and the number of guests you would like magical tunes and wedding Avalon can help make those dreams. As a member of the Catholic Association Catalina weddings, magical music and wedding Avalon have links that provide wedding to suit your precise requirements.
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Country Club Casino Descanso Beach offers several wedding packages. You can choose your wedding at a country club, casino or outside on the beach Deskansa. The newly renovated casino ensures that your wedding will be performed in a luxurious and elegant style.



Clicking on links in VenturaCountyWest


Choose from five public field sites with stunning views of the ocean and mountains in the cities VenturaCountyWest – Camara, Oxnard and Ventura. All are within an hour’s drive north of Los Angeles, but they feel a million miles away, especially when paired with the local pubs and restaurants.


Sooner come to town for a hearty breakfast at Pete & # 39 restaurant; s House House, which is known for its pancakes made from wormwood and homemade jam from strawberries.
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Embark on a morning round of golf at Olivas Links. 18 lunachnae golf course, designed by Forrest Richardson. The last three years have voted for “best municipal golf course in the country” week CourseThis course is 1818 yards parts has a style rolling links, identified coastal herbs and natural living environment. You can choose, however, to play on the adjacent course, Buenaventura. Slightly more than 6,000 yards at 70, he emphasizes the directional control and admired creator shots. With the classic shape and design era of the 1930s, this is a step back in time. A difficult choice to make.
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For lunch, relax in the bar Aqua Beachfront. Located at the Crowne Plaza, and as the name implies, it is located right on the beach. In the afternoon, you need to get the sun on the sand, or perhaps rent a bike for a ride along the beach bike path. In the evening go to the Greek harbor of the best Mediterranean food. Then catch a standup mode in the club Ventura Harbor Comedy.


Another early day begins with breakfast in kavyarnitsy Mrs. Olson, about a block from the beach in Oxnard, then to one of the two excellent courses in River red-haired. The vineyard offers a wonderful panoramic view of the ocean and Lake Victoria has excellent water features bent grass greens and green, as well as hybrid Bermuda tees and fairway of Greg Norman.

The ideal trip after golf – at the Museum of floss cars. He observes the movement of art deco in automotive design and open two Saturdays per month when you can see the rewards Bugattis, Voisins, Dealges and other French cars from the 1920s to the 40s. In the evening, Mexican seafood, homemade cakes and delicious margaritas – menu in Cabo Seafood & Grill.


Camara. Choose from two exciting courses to complete golf vacation. Hills Sterling Camara is surrounded by magnificent avocado and citrus groves. This golf course 18 holes includes natural features, which are the natural terrain. Camara Springs is located at the base of the mountain Konezho just off Highway 101. As conceived by Ted Robinson, its types include uplifting soft rock formations and natural sources.

Before you go home, recharge your output “hamburger Blarney” and one of the 14 varieties of beer in the Irish pub Brendan Camara. A relatively new restaurant, they are owned and run by two Irishmen, who created a situation which is comparable with the best pubs in Ireland.



10 best places in the UK for a spa day


1. Best for spa days in Scotland

Glasgow City Spa

Guaranteed Search spa treatment that will suit you, this day spa will be happy for all your needs. If you are not sure which spa treatments let your beautician to recommend the perfect health resort rate for your lifestyle. Using only the best products ESPA, a team of expert therapists offers luxury spa treatments in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Edinburgh: Norton House Hotel

Norton House, part of Hotel elect hands with & # 39 is to preserve peace and harmony. Day spa, which has been carefully designed to create a feeling of warmth and blissful relaxation, provides a luxurious swimming pool, therapeutic gidraterapevtychny pool, sauna and steam room, an innovative fitness suite and studio, as well as rooms with mud therapy Rasul, as well as a number of holistic health -kurortnae treatment.

Aberdeen: hair and beauty

Awarded salon offers all the spa treatments that you would expect from a national group, the salons. Whether it is a haircut, color, hairstyle, capacity or spa treatment, Saks offers it all.

2. Best for spa days in the south-east

London: The spa Six Senses at Pan Peninsula

An ideal base to escape from the bustle of the capital, a spa resort Six Senses Ban peninsula offers all the spa treatments, which can be presented for a relaxing spa day. This free day – there are eight luxurious treatment rooms, two steam and treatment rooms, biotermalnyh scheme hromaterapii steam cabin, crystal Laconia and traditional dry sauna.

Kent: Brandshatch Place

Spa hotel, located in twelve and a half acres of beautiful countryside of the country, with the & # 39 is the perfect place for a spa day. It has everything that you could need, including a swimming pool, a squash court, a modern gym, tennis courts, as well as treatment rooms where you can enjoy various spa therapies. What else can you want?

Surrey: Nutfield Priory

Perched high on a thick wooded ridge near the extravagant architecture of the hotel Nutfield Priory, the hotel's spa provides the perfect tranquil setting for a relaxing day spoiled. Using Espa, Clarins and of Essie, it offers a range of spa treatments, conducted by experienced therapists.

3. Best for spa days in the Northwest

Manchester: Spa City urban oasis in the center of Debenhams

With the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the spa provides the perfect setting for a spa day. Ganaryvshysya private treatment procedures and an open platform where individuals and groups can together enjoy spa treatments, this is a great place to indulge in the city.

Cheshyr: Rookery Hall Hotel

In the hotel spa you can get a relaxing spa day acres of park and woodland. Offering eight treatment rooms, a relaxation room, an indoor swimming pool with glass roof, a fully equipped gym and a bra really is for everyone.

Lancashire: Spa Dove at Re-aqua Ormskirk

Dove Spa to Re-aqua Ormskirk offers a range of spa treatments to meet all your needs in beauty. Whether it's a manicure, facials or massages, the spa day, it makes the perfect place for grooming and splendor.

4. Best for spa days in the south-west

Somerset: Green Street House

Located in the heart of Spa, the spa will help make a luxury pamper day. It is peaceful and quiet surroundings and a lot of holistic spa treatments to help you relax. The perfect antidote, which nourishes the mind, body and soul.

Devon: Nil Nil-therapeutic study – Ekseter

Offering a variety of spa treatments from acupuncture to shiatsu, garden Nal & S therapy & # 39 is the perfect place to relax and rest, if necessary, I need time.

Bristol: Net product faces

By focusing on the health and vitality of your skin, Pure Face Works aims to help your skin look and feel its best at your age. Offering a variety of relaxing spa treatments from massage to facial massage, it's a great place to relax, where your face is in focus.

5. Best for spa days in the North East

West Yorkshire: Spa waterfall

Day spas only for women that offers a luxurious spa and spa treatments in the heart of the city center. It is ideal for busy women with little time on their hands to relax and catch up with a little pampering.

North Yorkshire: Wellness Center Devonshyra

The sanatorium is located in a converted barn, with & # 39 is a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation. Thanks to an experienced and friendly staff who will listen to your every need, the spa day will help you keep you fresh and happy.

County Durham: Spa day for brooms

Overlooking the tranquil meadows hard to find the best conditions for a peaceful exit. According to the purpose built complex treatment, thermal suite, swimming pool and relaxation area provide everything you need to sit back and put your spa slippery feet up.

6. Best for spa days in the East of England

Hertfordshire: Dove Spa Chorleyvud

Offering a range of spa treatments, including customized facials, massage, manicure and pedicure, to name just a few, the well-known spa aims to make women more beautiful every day, inspiring them to care for themselves. Sounds good to us!

Essex: You Spa in the Radisson SAS Hotel

Spa Spa on the & # 39; combines the perfect combination of complex spa and signature treatments for you to enjoy – an excellent choice for any avid spa-visitor

Cambridgeshire: Amanda Allport in Hantyngdane

Armed with years of spa, the spa offers exclusive spa treatments. Power is not only skin, but also for the mind, body and soul, the day spa – a place where you can admire

7. Best for spa days in the East Midlands

Nottinghamshire: Spa Eden Day

This beautifully designed haven – the perfect place for a spa day to melt all your incidents and stress of modern life. Their friendly professionals are ready and waiting to charge your mind and body indulge in various spa treatments.

Lestershyr: hydro and thermal spa Ragdeyl Hall

Combining modern on & # 39; sites with the beauty of traditional Victorian architecture, Ragdale Hall Health Hydro and Thermal Spa – the perfect place to spend the day balelnaga. Provision of traditional spa treatments and extensive spa facilities – an ideal base for your holiday.

Nortgemptonshyr: Rashtan Hall, stables, Rashtan Hall

Feel asvyazhanym rejuvenated and relaxed afternoon in the spa. Surrounded by the quiet countryside, awaken your senses with fresh air and top treatments.

8. Best for spa days in West Midlands

West Midlands: hotel and spa New Hall

Hidden in Hotel, this spa offers the ultimate in pampering day in a welcoming environment. Use most of your spa day and pachastuytsesya one of the many spa treatments or relax in its wide on & # 39; sites.

Staffordshire: Wellness Center Eden Day in Hoar Cross Hall

Relax and unwind in the hotel's impressive spa with a luxurious treatment. And if that was not enough, the hotel's spa area includes a salt-water pool, steam, sauna and saunaryem, a Jacuzzi and a gym to keep you busy.

Uorykshyr: Pure delight

This day spa allows you to choose where you would like to enjoy spa treatments. So you want your spa treatments were in the comfort at home or day spa in a relaxed atmosphere.

9. The best for day spa in Wales

Cardiff: skin clinic dermis

This specialized surgical day spa offers all of the latest spa treatments, including Botox and fillers to make you feel great and look ten years younger. You do not like?

Clyde: Glow

It's not just a name that will bring sunshine into your life in the day spa, you are guaranteed to leave happy and updated. The cozy atmosphere of a spa and luxurious spa treatments make a wonderful spa day.

Dyfed: Spa Hotel St Brides

The spa at St Brides, you'll feel like you just came out on the beach. This spa has been designed to reflect its seaside location, with spectacular views from the cliff top cliff.

10. Best for day spa in Northern Ireland

Dublin: French day spa for beauty

And you guessed it. This French day-spa offers all the French spa treatments that you could imagine. Trained to the highest standards in France this day of spa therapists therapists leave you refreshed and removed from under tension after a very desired balelnaga day. Parfait!

County Carlo: AromaSpa House Kilgrani

This aromaterapevtychny Center, located in the restored storage of apples, offers a variety of spa treatments for men and women. As well as enjoying a relaxing spa treatments, why not make the most of your spa day and indulge inspired by memories of aromatherapy?

Cork: Beauty Clinic recovery

The award-winning day spa for the last 7 years, this spa stands out by offering new types of spa treatments. Through continuous research and investigation, it can offer customers to try the most modern spa treatments.



Family vacation in Southern California without the crowds


If you live in Southern California, you know that summer brings crowds of visitors from around the country and around the world. This means that it is difficult to go anywhere without bumping into a lot of people and peravozivshy two main ingredients. making kids (and parents) capricious.

The only place that seems to have kept the charm of California and has a variety of entertainment for children – Ventura, especially the three cities, known as VenturaCountyWest (Camara, Oxnard and Ventura). Located on Highway 101, north of Los Angeles, VenturaCountyWest has the beach without overcrowding (with free parking), ocean adventures and a lot of light to get to the children & # 39; summer activities. Here are a few to check out.

Islands National Park of La Manche

Go on a boat excursion to the National Park in the Channel Islands or the harbor venturi or with the Channel Islands (Oxnard). The island is only 11 miles off the coast of Ventura County. On the road you can see dolphins, seals, pelicans and other wildlife. Hiking, lodging, kayaking – everything that can come ashore. Tours can be booked through Island Packers,

Ventura, urban village

Ventura Harbor Village provides an arcade, which presents an old-fashioned indoor carousel, an arcade and a candy store with more than 20 varieties of lipstick (fresh daily). Seven & # 39; and can rent paddle and electric boats for excursions in the quiet harbor channel. Back on the coast, plan to eat in a restaurant in a random harbor, which represents svezhavylaviv seafood.

Ventura County Fair & # 39; running track

Cars, motorcycles and a variety of other race cars out on the road almost every weekend at the Ventura County Fair in Ventura. If you razveselitsesya on favorite driver, it's all fun.

Tea Children's Museums "gull wing"

This children's museum in Oksnade very unpretentious from the outside, but once inside, eight, and many programs have so much to do and see that they have won, and do not know where to start. They can dress as firefighters, doctors, or to pretend that they are the astronauts land on the moon in the Apollo space unit. There are snakes, which can keep the treasure found in the geological excavations and many Legacy to build whatever they wish. Children can try their hand at climbing the walls or let go of their submission, the seat being in a real car driver.

Sky High Sports

You will not win in a big table on the & # 39; presents Sky High Sports Camara motorway. In the industrial park – it should be – a great place. It is filled with super soft trampoline floors and walls. Children can play on the trampoline, dodging swords and other organized games … or just jump. All under the supervision of. Sky High also has laser tag. Children are sure to come out sweaty and tired – the perfect way to spend the day.



Holidays on a Budget – consider the problem of finding


Summer is in full swing, and increasing the level of mercury requires refreshing summer vacation. We think of pinavyya colors and exotic beach party! This will require planning, setting the budget, implementation of important challenges, booking and packaging! A lot of bags and travel. If you are someone who does not have enough money, or save for an apartment in the best location than you bring home in the evening? How about a "stay cation"?

You think about it? all the money that you save, all of that packaging is that you do not have to worry, never to sit on the cramped airplane seats and particularly to expect endless hours at the airport if your flight is delayed. If you properly play your cards, you can plan a wonderful vacation right from the comforts of home! Below are a few ideas to help you plan the perfect location.

1] Exotic food and drinks! One of the exciting parts of the rest – it's a new culture and to feel all the dishes and drinks that it brings with it. Thanks to YouTube, we may look for any recipes under the sun and learn how to do it right at home. You can plan a party at his court, and instead of the usual Bar B Q, you can spice up the food, adding to their menu a few new dishes and main courses. Guests will be delighted, and you get to save a lot of money! Similarly, instead of the regular margaritas and lemonade, you can put the guests shooter and a side car.

2] Outdoor activities – finding does not necessarily mean staying at home all day. You can plan outdoor activities that you are missing for a long period of time. What about that cliff diving, you always wanted to go on, but could not because of work and evening MBA classes? Now is your chance to register for a ride with your friends. Remember that you will receive this free lesson on how only reach it and provide all the necessary safety requirements before they make a blast!

3] Local Festival – If you smachnik who loves exotic dishes from the taste palette, what about the local food festival that takes place every summer? Entrepreneurs with exceptional culinary skills are here in a truck with food that brings you the taste from around the world! Plan a trip with your family & # 39; or it will go with your friends, we are confident that you will not succeed!




Amazing city in the US to take a stay


Recreation and holidays do not always have to result in a trip to the other side of the world. While the idea sounds very tempting, there are times when you just need to make a quick break from the bustle of the city. This should not be a place distant or short and temporary environmental change of environment will do the trick.

Have you ever had a location? The United States are filled with hundreds of towns, friendly accommodation. We have collected some of our favorites to help you choose your destination, where you can spend 3-5 days to restart, relax and rejuvenate.

Las Vegas, Nevada. Need we say more? A few nights in the city of sin, of course, one of the best ways to stay in. They have a few luxury hotels in the world. If you are placing the idea basically involves massage, dialed numbers in the food or a simple stay, you are in the right place. If you mean something else, as, for example, try your luck at a casino, Las Vegas certainly does not disappoint!

TAMPA, Fla. For most people in the rest of Thamel is the absorption of the sun and hit the beach. This is a good way to spend a few days in the city, because the beaches in Tampa – it's one of the best that can offer the United States. Not in the mood for swimming or sunbathing? This is perfectly fine, because it simply means that you have more time to try the amazing restaurants in Tampa. Most of them are located in Tampa Bay, so if you are going to eat well, we recommend that you put your first stop.

Portland, Oregon. If you want the whole package of food, entertainment, recreation and relaxation, Portland, Oregon, definitely a good choice. Find culinary gems in grocery carts around the city, and let the leg training prakatsitsesya by favorable to road bikes (while you are at it, blow it sails through some fun destinations) or connect again with nature and walk through some of the landmark Oregon trail. Fair warning, if you have future plans to stay in Oregon, although be prepared to fall in love with the city in which you could really want to move!

Birmingham, Alabama. One of the best reasons why Birmingham – one of the best locations for the fact that he is so restrained that it is easy to mix. For example, you can attend one of the free fitness center at Railroad Park, like a true local. The city also has a lot of parts that could be the ideal place to raise the reading list, sipping a cup of coffee Birmingham.

No matter what city you are not stayed, you are sure to find a luxury hotel that suits your needs and feels like home. Naprasitse your inner tourist and do not waste a minute to refresh and recharge!



5 ideas for cheap travel deals


Everyone wants to travel the world, is not it? Sounds like a luxury cruise? Warm beaches, exotic ports of call, fine dining, 5-star service, hammocks and fruity umbrella drinks. Who could resist?

Of course, there is one small problem – the shocking prices that put dream cruise vacation unaffordable for 90% of the people. But there is hope. I am here to help you find the absolute best deals on cruise trips. Wholesale prices, incentive cruises and even periodic travel F.R.E.E are in a sack tricks. My goal is to show you how to plan, find, book and enjoy the cruise vacation over a lifetime, depending on the budget, whether it is your first cruise or your tenth.

Do not forget to check out top tips this month, insider secrets and tricks that travel in the travel industry and do not want you to know how to get a fantastic deal on a cruise.

Here are 5 ideas to get started on the search for the cheapest cruise deals:

1) Go beyond season

Everyone and their brother is planning to cruise in spring or early summer. Think spring break and that is where you will find a crowd of people. Cruise industry does not offer useful suggestions on cruise trips during the busy season because they simply do not need. Expect 20-30% cheaper than travel off-season cruises.

BONUS: Flights will also be cheaper to travel for less, saving an extra chunk of money.

2) Consider the permutation

These cruises are heavily discounted because the cruise lines simply move the boat from one home port to another. They have to go on this trip, regardless of how many passengers were registered. You will receive a few less ports – but if you are a true fan of the cruise, the extra days at sea will not have a big weight. You can expect to save 40-60% on the cost per day of conventional cruises.

3) Pass the flight

Most cruises in the US come from Florida and California, but did you know that dozens of other available landing ports (wherever you go)? Unexpected places, such as New Orleans, X & # 39; Euston, Seattle, New Jersey, and even Mobile,'s AL offer several cruises a year. If you can make a trip somewhere in the distance an easy drive, how much you will save? It predicts that the travel expenses to and from the port is easy to fall to $ 1,000 for the family & # 39; and 4 people.

BONUS: Also in this scenario, you do not have to worry about the hotel on both sides of the cruise.

4) Save the last minute

Often, when your schedule is flexible, in the last 2 months can be beneficial to cruise travel, leading to the departure. Think – the boat goes, the overhead costs are relatively fixed, so the rooms are empty cruise route a lot of money that can never return. Sign up for email newsletter (, and – my favorite), that you receive priority notification of cruise deals.

5) Communicate and cruise

If you've ever been on a cruise, you know that on board there is plenty of entertainment and learning opportunities. Everything from underwater basket weaving, painting classes, seminars on wine tasting. Did you know that each of these presenters and their family & # 39; I get a free cruise in exchange for a couple of hours? Whether you want to work 2 hours to get a free cruise?



The greatness of the National Park Sequoia and Kings Canyon


Canyon, Sequoia and Kings Canyon – two of the most famous parks when visiting California. Both show the diversity and splendor of the native wildlife. Officially, these two parks is managed and owned by the state of California.

These parks must visit for those who just loves adventures in the fresh air. Evidence of the main attractions, including deep canyons, massive mountains, gigantic caves, magnificent waterfalls, stunning valleys, native wildlife and the largest trees in the world

Kings Canyon from the & # 39 is the United States & # 39; deep canyon. Tree General Sherman – the largest tree on earth. And Mount Whitney – the highest peak in the flanking country.

These parks are located in the Sierra Nevada & # 39; southern and eastern part of the San Joaquin Valley. People are easily drawn to its exceptionally large trees. Next to the wet slopes of the Sierra Nevada scattered many cents incredible reddish giant sequoia. Sequoias are convenient for camping, hiking and picnics. The parks are collected dozens of rocky, but the light of the hills that make their way through the wood of the forest, which are sent to the peaceful niches.

In Sequoia National Park has Kern Canyon, which is deeply admired glacial valley, which runs from north to south, not far from the eastern perimeter of the park. He also maintains an underground magnificence and this crystal cave. The cave has a huge room, magnificent stalactites and magnificent marble, overwhelmed with a deep stream.

Cave richly decorated with magnificent speleatemy, convoys of rafts cones, which are rarely formed. The cave and its creeks lives a few rare Genoa with animals. A maze of more than three miles in length runs along the Generals Highway in Sequoia National Park, which lies on the side of the Giant Forest and Mountain Ash.
To go there, you need to go down the fixed picturesque path to the parking lot. Then you can go half a mile track to the wonderful beautiful Cascade Creek and waterfalls and finally to Crystal Cave.

Park comprises fourteen camping. You can also stay in nearby lodges outside the park, next to CA 180 commonly in Visalia. Hotel and Conference Center Holiday Inn Visalia – the largest hotel in the area.

Most of the hotels and lodges up restaurants. One that is in the village Vuksachy, offers a barbecue in Vulvertane, tender ribs and chicken, which are considered the best tasting dish in this park.

There are more interesting facts that you should know about the national parks of Sequoia and King Canyon. Proud of their bizarre diverse environments and temperatures. This makes them one of the international biosphere reserves on the planet.

The park has over 723 000 hectares of desert and over 850 miles of desert surviving paths. It really is a great property, and the management is very suras & # 39; ozna treat it. they comply with the laws, rules and regulations for visitors to help preserve the beauty of the park.

These parks protect and preserve the excellent cave. They also live unusual minerals, extraordinary animals such as sheep-byggary, rabbit with a white tail, spotted and striped skunks and branches.



Algeria, where is the famous Hotel El Djazair


When the Roman emperors ruled the world, devotees captains in the Roman legions who have given loyal service, could count on a gift for retirement, if you're lucky, the equivalent of a few hundred hectares of farmland in the south of the Mediterranean & # 39; and, mainly in areas that now lie in the coastal . Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco.

Over the next two thousand years these rich, fertile land between the mountains of the Atlas and the sea became perfectly productive agricultural regions. Recently, there was a time when the Algerian vineyards annually produces more wine than the entire state of California. The protective shadow of the Atlas, as well as the San Gabriel and other coastal tracts in California, helped make the Algerian coastal zone a great place to live and work.

Algeria's modern nation a giant, almost four times larger than Texas. Today, as the Sudan in 2011 was divided into two states, it is today with the & # 39 is the largest country on the African continent. Algeria called their capital, Algiers "Alger la Blanche" (White City) because of the beautiful buildings pabyalenyh that sparkle on the sunny slopes overlooking the sapphire Algeria Gulf.

Visitors often come to Algeria to the country through Algeria, and is definitely worth to extend my stay there for several days, if possible. Among its many treasures in Algeria is the famous Hotel Saint-Georges, a beautiful Moorish palace, built on the hill as early as 1889. It is here that Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery sent most of his North African campaign in World War II, and it is also during the war also took many important conferences between General Eisenhower and the premiership & # 39; er Minister Churchill.

After the independence of Algeria from France in 1962, the St. George Hotel has been renamed in El Zhazair that well preserved until today. Many modern guides list El Zhazair as one of the ten or twenty of the world's most famous hotels. As reported, the French writer Henri de Monterlant after a long stay, said: "The sky is still there!" because he found it so pleasant, and the food is so tasty.

With a view of the bay from the high hill in the heart of the bustling city, it boasts fortified walls and a huge botanical garden, home to a number of rare Mediterranean trees. If you visit Algeria, this may be a good choice for your first stay. You will be shocked at how little it cost to stay in a fabulous and luxurious hotel. In recent months, you could stay at a person, double occupancy in El Zhazair $ 150 per day. Such a luxury hotel could run you over and over again than to jump and jump across the Mediterranean to Italy or France.

Modern Algeria big, beautiful and thriving. There superb restaurants, beautiful architecture, fabulous beaches, historic Kasbah, envious museum. you will want to savor the delicious food especially in this seaside capital. I have too many happy memories of the dinner in Algeria, but if I had to choose one favorite restaurant, it's probably El-Kassar, which has high expectations have always been met with fresh fish, prepared with the catch of the day, brought up with for tail river in the bay and many variations, there cooked lamb, Algeria conventional product. Algerian cuisine is usually very well done. Although it is considered one of the most expensive restaurants in the city, dinner for two is rarely more than 50 to 75 dollars. But you may want to do their own study!